1. Greg congratulated D. on taking a part time consulting gig, only one month in the program!
  2. Julie reported two of her clients landed jobs in one night after interviews!
    • M. expressed his delight on LinkedIn: hired by a care company as their Marketing Manager. And – excited about moving to Florida with his family!
    • She told R.: “Congratulations on the new opportunity working with your buddy. We know it is a contract position so that you can see if it’s a good fit for you.  We’re here to help you continue exploring opportunities in the meantime.”


  1. Dan is enjoying showing G. how the Barrett Magic works in action:
    • As G. finally took Dan’s LinkedIn outreach advice, he explained how to escalate his initial online dialogue to phone conversations: “You can see that you will quickly build a pipeline of individuals (and possible referrals) of individuals who will want to engage with you. You are doing a great job, have your mind wrapped around paying it forward to help them out personally or professionally. They will be motivated to do the same for you.”
    • “Think about the possibilities: going into business with these folks, being referred as a key player on projects, deals, investments, real estate development initiatives, etc.”
    • “Ha!!!  Sure beats just applying to job postings or trying to qualify yourself as a total stranger.”
    • We particularly love this one: G. had connected to a good friend after many years because he followed Dan’s LinkeIn advice, and now they’re working together on G.’s next career step!


  1. B. has an early interview, and, once again Greg jumped in to do interview coaching on short notice. We appreciate your flexibility, Greg!
  2. Vivek shared R.’s continuing interview activity, three new ones this week!
  3. Paula’s been helping G. with his two upcoming interviews: Director Customer Service Experience and Customer Experience Manager
  4. B. has two more interviews, George is coaching him to close one.
  5. Anne continues to prep M. for his stream of interviews: tomorrow he’s interviewing for two Clinical Scientist roles.
  6. And another activated Anne client: M. has an interview for a Senior Digital Marketing position.
  7. Following Julie’s excellent coaching, K. has leveraged her social capital to reach out to the principals at a sales training organization. She knows them from a previous job.  They have sent her to HR for the initial interview, for the role of Regional VP of Sales. The HR manager is spearheading the process – we expect that she’ll move to the next round since the principals referred her in.
  8. Anne has some more client interviews: T. had an interview for President of Construction, and S. interviewed for a Senior Relationship Manager role.
  9. Paula’s glad to see C. has an HR screening with for a Director of Quality position in France.
  10. Also on Paula’s watch: G. has a Sales Director interview .
  11. A. has an interview tomorrow for a SAP Techno-Functional Expert role. That’s quick progress, Julie!
  12. Another Julie interview, she’s locked and loaded this month! B. had a phone interview for a VP Regional Claims role with the VP of Bus Ops. The meeting went well and B. is expecting to schedule interviews with additional people.

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