Frontline Report for 03-09-22

The Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 10
Offers Received: 4
Interviews Advanced: 19
1st Interviews: 20

The Hiring Line:

1. Lori Chevalier has big news from clients M. and C.

-First, “M. started with us almost a year ago. She had to wait for her former position to dissolve. She worked the program like no other. There was a position locally with a banking company that was being developed and was in the approval stage.

“Since this offer didn’t materialize, M. continued on her progression inside of her campaign – never once relenting – and always reaching out for guidance. M. had an opportunity offered to her in January. She accepted. In the meantime, she encountered a Board member with the banking company and discussed the newly developed role. She was presented with the Offer a few days later! Her career change journey checked off all of the boxes on her ‘want’ list: change in industry from hospitality to finance, more money, remote, and the ability to stay in her community, which she loves and has a great support and friend base! Congratulations M.!”

-And C. is now Vice President of Business Development for a transportation company, successfully making a move from Agility Logistics, comp pricing in at $250k + 25% bonus. 

2. Paula Nordhoff’s client G. is joining an outstanding agricultural sciences company with strong values and focus on technology to support sustainable agriculture. She will be heading up the Global Multilateral Affairs Department, ensuring the company contributes to key international discussions such as food security, sustainability, and climate agriculture. She will also have overall supervisory responsibility over a Government Affairs Team and will be an integral part of the Leadership Team.

3. Rob Wicker teamed with Dan Resendes to coach D. through the hiring process with a behavioral health company. D. provides the details: “I have accepted the offer and signed an updated offer letter that put the salary at $220K, relocation amount at $15K, and two paid trips to [the area] for house hunting. I spoke with the HR rep about getting an in-house counsel license and about my start date. All seems to be okay so far. I also notified the third-party recruiter that I had accepted the position. She was very happy for me and asked that I keep in touch with her.”

4. George Schulz tells us the great news from B. and K.

-B. is delighted with the substantial promotion he just received at the financial services company, and he’s decided to stay.

-Meanwhile, K. has landed at a beverage company as the Director of Construction! He remains in the Restaurants, Food & Beverage sector. Thanks to George’s guidance and coaching, he left his old salary of $121K behind, and the bidding war started at $165K and the ink was signed at $175K. K. commented: “Thank you, George. A large part of the credit goes to you and team Barrett who have shown me how to leverage my connections. I appreciate all your hard work and support.”

5. Isabelita Castilho and Waffles Natusch are delighted to announce that their client A. will be recruiting, training, and leading the new European Sales Team for a software company! As VP of sales, her base will be €250K, with significant upside as the division grows.  

6. Isabelita Castilho’s client P. got the opportunity through previous social capital at the company. He landed a contractor role with a global company. Contract length runs for nine months and is renewable.

7. Jerry Fronczak catches us up on W. and R.
-W. received and accepted an offer from a transportation organization as the Director of Business Development. Offer includes annual bonus and the option to purchase equity shares.

-Jerry also pulled the Client Concierge in to help R. with his strategy, he took the advice and it paid off! R. has accepted an offer with a financial advising company as an investment coach. R.’s career goal is to maintain a full-time investment advisor opportunity while continuing to build his investment coaching practice.

Offers received:

1. Rob Wicker, Barbara Limmer, and Waffles Natusch worked together to help U. for her final interview with a major public utility service for the CEO position. U. reports: “The recruiter called me today and they would like to offer me the position! It looks like an amazing opportunity and I’m super excited about it – the biggest challenge is that I would need to be down there most of the weekdays and eventually they would like me to relocate. The negotiations have started, but wanted to explore with you. Thanks again!”

2. Isabelita Castilho’s client T. received a verbal offer from a digital innovation company. He had applied the referral reach out technique of TBG methodology and gained the former boss to help him out with a direct referral to the sister company he is currently working for! The next step is to discuss package with the HR.

3. Barbara Limmer’s client F. received an offer from a medical technology company, still in negotiation. Meanwhile, Jerry Fronczak’s client Y. is in the final interview stage for the Marketing Director position with an athletic sportswear company.

Interviews Progress

1. Lori Chevalier’s client J. is progressing to interview 2. The company is flying J. and his wife out to meet with the CTO, CEO and Board to discuss next steps! The title within the faith-based organization will be President for North America.

2. Joan Sebring’s client S is back out there, this time at a sustainable growth organization, where he’s angling for the Senior Director of Contracts and Procurement opportunity. He snagged the interviews through a job posting, providing living proof that such things still exist. He interviewed with the VP who would be his boss and then with the Division President.

3. Barbara Limmer’s clients O. and M. both have interviews advancing.

-First, O. is pursuing an Area Business Manager role with an animal health company, he has his network to thank for this one. He is also in the running for a CFO role for a food processing company which he connected with through an executive recruiter. His next interview will be with the owner of the company.
-Meanwhile, M. is decorating his new office at the therapeutics company as he closes in on the COO position. He has an interview with the Co-Founder (has already interviewed with 3rd party recruiter, CEO and HR exec).

4. Equally important, Paula Nordhoff is excited for E., who is going into 2nd round discussions with a startup focusing on digital mental health support services. He/they are flexible about him: being an advisor with equity, being an executive, being an investor.

5. Asli Bilgin connected with D. and got the good news on her interview with a streaming music service. She has eyes on the prize – Head of Marketing. “Hello, Asli, the interview went well. I met with the Talent Acquisition Lead for [this region]. They asked most of the questions that we went through during the preparations yesterday. In terms of the next steps, she said she would share my profile with the Hiring Manager and also share the salary range for the role. She also mentioned that they are looking to fill the role as soon as possible and that there will be 3-4 more interviews with different people. I will keep you updated on all progress. Thank you very much for your assistance with the interview preparations. I felt ready and none of the questions caught me by surprise. Regards, D.”

6. Isabelita Castilho’s clients V., K., and A. are busy with interviews.

-First, V. nailed it with the luxury brand! He has a four-month engagement as a Supply Chain Consultant. By practicing social capital, he gained one more intro and landed an interview with a decision-maker at the company.

-Second, K. shared this report: “Hi, Isabelita, earlier this week, I had a meeting with a recruiter regarding the global role of CFO in [financial technology industry]. Yesterday, I got feedback from them that they plan to recommend me to the client for the next stage. Nevertheless, they asked me to prepare a SWOT analysis under the presented job description before sending them to the client.” Isabelita jumped in helped him with the exercise.

-Third, A. has amazing activity and updates on five companies including roles with a major retail conglomerate, pharmaceutical company, a local family business and two social media companies.

7. Jerry Fronczak has updates from G. and J.
-G. is interviewing with an investment management company. Special thanks to the Subject Matter Experts for assisting G. through a few rounds of interviews.
-And J. is in the second round of interviews with a medical clinic network for the Vice President, Regional Director position. J. is also in consideration with two other health-related companies.


1. Julie Mathern’s clients H., I., O., D., and P. have kept Julie busy as they interview.

-H. was at a materials organization for Director, Policy and Regulatory Affairs.
-And I. at a government organization for General Manager, Strategic Services
-Meanwhile, O. was at a banking company for a Corporate Counsel role.
-And D. is at a software platform for Regional Vice President Enterprise – Healthcare and Life Sciences. Thanks to Vivek for assisting the client with interview prep!
-Also P. is pursuing a Creative Director/Writer role in the Advertising & Marketing sector.

2. Asli Bilgin reports on C., T., and E.

-First, C. interviewed at a chemical company for Head of Global Affairs.

-Second, T. scored an interview at a home appliance company for a Senior International Operations Manager role. “We used my network to introduce T. to the company, which secured him this interview.”

-Third, E. was at a candy company for VP Purchasing/Procurement Services & Raw Materials – 1st Interview with 3rd Party Recruiter.

3. Lori Chevalier provides updates on F., N., R., and M.

-“F. has been working with her current company, a materials association, for most of her career. She and her boss run the show. Needing advancement, her boss recommended her for the Executive Director role because she would rather the industry not lose her because she is extremely knowledgeable. F. also knows a member of the Board, who also provided a highly esteemed recommendation.”

-While N. interviewed at two different hospital associations for CEO roles.

-And R. is pursuing a remote/contract role with a banking corporation. R. had a colleague from his former management consultant firm who highly recommend him to the company. From this introduction, he is meeting with the Head of Learning, to discuss positions that would fit him based on his expertise. R. is also interviewing for an initial role evolving to a higher-level strategist role at a human resources software company. He has been meeting with different individuals and most recently the Head of Strategy. The interviews are progressing, and they stated “an offer is out for approval” with a subsequent interview with the Head of Strategy and his actual hiring manager.

-Meanwhile, M. is interviewing for a managing director role with a consulting firm. He had an exploratory call with the Recruitment Director, whom he reached out and introduced himself to, and they discussed various roles. M. is also interviewing at a different consulting group for a CIO role. M. has been interested in this company and reached out to their Lead Recruiting Director for a conversation, which turned into an exploratory interview for various roles!

4. Paula Nordhoff shares about clients A. and Y.

-A. is interviewing at a company for VP or higher.
-Also Waffles Natusch helped with client Y. as he interviewed for Head of US Legal at a strategic operations company. This is another company that’s a tech incubator.

5. Jerry Fronczak reports that K. is interviewing at a global enterprise company General Counsel.

6. Julie Mathern’s client Z. has a lot to share about his interview for the Associate Director, Data Science & Analytics role.

“Wow! What an interview. This is my job for sure. I spoke with the HR Manager for 40 minutes on a scheduled 30-minute call. She was very excited about my background and career. This company sells software and medical remediation services online to colleges/universities for the benefit of students. They are a two-year start-up with three founders. [The company] just completed a Series B funding round and are growing by leaps and bounds. They are small but their growth is strong. So, they are looking for a person, in her words, ‘just like me’. I was the third interviewee and she said I was outstanding in my accomplishments. She is now scheduling an interview with the CTO, and I am awaiting a call.

7. Anne Lipsitz reports that S. is interviewing at a medical group for a marketing consultant position, at an audio-visual company for an Account-Based Marketing role, and at an educational software company for a Teacher Marketing Associate role.

8. Debbie Brupbacher shares that J. is interviewing at an athletic company for Group Head of Accounting and Reporting.
J. notes, “They are looking to fill several positions, I found 2 published roles in the company website, both JDs attached, but it could be that there are unpublished roles as well.”

9. Isabelita Castilho passes along that G. is interviewing for a COO role with a leading player in the production and sale of a specific material. By applying the techniques of social capital, G. re-approached his previous manager at the company who invited him for a formal interview to become the COO of two plants. It’s a big role with big scope!

10. Rob Wicker notes that V. is interviewing at a manufacturing company for the Director of Master Data and Performance Reporting.


1. T. praises Lori Chevalier: “You are the Michael Jordan of career coaches.”

2. D. thought at first that he wanted to transition to the nonprofit sector to find more fulfillment. During his exercises with Justin Hellman, his Clarity coach, however, D. realized that giving up sales meant giving up other things that he valued, too, like autonomy and high income.

D. excerpts from his recent interview with Julie Norwell: “My Barrett Group resume is far more in-depth than anything I have ever had. I would not have been able to write it myself. It was also so helpful to know what to include and what to omit in my LinkedIn profile. The result is that my resume and LinkedIn profile now tell a story, rather than just providing a summary of my experience.

“Clarity was great, really helpful! It was good to work through the personality pieces of work – the importance of management style and culture. And for the first time ever I focused on the holistic perspective of my career. I considered ‘What is important to me?’ and ‘What do I want my life to look like?’ That changed my mindset.”

3. Lori Chevalier’s client, O., indicated today that his Clarity Coach, Marsha Foster, did an incredible job – that it was wonderful to see himself through a different lens – he found it very useful and gave the program and Marsha top marks!

4. The TBG Resume Writing Team continues to deliver exceptional quality and talented writing to our clients (and consultants)! The team maintains its 100% on-time delivery record (with many projects submitted ahead of schedule!).
In the past week, we have completed 36 projects with another 28 currently in queue. Once again, Marissa Lessman wrestles the “Heavyweight” championship away writing the most projects of any other writer this week.

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