Frontline Report for 02-23-22

The Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 7
Offers Received: 1
Interviews Advanced: 17
1st Interviews: 24

The Hiring Line:

1. Anne Lipsitz is pleased to close the loop: R. has cinched the deal! He is working with his prior boss, former title was President / CEO Americas; the transition title will be President North America. He changed industries: from Retail & Consumer Durables to Manufacturing. The comp package is over half a million dollars.

2. Isabelita Castilho’s client C. brings her up to speed with new developments:
“Hi Isabelita, here’s the latest:
-[Neurology Company] – I am working with them on a 2-month consultant agreement/
-[Clinical Therapy Company] – I have contacted the recruiter, and this was his answer: ‘[the company is] working hard on establishing their entity and want to make sure their legal framework is in place.’
-[Strategic Advisory Firm] – 1 week ago feedback from the recruiter that they received information from the company but did not know what they could share.

These are possible scenarios:

-[Neurology Company] – we agree after the 2 months consultant project to enter into a long-term agreement – then I would reach out to you in order to help me prepare for the negotiation.
[Clinical Therapy Company] – they will either ‘regret’ and tell me that unfortunately another candidate made the race or they will make me an offer – in this case I will reach out to you in order to help me prepare for the negotiation.
-[Strategic Advisory Firm] – I honestly do not know and will keep you informed once they come back to me.
Have a great weekend, C.”

2. Isabelita also heard from M.: “I received the contract from the pipeline, I accepted conditions and confirmed it. Best regards, M.” M. jumped from agriculture to Utilities, and from Financial Controller to Senior Controller.

3. Jerry Fronczak experienced a rush of good news from D., A., and H.
-D. has received and accepted an offer from a software company for a completely different position and a higher level than initially interviewed for, BPO Success Manager to Director. Also negotiated a salary from $110 to $125k plus uncapped commission.
-A. was advised he was the selected candidate for the Chief Information Officer role with a global holding company involved in numerous industries. They sent him a comp spreadsheet to fill out, which is very similar in items to TBG’s comp sheet. Additionally, his current employer (a computer hardware company), is trying to give him some TLC and offering a better position — more money, but same level. So, he’s entertaining both “options”.
-H. has accepted a 1099 role with an industrial equipment supplier. H. will serve as the Chief Operating Officer in the U.S. and focus on building a U.S. office.

Offers Received

1. Anne Lipsitz’s client K. is working through the details. Company owners want K. to work for them as consultant for 3 months to evaluate/make recommendations for how to improve heat exchange. K. will do this as part of his new company, a real estate corporation.

Interviews Progress

1. Paula Nordhoff’s clients D. and B. reported in about their interviews.
-D. has been busy pursuing a Program Manager opportunity with a government contractor. He had the initial screening with HR and a subsequent interview with the Director (boss). He has an internal contact at company serving as his champion. Additionally, he had interviews with three very senior executives at a federal government office for a senior position. Social capital was involved.
-B. has had her 1st interview with a recruiting company. The target is a remote COO opportunity.

2. Anne Lipsitz’s client K. (from Offers Received section) is advancing at a manufacturing company. Position would be CTO and/or VP Engineering. His colleague reconnected with him. They are interested in someone who can transform and innovate product/business. Originally was for role of VP Engineering now looking at CTO. K. chimes in with the note he received:

“K.: Good morning, I hope your week has gone well. I debriefed with [members of the team] last night, and they have opened up to remote or commuting type arrangements. They’ve interviewed local candidates who can work and live [here], but they see you as the single most qualified for this role. -Managing Director”

K. is also interviewing for a CTO-Innovation Officer role at another manufacturing company. Spoke with internal Director of Practice/Hiring, agreed role is too junior for him but is intrigued with his experience, discussing with CEO and will reach back out.

3. Barbara Limmer had introduced F. to her other client S., who is currently at the global healthcare company, who then became an advocate for him. Message from F.:

“I had an interview with the VP of R&D at [the global healthcare company] today. I don’t think I have ever had such a positive reaction during an interview. We had a great discussion/interview and one of my goals was to have him walk away from it with some golden nuggets that would help his organization improve in areas where they currently struggle.
At the end of the lively discussion, they said, ‘You are the person I have been looking for! You still have a few others to interview with, but that is just a formality. I need you on my team!’
Assuming he was not just caught up in the moment, the next steps will involve an initial offer and then negotiating money and other details. Thanks for all your coaching!”

4. Barbara also heard from I., T., N., and W.

-I. progresses at a university, closing in on the Professor/Head of Department for Education Studies opening. As part of the recruitment process, the invitation to interview includes a presentation and a chance to meet with colleagues in the department the day before the interview. “As part of my presentation the Department would like me to outline my 3-year vision for Education Studies.”
-T. shares, “Barbara, thank you for the C-Suite Answer guide and prep. I had my interview with CEO of [the organization] today. It went well, sounds like a big job, very exciting. I’m meeting with HR and will see where it goes. He recommended other C-Suite discussions as next step. Many thanks, I.”

-N. is interviewing with the mortgage loan company for Enterprise Innovation – Software Engineering – Senior Manager. HR found her on LI, had first interview with Hiring Manager, then panel interview. She made it to the final round with the VP (the boss’s boss). She was told she was the only one who made it to this round! Also, thank you to Vivek Agarwal for helping her prepare for this panel interview!

-W. had her second interview with the electronics company for the Global Program Management Consultant. There’s more that didn’t make our deadline today, stay tuned!

5. Larry DiBoni passes along this note from Z.: “I had another interview with the CEO of the [a medical systems company]. These are the folks I have talked to twice previously. The interview went very well, and he has invited me to meet the Medical Directors and then go to dinner with him and them. This will be in a couple of weeks. The other interview was with the [healthcare executive search firm], they are working for [an organization] looking for VP Medical Affairs for their Medicare Markets. I had an initial interview with the screener and then with the Managing Partner. She thinks I would be a strong candidate … In my view, both opportunities have promise. Best Regards, Z.”

6. Lori Chevalier’s client Y. has been actively interviewing for the position of Organizational Consultant at a university, and so far has had four interviews in two days and interviewed with 17 people!

7. Jerry Fronczak updates us on C., P., L., and J.
-C. shares, “Hey Jerry Fronczak, [the logistics company] wants me to meet with the CEO. I believe this is the last formal interview before an offer. This is for the Director, Online Sales role.”
-P.: “Hi Jerry, I hope all is well. I wanted to fill you in on my progress… I have completed 5 interviews with [the Web 3 tech company my former boss is working for]. It is actually looking really good. She said right now they are trying to figure out what the role is and who it will report to… so I think there may be an offer on the horizon! After hearing their benefits, (salary will likely be in the high 100s with a 20% bonus that would put me over $200k), stock options, a crypto bonus, 5 weeks PTO, totally remote and flexible schedule, medical, 401k, and biannual all company retreats. I think this is probably the direction I will want to go.”
-L. “I received an email directly from the CEO / Founder himself for a wealth management role at [the financial planning company] that is very appealing to me and potentially 1099. The interview went well and I’m waiting to hear back with an offer.”

-J.: “Based on our conversation at the end of our call yesterday, I wanted to bring up an active job opportunity. I have a 4th conversation with a [business management company]. I’ve already met with their HR and the CCO twice (Hiring Manager). [This] meeting is with the Chairman of the Board.


1. Asli Bilgin’s client E. interviewed to lead marketing activities for an international company. First interview with the company Global Head of Marketing (after interview with 3rd party recruiter).

2. Isabelita Castilho’s clients B., V., and G. report in on their interviews.

-B. interviewed with a manufacturer in Europe for Head of Supply Chain.
-V. had a strategy meeting with the Client Concierge. He landed late last year as CFO, with a clear path to CEO in less than two years’ time. Now, an investment company, is showing interest and wants to move fast. Then, child development company is laying out a plan for him. So, all three of his opportunities are CFO slots with clear paths to CEO in under three years, and all three have been active searches for over two years!
-G. is interviewing for a Supply Chain Operations role– he worked with the company in the past, reached out to establish some social rapport and was invited for a dinner to explore synergies and new potentials with this family company.

3. Debbie Brupbacher’s client K. is interviewing a travel company for General Counsel. She has an interview with the CEO & CFO.

4. George Schulz reports that N. is interviewing at an office supply company for Global Market Development Manager. Also, at an agricultural organization for General Manager.

5. Anne Lipsitz is grateful to SME Rob Wicker for his mock interview with H. for his upcoming interview with an investment company.

6. Paula Nordhoff’s client D. interviewed for a Program Manager role in the Defense industry.

7. Rob Wicker jumped in to help with interview prep for Jerry Fronczak’s client F. “[This company] is the main competitor of the company I worked for the last 17 years. It was hurting my head to ‘go to the other team’, but I applied this morning and they’ve already asked me to interview.” Position is Operations Center Director in the Call Center industry.”

8. Barbara Limmer reports that M. is interviewing at a university for Dean of School of Engineering. Had applied months ago, no 3rd party recruiter involved. The first interview was a video conference with the Search Committee of 23 people!

9. Julie Mathern shares that C. interviewed with an insurance company as Executive Director, Investments. He had his first screening interview with talent acquisition. This role is probably a little junior, and they have retained a search firm for the supervisor for this role. The HR person will let him know when it’s posted.

10. Dan Resendes received this update from O.: “Right now I’m starting a role next week. 3 days a week for 3 months as group business development manager. The intention is to sort out their sales and budget and reporting. Then move into a business manager role heading up their main project business and up to COO by end of the year. All going well from both sides. It’s a positive outlook. But I am able to work and feel them out first before committing. In parallel. I’m interviewing for a role with [a manufacturing company]. Director Heavylift Projects, which is a new division. The interview is face to face. Hopefully I get to choose what suits me best.”

11. Waffles Natusch shares that A. is interviewing for COO at a development services provider.

12. Jerry Fronczak brings us up to speed on S., R. A. L.
-S. interviewed with two behavioral health companies and an on-site healthcare company with lots of positive feedback.
-R. interviewed with a food manufacturer and software company and received a promotion to a Director role!
-A. is interviewing for President of Supply and Trading at an independent trading company.
-L. has an interview with the VP of Talent Acquisition for a VP, Experience Strategy role.
-P. interviewed with the CEO of a cloud platform for an Asset Manager, Information Technology position.


1. B. shares this note with Isabelita Castilho, “Dear Isabelita, first of all, thank you very much for your efforts, I really appreciate your energy and professionalism! I do believe we are a great team and together we will get the job done :-)”

2. “Hi Dan Resendes, Just thought about dropping you a line. Hope you are well and had a good 2022 kick off! Clarity Program is over for me. I have worked with Stacy Ballinger, and I have to admit it has been very interesting and eye opener. The tools you provide, the assignments you can do from the DISC, the introspective exercise you are forced to do…I believe it is very valuable. Stacy did a good job and the connecting the dots between all 3-4 sessions was strong. Certainly, I have not had the time to devote this quality process throughout my 20+ year career. Congratulations to all TBG on the thoughts to put this together and to Stacy to execute it with me! I believe this process has so many opportunities to be sold, beyond just transition jobs. Within a customer journey, there are a few moments in your career, where all professionals should have this valuable experience! Thank you again for your help and I share that until now, I am a huge promoter of TBG added value to senior C-Suite professionals! Kind regards, J.”

From the writing team:

“Wow! What an awesome team of professional writers we have! They continuously seek to learn & grow and enhance their skills & knowledge to deliver the best possible documents to our clients and the highest level of customer service to our internal clients, the consultants!

In the last week, the writing team has accomplished 37 writing tasks & 148 tasks in the last month!! Marissa Lessman reigns as the continuing “Heavyweight Champion” for the past week conquering nearly 19% of the assignments and Anicia Hogan is the “Heavyweight Champion” of the month single-handedly attacking 28 writing projects in that timeframe!

Ramsey Penegar, CPRW
Personal Brand Manager & Resume Writing Team Manager

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