Frontline Report for 02-16-22

Hiring Line Statistics:

Offers Accepted: 6
Offers Received: 4
Interviews Advanced: 14
1st Interviews: 15

The Hiring Line:

1. Jayson Searle was pleased to report on three landings this week: M., V., and D.!
-M. is moving to assume his new title of Head of Sales for a real estate consultant group! He had been working for an industrial giant. He landed by employing Jayson’s tried and true Barrett techniques of employing his human capital to gain access to the decision-makers in targeted companies.
-V. has accepted the offer from a retail company. Jayson told us, “Following 19 years with [his previous company] he took an exit package only to find there was very little in [his area] for him. I helped him re-brand as a management consultant, and he subsequently took on multiple advisory roles while searching for the right type of permanent position that aligned with his needs and key skills. He will continue to consult on the side. His new title is Business Area Manager. He was placed by a third-party recruiter.    
-D. has landed at an e-learning platform! Diving right into Phase 3 services, Jayson elucidates: “He has a small team (3) so I have been helping him to onboard at his new company / navigate relationships / create alliances.” Way to go, Jayson! He had been in the retail & consumer goods sector; he has segued to the education world.

2. Julie Mathern was out of town when her client A. started his first day at his new company and received his awaited offer from a global foods company, same day! We’re listing this one in both sections because it’s both a landing and an offer received.

Offers Received

1. As stated above: Julie’s client A. received his awaited offer from a global foods company!

2. Barbara Limmer called to report that her client S. finally received his offer from the security service company!

3. Isabelita Castilho’s client K. got her caught up: “I had an interview with [the med tech company]. I have a positive feeling. I see a good synergy with my experience. It is a combination of tasks I have already performed. I brought several examples of matching skills and actual achievements… they plan to arrange a technical meeting with the CFO next week, and after that, they will make a decision asap.
I talked with the recruiter for [the medical supply company]. He didn’t know any details and suggested I ask about the position during the interview. He just advised me to think about how to answer two questions: what are my weaknesses, and what is the biggest failure in my life.
My former boss contacted me and proposed a job in Operations. He was not available for details as he is on vacation and just wanted to check my availability. He shall revert together with the Head of HR on the following week.”

4. Lori Chevalier shared: “C. has a contact at an investment company- he would be her boss. This process has been ongoing for almost a year. C. just recently accepted a role but isn’t quite sure she is happy with the area or the role. Coincidently, (?!?) she met with the CEO and HR today about the CTO role and they indicated they will be sending her an offer this week! Stay tuned!! :)”

Interviews Progress

1. Dorota Laurosiewicz received this note from J. “As a heads-up, I have an interview with [an engineering services company] about a possible role. This is the company that I mentioned to you in our earlier calls. I had already 2 interviews with them before. The next interview is with the MD of this company. Best regards, J.”

2. Isabelita Castilho’s client Z. is progressing with a real estate company, and the role is Director of Business Corporate Strategy.

3. Barbara Limmer’s clients F., T., H., L., and B. have updates to report.
-First, F. had his interview at a global communications company for the Senior Events & Experiential Manager position. Here’s what he told Barbara: “Hello! Just wanted to let you know the interview went great! will be meeting with the hiring manager.” Barbara gives credit where credit is due: “This was a team effort: Pattie Vargas helped in his interview prep.”
He also snagged a new one out of the classifieds, a Senior Manager, Event and Podcast Marketing opportunity at an e-commerce company.

-And, T. shares, “Hi Barbara, I thought the interview went very well. We covered a lot of turf, and she was interested in examples at the interfaces with my ‘function.’ I was able to provide good examples. She asked about my management style where I don’t have expertise. Overall, we ended up going over time and on a very positive note. I asked if my background and experience were a good fit, she said yes, and I was ‘absolutely delightful’. She was late and we had to end. What is an appropriate ‘thank you’ note to send? There must be one in the file! Ha-ha. Thank you for your coaching. It really helped get me in the correct frame of mind!! -T.

-Also. H. made it to the next round for the Talent Manager position at a charter school which is a case write-up. She was told to spend no more than 2-3 hours on this!

-Meanwhile, L. had more interviews with the airline, interviewed with hiring manager and six other people. Then, at the mortgage loan company, HR found her on LI, had first interview with Hiring Manager, scheduled for panel interview. And THEN, at a sports technology company, she’s angling for the Enterprise Innovation – Software Engineering – Senior Manager role. She met with the hiring manager and panel of peers.
-Also, Barbara noted that B. is making progress with a school supply company. The job is Plant Manager; he’s had two interviews with the 3rd party recruiter, and this is his first interview with the employer.

4. Larry DiBoni’s client R. has been interviewing at a multinational professional services network. Larry told us: “R. had an interview with HR, and he had his 2nd interview. He will be interviewing with a Manager of Financial Services. The way the company usually interviews is you will be interviewed by an internal HR rep, a Manager, a Senior Manager and a Partner. R. is currently scheduling his 3rd and 4th interviews.

5. Lori Chevalier and Waffles Natusch were thrilled to hear the latest from E.: “So it’s all moving forward with the CEO opportunity at an elder care center. I have two more interviews with them.” She’s having six interviews at a company that has four employees, one of whom she would replace. Then she has a video interview with the Board of Directors.

6. Paula Nordhoff shares the good news: O. is very excited that both companies he has been interviewing with have asked for his references. He should know more next week.

7. Julie Mathern reports that M.’s friend is currently interim Chief of Staff at a company and referred him for the role. Having a ‘casual’ interview with the CEO today.


1. Debbie Brupbacher’s client N. is going for the General Counsel role at a leisure company in Europe. She has an interview scheduled with the CEO & CFO. We did C-Suite Interview Prep and provided additional interview tools, the Interview prep Worksheet, and the General Counsel Interview link. She will review and then create a service request to have further prep.

2. Asli Bilgin’s client G. is interviewing for a VP of Audit opening, and Barbara Limmer’s client D. snagged an interview with a global creative agency for a Director, Event Production role. He also has a meeting with a software developer for a Director of Event Marketing job.

3. Julie Mathern’s client V. catches up: “I have an interview for a CEO position with another organization. The interview will be with the search committee.”

4. Isabelita Castilho shares updates on I. and P.
-After landing his first job through TBG, I. realized it was not what he wanted. Having said that, he was still within his contract period with TBG, he came back seeking for further support. Diligently following the instructions on how to leverage from the UNP3 module, he nailed the interest of a headhunter on LinkedIn and now has the first interview with a medtech group for a Finance Controller position.
-P. is in line for the Prevention, Prediction and Behaviour Change Lead opening at a healthcare company! “P. diligently followed all the instructions on how to leverage from the UNP3 module and applied the networking strategies to approach headhunters and recruiters as a total stranger on LinkedIn and nailed the interview. She is flying to another continent for her first interview with the employer after successfully passing the interview with the recruiter. She’s a previous Minister of Health, shifting from the public to the private sector.”

5. Jayson Searle is coaching R. for his upcoming interview at the Headhunter office for their client in the manufacturing space. This is for a COO role.

6. Anne Lipsitz’ client A. has a busy calendar:
-Insurance company for Portfolio Manager
-Another insurance company for Asset Allocation/Strategy Director
-Financial solutions company for Head of Portfolio Management
-Investment company for Mutual Fund Analyst

7. Vivek Agarwal reports that B. has an interview with an insurance company for Head of Sales. “Due to the powerful LinkedIn profile that we created for B., she caught the eye of a recruiter for the insurance company. The next thing was a 1st interview with the hiring team and VP of HR.”

8. Lori Chevalier’s client R. received an alert from LI, tailored his resume, and applied! The role is at a medical clinic for COO. Anne Lipsitz’s client K. interviewed at a technology company for a remote role as VP Filtration (K. is a world-class expert in this field). He spoke to VP HR, they want to enter the US market and need his expertise and business development strategy!


1. “Waffles, Good morning! You. Are. Awesome! See you on the zoom. -M.” M. had high praise for Rick Gelber during our interview prep session in advance of his first Clarity meeting with Laura Leaton today. M. is a Senior VP Sales and Sales Training exec who described Rick’s approach and execution as “flawless.”

2. Ralph Libsohn and Aerielle Ludwig received a standing ovation from client E. in her recent Success Study. Ralph developed this client’s resume and Aerielle tweaked the draft for a specific job opening that the client landed! Here is what the client had to say, “At every interview, I was told that my resume looks great. The metrics just popped from the page! I was impressed with the results even before the revision was complete. I used a draft resume to apply for a job and landed an interview. Wow! And when the final draft was finished, the interviews started rolling in. Because my resume spoke for itself, I didn’t have to exert myself a lot during the interview process. All I had to do was give examples of how the metrics tied to my professional experience.”

News from the Writing Team:

The TBG Resume Writing Team continually does an amazing job delivering well-written, compelling career documents to our clients! This team has maintained a 100% on-time delivery record since August!!

In the last week, the team completed 34 writing tasks, and once again, Marissa Lessman is our Headliner with the most projects tackled in the week. She’s a pro at Resume Tweaks and Career Docs and excels at developing fantastic LinkedIn Experience stories!!!

Statistics for the last 30 days show the team completed 146 total writing assignments! (WOW!) Aerielle Ludwig is the top dog for the month, professionalism finishing 30+ tasks. Aerielle shines in all her writing but has recently truly proven her talent in developing LinkedIn Experience stories.

Our newest teammates, Brittany Campbell, Lora Hirschhorn, and Luke Duggan are all on their way to Resume Tweak experts! Please help cheer them on to success!

Ramsey Penegar, CPRW
Personal Brand Manager & Resume Writing Team Manager


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