Frontline Report 03-03-21

The Hiring Line:

  1. Bob Meara landed a second time, see Appreciation section below! 
  2. George’s client M. wrote this:

    “George and Waffles,

    If you recall from my last update on Feb. 8th, a startup contacted me about a CFO opportunity. After a number of meetings with the founder and board of directors, everyone agreed that I was the perfect fit for what they need.

    The real attraction is equity in the company which currently has a $10 million valuation. We will be raising another $25-30 million for Series A. Financial models are forecasting over $1 billion in 5 years!

    I followed George’s coaching and negotiated a higher salary and +1% additional in equity.

    The founder has exited his past 3 companies and took the last one to NASDAQ. He has street credibility with investors, a recipe for success that we will follow, and a large network for us to leverage. The board also consists of some very successful and influential people. I’m genuinely excited for this opportunity!

    The company will offer a digital marketplace for members to make fractional investments on real-estate properties to be rented on Airbnb, Vrbo, and Home Away. It provides opportunities for people to earn rental income without having to purchase and manage their own property.

    Thanks for all your support over these past months. Please keep your fingers crossed that this venture works out! I’ll keep in touch periodically to let you know how things are going.

    Best regards, M.”

    Yay, M., it was worth the wait!

  3. Julie’s client V. is leaving a large online retailer for a startup SaaS software company. He made a connection with a colleague of his that works there. They provide SaaS for the Health and Wellness industry and were recently upgraded to Unicorn with a $1billion valuation. He’s their new Director of SaaS Onboarding. He relayed that he will receive better cash pay and vesting structure than his prior employer offered. It will include a 20% bonus and $250K stock options, vesting 25% each year. It’s that Unpublished Market again!
  4. Julie was excited to tell us the news about N., who has worked at the same bank for over 30 years. Recent mergers and acquisitions have changed the culture – which is why she hired us. She was recommended by former colleagues for a position at a financial services firm, the main competitor to her bank, but the position wasn’t a great fit. She kept in touch and the mortgage manager reached out to her recently to get her advice – they had done poorly in an audit. Through their discussions he realized how badly he needed her expertise. So, he worked with his boss and HR to create a new position that would provide the compensation and title to match her level. They were the top bank of companies she wanted to work for, she knows the people and culture, and she can’t wait to start!

  5. Julie’s client L. has been wanting to move out of sales into a role where she can have a bigger impact. She received an offer for a Director of Development role with a dental support organization, which is owned by a PE firm. L. will also have an equity stake in the business, which was important for her. She is still negotiating, with Julie’s expert help, but expects to accept the offer shortly.
  6. Julie’s client J. also landed as the new VP of Administration at a non-profit legal aid and civil rights organization. Rack ‘em and stack ‘em, Julie!


  1. Jerry reports this from A.:

    “I received word late yesterday afternoon that [an company that connects well-established agricultural organizations] has identified me as their preferred candidate for the new position they’re creating and want to make me an offer. Their HR lead is working with my recruiter to finalize reference checks and to craft the offer!”

    Great news, Jerry!

Interviews Advance:

  1. S. kept Greg and Waffles in the loop:

    “I received an email back from the CEO of [a humanitarian aid organization]: He expressed interest in my background and forwarded on my Management Introduction info to his HR guy for further action.”

  2. The latest from H. King to Anne:

    “I just finished another hour with the CEO of [an Airbnb-like platform for home cooked meals]! He said he wants to move forward with 3 things: calling my references (sending those to him today), talking about job title options, and me talking to his main outside consultant to discuss what they are currently doing already on the regulatory side. He said we’ll do all this over the next week. I love this company, and I really like him. Total values alignment and I would be getting in on the first 50-100 employees of the next uber/airbnb potentially! Thanks for your advice on sending a few slides.”

    H. is glad she chose the program that includes reference calls!

  3. M.- this could be the longest interview process in history!!

    “I wanted to share an update regarding my progress. I met with 4 senior marketing leaders (video) and it went well. Next step is to interview with Regional General Managers (2 panels of 2-3 each) next Tuesday. They also said that next week I also have interviews with another 2 SVPs. Next week’s activity will be on top of the 6 one-hour video interviews, 4 tests and 2 recruiter calls. All very interesting and very thorough. Good stuff!”

    Stay with him, Anne, we are in the final lap!

  4. Anne’s client H. has two interviews!

    1) HR Onboarding Specialist and
    2) Benefits Coordinator

    H. has been working to engage 500 LinkedIn connections and finding jobs through #hiring on LinkedIn, and finding an internal poster on both organizations! Doin’ the deal, Anne!

  5. Waffles’ client E. continues to rack up the interviews, three more this week!

  6. Hiyam’s summation for P.:

    “Interview on Monday: an insurance group that provides a niche human resources service. The entire interview was dedicated to review the answers you provided to an assessment provided by this company. Interview #4 is scheduled for this coming Friday. This may be the final interview but not yet sure. Tuesday interview —they do very specific Agriculture type insurance business. They have 50% market share. You like this business because they work with policy holder with equine – small company. You spoke to HR who is an expert and knows the business very well. Will likely receive offer today.”


Julie’s recent eight client interviews (!!):

  1. N.: a strategy transformation services firm and a business consulting and technology solutions firm
  2. A. : one large multinational technology company, in addition to a large online retailer
  3. E. : an access and security solutions company and , a garden supply and service company
  4. N. : a health organization
  5. N. : one software company
  6. A. : a humanitarian non-profit organization
  7. H. : one professional services firm, a technology company, and a multinational conglomerate
  8. P. : a food service, facilities, and uniform services provider (IT Director); and a biotech and chemical corporation (Digital Value Delivery Leader)
  9. Lori shares the great news:

    “M. called one of his connections and he was able to be put in contact immediately with one of the key decision makers at [a retail and outdoor recreation services corporation]. He called M., had a brief introduction, and it went pretty well. Next Monday, he has a formal interview with the Head of Executive Recruiting for a Director Role / Supply Chain! Go M.! :)”

  10. George fesses up:

    “Alas, I have fallen behind in getting you some happy stories for your newsletter, so here’s one: my client, C., is only in his third week of phase one. The last assessment was on job postings which we were to review today. I asked him what he thought of the assessment. His reply was that after he read it, he found a job on LinkedIn that looked of interest that was located in Phoenix. It was for a Regional Manager for a non-profit organization. He learned that his brother, who lives in Phoenix, is connected on LinkedIn to the Executive Director. The problem is that C. wants to move to South Carolina and is not interested in Phoenix.

    Nonetheless his brother made a call. The result: C. now has an interview with the Executive Director next week.

    The purpose of the call: they’re going to talk about the possibility of Chris setting up a new region in South Carolina! Apparently, the ED is very interested in doing that. None of this would have happened without using social capital after seeing an attractive job posting. I’ve decided that C. understood the assessment!”

    Indeed, George!

  11. George pulls another out of his hat:

    “I just got caught up entering D.’s interviews for the past three weeks. I put it off because I knew I would need to set some time aside to do it.

    D. took to networking immediately. At the end of our second meeting, I talked to him about job postings in the next assessment. He said he wanted to wait on that because he really felt that his key to getting a new position was networking with other bankers his area, like himself. 

      That was a good decision on D.’s part: I just finished entering the 7th interview that D. has had since February 3rd! Almost all were with CEO’s. D. is very well known in his local community among the bankers, and he is taking full advantage of it. I can’t wait until our next call to quiz him on the follow up for all of those.”

    • Dan’s star client A. brought him up to speed:

      “[A medical device company] just called me back. They invited me to the second interview. It will be with the VP of Quality and Regulatory Affairs. He’s from the U.S.”

      Keep him pumped, Dan, he’s a natural!

    • Back to Lori:

      “K. has been contacted by a recruiter who is sourcing for a VP of HR with a high-end bakery company. She scheduled an interview for tomorrow! Yay K.! :)”

    • Lori bowls a two-point split and snags the spare:

      “D. has an interview on Monday with a construction company for a VP of Quality Assurance! He obtained this referral from an individual within his network, who introduced him to a few companies as a highly recommended candidate.

      He said if he gets the job, he’s definitely taking his contact out for lunch! :)”

      Don’t forget to try the veal, D.!

    • Lori gets a strike and scores the win for The Barrett Bowlers!

      “B. has been invited to interview for the position of President of [an accredited online university] for Friday! We are meeting to prep on Thursday! Yay! :)”


    1. Rebeca:

      “I just wanted to share some encouraging feedback from a client who is going through Clarity with me – H. He said:

      ‘It feels good to be able to talk to a professional like you, who understands me and knows how to guide me where necessary. Your comments are to the point and help me to engage in self-reflection. The insights you share show a broad and deep knowledge and experience. Your empathy helps me to better understand myself.’”

      Well done, Rebeca!

    2. Bob Meara’s comments on landing for the second time in his program:

      “The Barrett Group helped me land my first job late summer of last year. After working for this new company, I realized that they really didn’t provide enough of a road map to get me to where I needed to be from a compensation standpoint. So, I went back to George Schulz at Barrett to start the process again and George made himself readily available to me to talk on a weekly basis, which ultimately helped me land my 2nd job in the same 12- month period of time! This second job has provided me a roadmap to make the type of compensation I’m looking for and I look forward to starting with them here in March of 2021!” (Read Bob’s Success Study here.)

      Day in and day out, you continue to deliver the goods, George!

    3. This one just in from Isabelita. Her client M. writes:

      “WOW! The learning from you is amazing. I have applied to [a company] for an executive regional role. Following the strategy we discussed, I have identified the hiring manager through LinkedIn connections and approached her with an invitation and brief intro. And – voila! She has already responded and invited me for an exploratory call.”

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