Frontline Report for 03-02-22

The Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 11
Offers Received: 2
Interviews Advanced: 16
1st Interviews: 16

The Hiring Line:

1. Lori Chevalier is delighted to share K.’s success in the Finance & Financial Services sector: K. has made the jump from Associate Vice President at a credit union to CFO at another credit union!! She landed in under four months by taking Lori’s expert advice regarding employing her human capital and networking her way into the process. Her comp has jumped from $145K to $175K + substantial bonus + $5K relo.

2. Jayson Searle shared a group of hired clients for this week’s report! His clients E., M., S., and A. all landed this week.

-E. accepted his offer from a real estate corporation in the role of Sales Leasing Broker. Jayson elucidates: “E. is a Civil Engineer but wants to move away from hands-on roles in the build environment. Using social capital, he was introduced to a property management company who interviewed him and offered him a sales consultant role. This could be an interesting steppingstone as he looks to expand his social capital in a new sector while still being able to use his lateral knowledge. I will be working with him to cultivate his social in line with stage one elements.” Here is another client landing in under two months, folks! A Career Change from Construction to Real Estate.

-M. left his role as Regional Manager at a technical consulting company and has assumed the streamlined title of Head of Europe at his new employer, a global marketing and distribution company! Another UNP 1 landing, Jayson helped him negotiate upward $15K, a nice return on his Barrett Group investment, from €230 + 20% to €245 = 20%.

-S. was in the program a few weeks when she had the landing meeting with Jayson. After a 10+ year very successful career, she decided to step away (following Exec burn out) and to take some time to decide what she wanted to do next (which included career coaching). After completing Clarity, she had a much better idea of what she wanted to do next, which was to move away from Marine legal and towards Tech. Using social capital, she leveraged a relationship with a former colleague to arrange a coffee meeting with the CEO of a Tech company and a leading provider of CLS solutions which quickly led to interviews and an offer as “Practice Director” R1.6m (ZAR) = (c€93k) + 25 % bonus. Moving forward, Jayson will be helping her to onboard at this new company, navigate relationships, and create allies.

Her former title was General Manager: Legal, Risk, & Regulatory Compliance; her new compacted title is Practice Director. She made a sector jump from Transportation & Delivery to Information Technology & Services.

-A. is excited about landing his new role! Jason tells the tale: “A. was a Phase 2 client. Following the birth of his first child, he and his wife decided they wanted to be closer to family, so, leveraging social capital, he secured an introduction to the HR team at a leading agriculture company. I helped him with 3 rounds of interviews and he was ultimately offered a role, so I supported the negotiation of the package, including renegotiation of the fixed salary with a 5% increase / benefits and relocation allowances.” He went from Pricing Manager in Construction to Pricing Project Lead in Agriculture. Comp came in at – 4,073,031 INR / year.

3. Barbara Limmer’s client W. accepted the offer right at the three-month mark! He jumped from Principal in Management Consulting to VP of Operations in Construction. This was networking at its best!

Note from W.: “Good afternoon, Barbara, I hope you have been well. I wanted to touch base and let you know I met with J. and worked things out to my satisfaction. I am going to her office shortly and a final agreement is to be ready for my review. In short, we agreed to a base of $144k with a 25% bonus, 10% enterprise ownership/stock and 50% … ownership. There will be more to come as I have it and I will commence with [the security company] this week! Chat with you soon.”

4. Rob Wicker has been teaming with Dan Resendes on D.’s progression with the behavioral health General Counsel opportunity, and the ink has dried! “They offered to increase my salary by $5,000 from $215,000 to $220,000. They also offered to increase the relocation amount by $5,000 from $10,000 to $15,000. In addition, they offered to pay for two roundtrip airline tickets for me. Rob, appreciate your guidance. I’ve only been dealing with the HR rep but my sense is that this is as much as they are going to do. I feel good about the offer. They sent me the revised offer in writing. After I have accepted the offer, I will contact the 3rd party recruiter to let them know that I accepted another offer.”

5. Julie Mathern breezes in with news about N., who has joined a general contracting firm. “This opportunity checks all the boxes N. had in his goal for his work with TBG – more senior title with compensation appropriate to the position, advancement potential, and based in a desired location. Thanks to Vivek Agarwal, who also provided offer coaching.” Former total comp $156K, new final offer came in at $205K + $10K. During our messaging regarding his negotiations, he replied, “I actually am going to accept the offer letter this afternoon. My other colleagues told me that this is a great offer.
This opportunity is in a leadership role, which is exactly what I was looking for. If everything goes well, I will be a Project Director in the next couple of years, Thank you!!!”

6. Paula Nordhoff reports in about T. and B.

-T. made the jump from a career-ending no-win situation to a bright future. “T., when she came to Barrett, had decided she wanted to leave the nursing home environment where she had worked for many years in a leadership role. She embraced our tools and methodologies and explored other health care companies/options. She applied to a couple of Senior Living organizations and got interviews at both. Through this journey, she became very excited about staying in healthcare in a new environment for her. She feels like it will be a great place to work, grow and do work she is passionate about. The chemistry among the team is very positive, also something important to T.” She’s keeping her Administrator title, but making a move from Hospitals, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals to Senior Living. Her former company was right around the corner. Former comp $132K, final accepted offer at $155 + 10% bonus.

-B. received the offer from a frozen food company last week. She tells us: “Client is awaiting the final contract, due in the next day or so. The company wants him to start ASAP. He is over the moon with the offer! He will be reporting to the CFO and will be on the exec leadership team. During his discussions with the company, he shared some examples of his industry reporting and analysis – loved his work! This is his dream job, including the title, as this is the role he really wants. The offer is significantly higher than he was expecting. So much so, he had decided not to negotiate. Go, B.!”

7. Jerry Fronczak’s client H. has landed! Title shift from Consultant to Partnerships Managing Director, sector hop from Management Consulting to Information Technology & Services. Initial offer of $110,000 enjoyed an improvement to $125,000. This was an UNP3 situation. Jerry: “Excellent client. Followed the program and spent the time to implement as coached.”

Offers Received:

1. Julie Mathern reports that G. is in receipt of the offer letter from a food corporation! The title will be Project Manager Engineering. Initial offer for base salary came in at $120K.

2. Barbara Limmer’s client L. has netted a legal keeper with the offer from a supply chain solutions company. Negotiations in process.

Interviews Progress

1. Barbara Limmer- L. (mentioned above) is never resting on her laurels, she moved to the 2nd of 6 rounds of interviews for a Technical Program Manager Leader role at a major information company!

2. Barbara also shares interview updates from X., I., and J.

-From X. “I got a follow-up call from [the major retailer], – I was too qualified for that position (senior maintenance and operations manager). So, they interviewed me for the boss of the position – senior engineering manager yesterday, they called today for me to visit the office and distribution Center tomorrow. I think an offer is coming.” Yesterday: “I have interview #5 [next week]!”

-From I. “The interview with HR went very well today. She asked me for ‘stories’ as a way to probe. Your advice and prep were terrific. The first half hour went by like a flash, then she asked me what questions I had. I went to the first question on the TBG list and she addressed all the questions there. She then said, we have another 10 min, what other questions you got? I inserted one on culture and training and one about working with the visionary, idea-generating CEO. Overall, I felt it was pretty positive. She said, ‘We’ll definitely be in touch.’”

-J. jumps into the 3rd round, angling for the Talent Manager opportunity at a charter school. He has presented a take-home project, interviewed with the Executive Director and Talent Advisor, and had a Meet and Greet with the Talent Team.

3. Isabelita Castilho noted the following updates for V. and K.

-V. “The meeting with [the luxury brand] went pretty well: I was very well prepared on the ‘tricky’ questions and their JD/requirements fit particularly well with my profile. So, it should be a good start. Fingers crossed. Other leads are starting to move as well.” V. also had an interview with another high-end brand for VP Supply Chain: through social capital, he was introduced to the senior management team. They were immediately impressed with his CV and called him for a panel interview with the C-Suite team (3). It went well, waiting for the next steps. V. talked to a technology company and they are very interested. They mentioned freelancing for a couple of months and then “upskilling” V. Isabelita praised, “Fantastic to hear your updates! Well done with the interview! I knew you’d rock!!”

-K. is shooting for a Strategic Advisory Role at a solutions company. “K. utilized the principles of UNP3 – Introductions on LinkedIn and reached out to senior management of a company of target. Used our help to make a perfect pitch and gained traction. The company confirmed an unpublished job and his next meeting is already scheduled as a face-to-face next month with the decision-maker!”

4. Barbara Limmer and Waffles Natusch are eager to hear from U., who is flying out to meet the full Board of Directors for a power company in the final interviews for the CEO position. She previously had Zoom interviews with four Board Members (from 4 districts).

5. Julie Mathern’s client C. shares, “I have a second interview for a position as Executive Communications Specialist at [an] architectural firm (it’s my third application submitted to them). I’m really excited about this company! I have a third interview Friday as an Art Advisory for [an art platform] which is remote in the US.”

6. Asli Bilgin notes that her client P. has progressed at an open-source solutions company towards the role of Director Business Development – Industry Specialist.

7. Lori Chevalier’s client S. moves forward to a 2nd interview at a medical lab for a Director of Quality opportunity. “S. has been engaging actively inside of her campaign. She has applied to this role and is excited about the interview process.”


1. Barbara Limmer provides updates on D. and F.

-D. is interviewing with the group HR manager and Western Hemisphere President at a technology company for Country Manager. Interviewing with Group HR Manager and Western Hemisphere President.

-F. is interviewing at a financial planning company for Senior Marketing Manager and at a technology company for Sr. Events Manager. “I did not ask the ‘do you feel like my background and experiences is a good fit’ because her comment was ‘I just started interviewing for this yesterday, and you are by far way ahead of anyone I have looked at’ also just added me on LinkedIn. The salary is lower than what I am looking for, but she was selling me pretty hard…I feel like if I am the right candidate that isn’t a concern. I should hear more next week.”

2. Lori Chevalier’s clients have been busy. Here’s the latest from T., R., M., E., and H.:

-T. is interviewing with a real estate services company for a CFO opening. T. has contacts within this firm, and reached out to have a conversation on how the business was going. They were very interested and have been interviewing T. for the past few months.

-R. is interviewing for a COO role. He has a passion for helping others, especially this company, as it focused on providing medications and food supplies for children in a country where provisions are sparse. He is also interviewing for a biotechnology company COO position. Another opportunity is at venture capital/seed company for managing director.  They indicated they want to consider him for a CEO role of one of their portfolio companies.

-M. is interviewing with a consulting group for a Management Consultant opening. M. has a connection that works with this company who was in her MBA class. She met with his boss and had a few conversations about the roles within the company, and management consulting as a whole. She forwarded her resume over and is still in conversations with this company about roles which may be of interest and align with her health care experience.

-E. is interviewing at an association consulting firm for Executive Director. E. was referred to this company by one of her colleagues. She had an informational interview with the contact who discussed roles within their company, and also succession planning roles opening up in near future.

-H. is pursuing a Managing Director / Vice President at a consulting firm. H. has contacts who advocated for him.

3. Isabelita Castilho’s client K. has worked his way into a venture capital firm. Target role is Business Advisor (CFO level). Introduced by a 3rd party recruiter- social capital version.

4. Asli Bilgin’s client L. is pursuing a COO position. 1st Interview with 3rd Party Recruiter (for actual role, not general screening).

5. Debbie Brupbacher’s client B. is interviewing at a materials company for Director Innovation.

6. Larry DiBoni’s client N. is interviewing at a hospital for the CNO slot. N. will be interviewing with a team of individuals (CEO, Physicians, HR and Nurse Managers).


1. “Paula Nordhoff: I had my first interview with [a wellness program] and it went well. I have been asked to move on to step 2 out of 3 which will include meeting with the CTO given my background. Thank you so much for the prep. Your background in self-insured companies and health plans was super instrumental since I was able to ask questions on their approach there. Thanks again for the help!! -S.”

2. “Waffles, FYI from Y.; we had our orientation yesterday and he told me how [the auto company] would be his dream job, so I asked if he had checked his LI for contacts, and he hadn’t! Thank you for working with him prior to my getting him. -Barbara Limmer”

-Update from Y.: “Barbara, Wow. I’m blown away! Today we talked about LinkedIn, and I mentioned a story about friending all my co-workers last week based on the ONE meeting with Waffles and his recommendation of building my close contacts of LinkedIn back up. Well… turns out one of my CLOSE friends and co-workers I never would have thought is a first connection with a SR RECRUITER at [the auto company who is my dream job]!!! Yay!!! I’m not reaching out yet till we talk again. Very exciting for a first day’s work. I SO appreciate your guidance today and look forward to this journey! Thank you! -Y.”

3. “Hi Jessica, Thank you so much for all you do for TBG, the Writing Team, and Especially me!
You are always so helpful and willing to assist (or rescue) as needed! I love that you are open to ideas and flexible. You and your team’s oversight and completion of the Resume/CV Formats makes the writers’ job so much more efficient and in turn, makes the team more effective in delivering A+ documents to our clients.
THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU for all you do!!! My team and I all appreciate you and your work and your attention to details so very much! -Ramsey”

From the Writing Team

During the last week, the team has completed 35 writing assignments and 133 projects in the last month!! Our “heavyweight champion” for the week AND the month is Anicia Hogan!!! Anicia is a solid writer who delivers exceptional work on schedule! She has completed 27 writing team queue tasks in the last month and specializes in Resumes, CVs, and Cover Letters. The team currently is working on 27 active writing projects in queue.

A big thank you to Barbara Limmer, Asli Bilgin, Julie Mathern, and Dan Resendes for their continual feedback (the good, the bad, and the awesome) to and about the writing team! Without feedback, we don’t know what we’re doing right or what we need to improve on to deliver outstanding personal branding and career search documents to our clients! I appreciate the time you all take to send comments!

Ramsey Penegar, CPRW
Personal Brand Manager & Resume Writing Team Manager


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