Frontline Report for 02-09-22

The Hiring Line Stats:

As of 02-09-22:
Offers Accepted: 8
Offers Received: 3
Interviews Advanced: 25
1st Interviews: 9

The Hiring Line:

1. M. had his orientation with Julie Mathern the first week of January, and he landed in the first week of February!
The transportation company has a new General Counsel! Julie shares the details: “M. landed quickly. Our subject matter experts responded quickly…[they provided] interview preparation coaching (thanks Rob Wicker), offer negotiation strategy, and handling the in the moment offer discussions. Offer negotiation assistance was the main reason he hired TBG and Ace Negotiator Dan Resendes was brought in to help close the deal. Initial offer was $186,000 (ended up +$21,000).”

This is what M. had to say: “The … job is final and official! We settled on a salary of $207K. In fact, that was their next offer after my counter of $225K. I had already decided to “settle” for the midpoint of the range, and $207K is slightly higher than that. So relieved and excited! Start date is 2/25.”

2. Isabelita Castilho shares an update from A. He clinched the deal with the global logistics company! A. was registered with an interim management consulting firm before joining TBG and through them was re-approached to discuss an opportunity in which he leveraged through TBG to gain further traction and nail the job. It is for a six-month interim role. And that role may be renewable. Daily rates €1250 applicable paid monthly. Salary equivalent of €24K/month as per last update. His title is Global CFO, and he has transitioned from manufacturing to the transportation industry.

3. C. has decided to once again grab the reins in her career and launch her consulting business full-time! Isabelita Castilho pulled the Client Concierge in to help C. get set up for success.

4. Vivek Agarwal’s client H. accepted the offer from an independent bottler. Vivek shares that H. was a very good, responsive client. H. made a jump from manufacturing to technology and services, and his new title is Senior Manager of IT. He found the opportunity through networking, and they were able to match his current salary of $170K.

5. Barbara Limmer shares the latest in J.’s journey. J. accepted the offer from a renovation company. It’s not his ideal job target, but rather a stepping stone, and a way to pay the bills. J. is very happy that this allows him and his fiancé (now wife) to move back to their desired location.

6. Larry DiBoni’s client B. landed at an energy company. B. had his orientation and social capital meeting with Larry and took the coaching to heart. He used the social capital coaching per the directions and secured an initial interview within four days. B. went through the process, received interview coaching (He said the interview coaching was very beneficial) and the rest is history. Regional Director of Solar and Battery Storage, in the energy sector. He took only one month to land! Offer was negotiated up $26K to $156K.

7. Jerry Fronczak pulled in Client Concierge Waffles Natusch. Jerry’s client P. switched gears in his job search and started negotiations with a business broker to purchase an existing company. Then, a recruiter called, and he concurrently launched the interview process!

Offers Received

1. Julie Mathern’s client N. snagged an initial offer from the construction company. It’s for a Project Manager role. After a few rounds of negotiation, the company couldn’t meet N.’s needs for role capacity & title, and compensation. He turned it down. N. also had another company working on an offer for a better role. “Will complete that offer report once I have the final offer details. He’s accepted it!”

2. Barbara completes the circuit with J.. He initially received an offer from a building company. He ultimately accepted a much better job offer with another company as General Manager (see above).

3. George Schulz’s client G. is reviewing the offer he received from the beverage company. George notes, “G. is negotiating for a higher offer with my help. More info to follow (I hope).”

Interviews Progress

1. Paula Nordhoff’s clients Y., U., S., W., and E share updates.
-First, From Y.: “Hello! Update: I had a 2½ hour in-person interview [with the stock broker] on Tuesday. I had a Zoom interview with [another company] CEO/CFO today, but the CFO is sick, and they put me off until Tuesday.”
-Second, U. continues his strategy and programs. His masterful deployment of our Social Capital and all strategies have greatly expanded his relationships in the US and Canada. These are his two main targets. He is awaiting HR feedback from a materials company, is applying for positions with a global mining company, and is waiting for next steps with a cement products company. A recruiter reached out to U. in LI regarding an IT Director role for an insurance company. While he has no direct IT project leadership, which he made clear to her, her client is in a mess and is looking for leadership experience outside of IT! He expects to hear back next week. A global company has gotten back to him that they are interviewing internal candidates at this time, but did not close the door on U.!
-Third, S. applied to 3 jobs at a testing laboratories company. Her senior-level contacts pushed her forward. She’s passed the HR screening. She’s being considered for several potential areas, include PMO; Strategy; and Operations.
-Fourth, W. said, “Good news is I’ve had 3 serious work opportunities pop up in the last week that I want to develop.”
-Fifth, E. completed his 2nd interview with a healthcare company. It’s for a VP role over 180 hospitals in the services space. He expects to hear within the week re: the next interview.

2. Barbara Limmer has news from D., K., I., T., and J.

-D. is interviewing at an office furnishings company for a Head of Account Management Team opportunity. D. expressed, “BEST. INTERVIEW. EVER. I was told ‘Quite frankly, you answered everything beautifully.’ Then she proceeds to tell me that there would be interviews with the other managers who I would be interacting with and the guy who is the big boss. BUT, more interestingly, she wants to give me the lay of the land as to who they were and what they were like, to give me a leg up on the next interview.”

-And K. noted, “I got a follow-up call from [the retail company], – I was too qualified for that position (senior maintenance and operations manager). So, they interviewed me for the boss of the position – senior engineering manager yesterday. They called today for me to visit the office and distribution Center tomorrow. Expect an offer is coming.”

-Also, I. is pursuing an SVP of Technical Operations role at a therapeutics company. “I was contacted by a recruiter. My standard procedure is to review the website, technology, leadership team, and LinkedIn contacts. I found that my colleague is Board Chairman and I called him to discuss the company. After his endorsement, I worked with the recruiter to talk to the hiring manager, the COO. She recommended interviews with the team – 10 zoom interviews, including CEO. I summarized my job scope proposal to the COO, based upon the 10 interviews. Apparently, that was viewed very favorably.” I. has an on-site interview with the COO (the hiring manager) this week.

-And here are Barbara’s meeting recap notes with T.: “Today we discussed your interviews for the COO job, first with the headhunter who reached out, and then with the Executive Board Member (the CEO will be retiring so they are looking for a COO who could move into that role in the future). After your discussion, it appears that there is a misalignment of what is needed in the job between the recruiter and this Board member. You will follow up with the recruiter and keep me posted on what you find out.”

-Also, J. is progressing at the insurance company at a high level! “The meeting went well. The founder had also come for the meeting and said that we should connect along with CEO. This meeting will be set up for next week. And, I will keep you posted.”

3. Asli Bilgin’s client A. is running the gauntlet at the web services company. He successfully got into the final round, he will have Loop Interviews (5 interviews of one-hour behavioral interviews) and deliver a writing assignment on one of the 2 questions they provided using the STAR methodology (which we will prepare together).

4. Larry DiBoni’s client Z. is shooting for a Chief Medical Officer role in at a medical company. This is a corporate position reporting to the corporate CEO. First interview was with the system COO and the second round will be with the CEO.

5. Jerry Fronczak is teaming with Waffles Natusch to strategize on B.’s career choices, and a new one presented itself: “I received an email directly from the CEO / Founder himself for a wealth management role that is very appealing to me and potentially 1099! Thanks gents!”

6. Julie Mathern’s client M. is excited! “I had my initial interview with the HR person from [the educational consulting company] this morning. We met for about an hour and had an extensive conversation about the position and how I would use my background/experience as a consultant. I got a very positive vibe from her, so I am feeling more confident. The approach and philosophy seems to be a good fit for me. I was told to be on the lookout for a follow-up message in the next week that would invite me to interview with their President and CEO who both like to be hands-on during the hiring process.”

7. Lori Chevalier’s clients R. and L. have been active with interviews.

-R. is interviewing at a software company for a Director PMO opportunity. R. is working with a Third Party Recruiter. He had his fourth interview last week with the Head of Strategy.
-Next, L. had interviews with 3 companies recently: 3 with a franchise, 2 with a furniture company, and 1 with a lighting company. He noted, “I had an interview last week at a [mobile communications] company and I’ll find out today if I make the second round. Also, I have an interview coming up this week for a national roofing company. I’m very excited about this opportunity since it is private-equity held. AND, I also have another potential with a private equity chemical company.”


1. D. is interviewing at a transportation company for an Assistant General Counsel position. He’s being assisted by his crack team of Jerry Fronczak, Stacy Ballinger, and Waffles Natusch. A third-party executive recruiter from our recruiter outreach called him out of the blue.

2. Paula Nordhoff’s client W. has a 2-hour interview scheduled. The role includes campus/dining – food services – and managing a 3rd party vendor. This is at the Director level at a state university.

3. Moreover, Barbara Limmer’s clients have interviews planned.
-First, H. is shooting for a Chief Technology Officer role at a communications company.
-Next, C. enjoyed a social capital referral leading her to a remote Director of Financial Reporting position in the transportation services industry.

4. Asli Bilgin reports in on U. and S.

-U. is pursuing a Channel Activation Group Manager opportunity at a healthcare company.
-Also, S. scored one at a European healthcare technology company. Role is VP Finance.

5. Equally important, Jerry Fronczak adds a couple to the list:
-First, K. is interviewing with a technology company for the Chief Technology officer role.
-Second, T. is interviewing for the Director of Partnerships and Storytelling at a consulting firm, and at an automation company for a Success Manager position.

6. George Schulz regales the success of E. E. is interviewing for a Global Market Development Manager opening.


1. Here’s the letter from P. (see The Hiring Line #7): “Good morning, Jerry Fronczak and Waffles Natusch. I wanted to let you know that the negotiation was swift and effective. I was able to get 50% more equity and a sign-on bonus – needless to say, I accepted the offer! Additionally, things with the energy product company are progressing nicely through the diligence phase. The only addition since we last spoke is that I’ve decided to bring the gentleman on as a partner who was going to operate – tying him also to the personal guarantee for the loan and giving him real skin in the game.” -P.

2. “My client N. is VERY HAPPY with his LI content and thanks the team, as do I. -Paula Nordhoff”

3. “Thanks Waffles! I appreciate the insight that you and Jerry shared on Thursday. Enjoy your Sunday! -B.”

An update from the Writing Team:

In the last week, the team completed 36 total projects! Aerielle Ludwig is this week’s heavyweight champion, with 10 assignments. And our new team members, Brittany Campbell and Lora Hirschhorn have each completed new Resume Tweak service requests. While Luke Duggan is on the board with his first Tweak project! Also, big appreciation to Anicia Hogan and Lori Chevalier for stepping in to help cover some projects when a teammate fell ill.

Ramsey Penegar, CPRW
Resume Writing Team Manager

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