Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 5
Offers Received: 3
Interviews Advanced: 11
1st Interviews: 15

Offers Accepted:

1. Larry DiBoni’s client W. accepts the offer from a chemical manufacturing company for Director. He moves from energy to finance. The initial comp was $260K. After negotiations $295K.
2. Julie Mathern’s client R. accepts as the accountants and business advisor in the consulting sector.
3. Isabelita Castilho’s client S. accepts at a consulting firm for a management position.
4. Lori Chevalier’s client M. accepts as CEO of a credentialing institute. The initial offer was $180K, after negotiations $225 + $12K bonus and benefits.
5. Ramesh Shivakumaran’s client N. lands at a digital technology company with the title of Program Manager. He moves from engineering to IT.


Offers Received

1. Ramesh Shivakumaran’s client H. receives an offer at a global technology company for a consultant role. He is transitioning from the restaurants industry to the IT sector.
2. Debbie Brupbacher’s client V. from a media company as Managing Director in the marketing industry.
3. Asli Bilgin’s client K. from an appliances company for Director of Media.


Interviews Advance

1. George Schulz’s client D. advances at a manufacturing company for Director from Unpublished Market Part 1 (UNP1) – Social Capital.
2. Ramesh Shivakumaran’s client J. at a food product company for a marketing position from Unpublished Market Part 2 (UNP2) – LinkedIn.
3. Julie Mathern’s client G. at a financial company for a counsel position.
4. Lori Chevalier’s client F. had several interviews.
-First, at a technology company for partner from UNP1-Social Capital.
-Second, at an HR company for director of UNP1-Social Capital.
5. Barbara Limmer’s client B. at an energy company for VP.
6. Asli Bilgin’s client A. had several interviews:
-First, at a food company for Head of Global Media.
-Second, at an IT company for CCO.
7. Julie Mathern’s client F. had several interviews.
-First, at a consulting company for Co-Founder.
-Second, at an entrepreneur company for Co-Founder.
8. Ramesh Shivakumaran’s client H. at a computer company for Sales Lead.



1. Lori Chevalier’s clients P. and M. interview.
-Client P. at a solutions company for a position to be determined.
-Client M. at a healthcare company for VP of IT.
2. Debbie Brupbacher’s clients G. and E. interview.
-First, client G. at a consulting company for Marketing Manager.
-Second, client E. at a medical company for CFO.
3. Ramesh Shivakumaran’s clients O. and S. interview.
-First, client O. at a technology company for Regional Sales Manager.
-Second, client S. at a manufacturing company as CFO.
4. Penny Marion’s client D. at a healthcare company for a pharmacy position.
5. Asli Bilgin’s client S. at a technology company for Head of Engineering.
6. Isabelita Castilho’s clients A. and D.
-First, client A. at a bank for Head of Customer Service.
-Second, client D. at a technology company for a consultant role. D. also interviews at a lab company for a consultant role.
7. Anne Lipsitz’s client N. at an insurance company for VP.
8. George Schulz’s client J. at a jet company for advisor.
9. Asli Bilgin’s client K. at a logistics company for VP Marketing.
10. Julie Mathern’s client F. for Co-Founder at a residential company.


1. Paula Nordhoff and Vivek Agarwal received this note from client M.:
“Thank you so much for all your wisdom and sturdy advice. I just finished up a successful call with [the hiring manager]. Your advice was excellent and well received by [the hiring company]. THANK YOU!” 

2. Client C. shared this shout out to Lori Chevalier:
“I highly recommend you hire a professional while you are still employed to get your professional house in order. I had one for a year before I launched and it was so worth it.”

3. Paula received another note from her client C.:
“Thank you for the efforts you made on my behalf and that allowed me to receive an interview immediately. Thank you very much for your professionalism and help.”


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