Frontline Report for 02-02-22

The Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 9
Offer Received: 1, this morning!
Interviews Advanced: 12
1st Interviews: 19

The Hiring Line:

1. Anne Lipsitz does the kickoff with clients R. and A.!
-First, R. accepted the offer from an engine production company. A former colleague who was in HR told the company that they should contact R. to run it. They know R., they’re all colleagues from 8 years ago. They said after the interview, “We want you to be our first employee in the US!”
-Second, A. has a new role at an investment company as the Managing Director.

2. Rob Wicker stopped by to share the good news with us: M. has accepted the offer from a digital healthcare company. According to Rob, “M. is excited to join the company because he wants more project manager experience, and he believes they have a lot of opportunities for growth. He is very happy with the Barrett Group and said that he plans to recommend us to others. M. was a joy to work with and took direction well in executing his program.” Got the job done in three months, well done!

-And Rob punches another ticket: T. has landed! He didn’t have far to go, his new position is a big advancement at his current company. T. interviewed in last year for this position, and it took him having the confidence to be willing to leave and have tough conversations to get the position. Rob was able to help him negotiate the offer up $20K. T. appreciated our support through this!

3. Paula Nordhoff heard from client H.:
“I wanted to let you know that my conversation went well with the real estate agency. Thanks to your guidance, I did excellent in negotiations. I got the $210,000 base salary, 3 weeks vacation, Director of Design and Construction title (which is good and relatable to the company), and they have two bonus pools!

I want to sincerely thank you and the entire Barrett Group team for all of the advice, help, and guidance during this exhausting and challenging time of a job search.

Stay well and safe. Best Regards, H.”

4. C. shares this update with Isabelita Castilho about an opportunity with a transportation company: “copy paste of a message I received this morning from the CEO: ‘Many thanks for taking time to exchange yesterday with O. on top of your visit to [our company] last week. We would be extremely happy to have you on board with us starting next week if possible. We have advised Q. yesterday evening. Looking forward to your green light and hoping to see you soon.’ I am pretty happy, even if it is an interim role. Thanks, C.”

5. Jayson Searle found some commonality with his client P., who is moving into a Strategy Consulting role at a global office in the Middle East, where he’s scheduled to advance to a C-level position this spring. Jayson muses: “Really nice client. He’s an Ex-RAF fighter pilot + US Marine Corps Air Combat Instructor. More recently he’s worked in domestic aviation air side operations at senior level. He’s still in Phase 1, but using social capital combined with sessions working on his self-belief focusing on his ability to use his transferable skills to enter parallel sectors, he secured a consultancy role for a European travel services company looking to transform their business.”

-Jayson returns to the well with F., who is moving to a new role at (wait for it!) – a software company.
“He comes from Automotive Customer experience at a high level and he’s extremely reluctant to step outside his comfort zone. Roles at his level (€200k +) with his specialty in Automotive weren’t exactly growing on trees so we had to look for opportunities he could grow in to. As he’s extremely risk adverse, pre-IPO’s and startups weren’t even considerations. However, after lots of prep and a ‘cold reality check’, he’s accepted a position at a software company who wants him to build the customer engagement strategy, which he’s really excited about.”

5. Lori Chevalier’s client V. inked the deal with an investment banking company! V. has been essentially “watching over the business entities” for the company. As he is embarking upon finding a role, he has been with this company and doing work for them over the course of his career. He likes them and they like him. V. knows he is valued there and his “watching” has found a few things which need to be addressed. V. met with Dan and Lori and created a strategy. He then approached the CFO and had a conversation to “state his worth” and also had a conversation about what this could look like for him financially since he is essentially “watching” this for free.

So, he had a meeting, executed the strategy perfectly, defining his findings of modifications to the project scope, budget, and secured a paying position in a company that highly admires him! 🙂 $91k for 40% time – not bad V.! 🙂

Offer Received:

1. H. reached out to her Clarity Coach, Irina Bartlett, for emergency offer negotiation consulting today, as the consulting offer from an information technology company was burning a hole in her kitchen table. The Client Concierge was pulled in and asked to see all the docs in advance of the meeting. We did a quick workaround, she’s talking to HR as of this writing, which is now a couple of hours behind!

Interviews Progress:

1. O.’s consulting team of Barbara Limmer and Waffles Natusch were thrilled to hear:
“I had a great meeting with [the universities’] CFO. She mentioned a potential position that sounds great, an Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Analytics. She is currently writing the job spec as the position has not yet been advertised so I would like to discuss asap. Thanks!” O. had followed her team’s lead in reaching out to the Chancellor directly, who was happy to have an informational and refer and endorse her to the CFO.
But wait, there’s more!

The University told O.: “The search committee Chair responded. I have been invited for an interview, a 60-min zoom session. She emailed the names of the committee members.”

2. Barbara’s client B. progresses at a car company for the posting of Senior Manager. This is a lateral move position, but it’s close to home. B. had previously interviewed with 3rd party recruiter and interviewed with employer yesterday with the hiring manager and previous incumbent in this role.

-Meanwhile, Barbara’s new NYC client D. passed a third-party recruiter with her guidance and now has a first interview with the hiring manager for a Head of Account Management Team at an innovation business.

3. Isabelita Castilho’s client L. advances in discussions with a design company:
“The job title is not known to me, yet: best estimate would be Business/technical consultant, solution architect, strategic consultant. It will be initially remote, but I would be hired by the design company. Interview is Friday.” Isabelita puts a bow on it: “L. applied the referral reach out technique of TBG methodology and gained the former boss to help him out with a direct referral to the sister company he is currently working for!”

-Also, Isabelita’s client S. sent her this: “Hi Isabelita, Good day to you. I hope all is well with you. I had an interview with [the asset management group] yesterday. It was arranged overnight so could not inform you. The interview went well. Following which, today I was asked to submit the Personality Questionnaire. If that goes well, I am told I will have an interview with the Panel including Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Human Capital Officer and Chief Marketing Officer. The role is Director – Business & Corporate Strategy and reports into Executive Director – Business & Corporate Strategy. The first-round interview was with the Executive Director – Business & Corporate Strategy and Head of Recruitment & Operations. Regards, S.”

-Lastly, Isabelita’s client P. let her know: “I have been approached by my former colleagues from [a cybersecurity office]. I had been in touch with them re: Head of HR position last March. They are currently looking to fill a high-level client service position (possibly a Partner) in People Advisory Services with [a large] geographical area covering (as I understood from a short introduction). We agreed to meet with two Partners from [the] office. Not a formal interview, as they are not ultimate decision-makers. However, if both parties interested, more formal interviews with senior Partners will follow soon.”

-And P. continues to update us: “Isabelita Castilho Just a short update, I have had another interview, met a Partner responsible for People Advisory Services in Europe. Apparently, interview went well, looks like next meetings will be scheduled. Thank you!”

4. Asli Bilgin’s and Rebeca Gelencser’s client K. advances at a healthcare company in Europe for an interim CFO opportunity: “K. successfully applied what we discussed during interview prep, equipped with her quantitative achievements and experience matching the job description and successfully got into the second round!”

5. Paula Nordhoff’s client J., is pursuing a Sales Exec – Post-Acute Care Products/Services opportunity at a medical company. Through a former colleague intro, she already passed 1st interview with VP, next meeting is being scheduled with the CEO! Opportunity internal, not posted.

-And Paula continues with the reins! I. has passed the internal HR interviews and was ushered to the fourth floor, where he met his VP future boss for the first time. The company is a credit card service company and the title will be Director of Governance and Operations Risk Oversight. The sector is Finance & Financial Services. Go get ‘em, Tiger!

6. Lori’s client Q., at the science laboratory, for Chief Technology Transfer Officer. Q. has been actively applying for roles and landing wonderful interviews! They sent Q. this message, “Thank you for your time to discuss the Chief Technology Transfer Officer position at [the lab] with us earlier this month. As the next step in the process, the search committee is pleased to invite you to participate in the formal interview process for this critical leadership role in the Lab Directorate. The format will be a 1.5-hour Zoom interview with the committee, beginning with a 20-minute presentation by you, followed by a committee Q&A and panel interview with the search committee.”

7. Julie Mathern’s client N. is progressing with a general contractor for a Senior PM role. This is the second interview with the President now.


1. Julie Mathern gives us word on clients S., E., D., H., and J.:
-First, S. interviewed at a multinational conglomerate group for Program Manager. Opportunity came through a recruiter. Now interviewing with the company/site manager.

-Second, E. is going for a Continuous Improvement Coach opportunity at a public school. “Thought you’d like to know that I received a follow-up email from the HR person at [the school] inviting me to interview with their Hiring Committee next Thursday. Will keep you posted.”

-Third, D. is interviewing for SVP & Managing Director Americas for an information association. “Hi Julie, I have just heard that I will be having initial zoom interviews with the CEO and HR lead later this week or perhaps next week. I do not have the time options yet, I will try to put off to next week and I will let you know as soon as I do. The position is SVP & Managing Director Americas with the [information association].”

-Fourth, H. had a screening interview for the Director, Climate Change role at an environmental consultation business that we provided customized resume for. They have two other candidates that are farther along in the process but wanted to speak with her as they are growing and may have other opportunities not yet published.

-Finally, J. met with a healthcare company for Manager of Applications.

2. Dan Resendes’ client I. interviewed with a behavioral health company for General Counsel.

3. Larry DiBoni’s client W. is in the initial phase of interviewing with a medical device company for Head of Commercial Operations.

4. Paula Nordhoff has updates on clients B. and A.:
-First, B. has an HR screening with a cooperative for COO.
-Next, A. has 1st interviews at three non-profit organizations in the upcoming weeks.

5. Lori Chevalier’s clients L., K., and Y. are busy interviewing:
-To begin, L. is interviewing with a health center in New York for a Chief Operating Officer role.
-Next, K. is interviewing with two universities and an occupational therapy company.
-Meanwhile, A. is interviewing with an armory for a Senior Project Management role.

6. Asli Bilgin’s client O. is interviewing with a healthcare company for a Channel Activation Group Management position
-Asli also has client S. interviewing for a VP of Finance for a drug development company.


1. Lori’s client M. sent this message: “Thank you so much for the kudos and the coaching. By the way, I used your interview prep guide and filled it out to the max. SUPER helpful. I appreciate you!”

-Lori also heard from client R.:
“First of all, thank you for the way you boost my confidence and guide me in speaking to people in my network as well as potential recruiters. You definitely make me feel that my career development and job search is yours as well. Your edits are awesome. Love and finalize it. R.”

2. Isabelita received this message from client X.: “Hi Isabelita trust my message finds you fine. Good news from my side. Few days ago, during the Assessment Evaluation, [the company] rated me with 5, the highest, for my continued contribution and my amazing results. As per their message, they have never seen such a development with positive results, within only 7 months. Yesterday I received an unexpected Bonus of $10.0K and I seized the opportunity to meet and discuss about “a more fair” approach of my financial.

I received the message that this will be reviewed and I am very thankful to you and Barrett team, who driven me correctly. I acknowledge what part was missing and you helped me to improve. 50% of this success is coming from You and your team. This Bonus is my ROI to the Barrett Group. Thank you for your support. Kind regards / X. All above make me able to think of my actions for my next career level, as planned.”

Resume Team Report

1. The TBG Resume Writers have been quite busy this past week completing 33 total writing tasks. Aerielle Ludwig stands as the weekly heavyweight champion with 18 completed projects under her belt. The team maintains a 100% on-time rate and will deliver another 29 assignments over the next week, which are currently in queue. In the last 30 days, the team has accomplished 133 total writing projects for clients!! Marissa Lessman remains the “heavyweight” for the month with 22 completed tasks.

2. Accolades from the Consultants:
-Thank you Ralph J Libsohn! I know (the client) didn’t give you much content, and you made the most of it! -Barbara Limmer
-Jack Harms, I really like the re-working of the two value proposition paragraphs – this is great positioning for the role. -Julie Mathern
-Aerielle Ludwig, All looks good. Nice work! -Jerry Fronczak

3. Please give a warm welcome to the newest TBG Writers, Brittany Campbell, Lora Hirschhorn, and Luke Duggan. They bring a plethora of writing expertise to the team. Brittany has conquered her first Resume Tweak assignment. All three will become TBG Certified in our Resume Tweaks service before adding the next service to their toolbox.

4. The heart and soul of good writing is research; you should write not what you know but what you can find out about. ~Robert J. Sawyer

Ramsey Penegar, CPRW
Resume Writing Team Manager


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