Interviews Advanced:

  1. Paula’s pleased with D.’s progress: his interview with a packaged ice distributor went great and he has a second interview scheduled with the Region President tomorrow. The position is a combination of business development and account management. He also has a second interview today with a talent acquisition specialist a freight company, for a business development role. Keep ‘em comin’, Paula!
  2. S. was delighted when she told Waffles:

“Wanted to let you know that a 2nd interview with the CEO of [the nonprofit] has been set for next Friday.  I had written [his] secretary to let them know I was still interested, and she responded by inviting me to his office for a face-to-face interview!”

S. is making a transition from Retail to Nonprofits and has recently relocated from the midwest to the south, so this is a real breakthrough. The position is COO/CFO.

  1. M. told Julie:

“BTW – all my final interviews for [a company that plans to transform static parking facilities] have been setup for Thursday and Friday. I did my second-round interview at [a large online retailer] this week and believe they will be setting up final interviews (although I have to wait and hear). Question: If I get an offer from [the aerospace manufacturer] – what should I say to them (as I review the offer and wait for the interviews at the end of the week)?”

Julie gave M. her usual expert advice. We’re getting close here, Julie!


  1. Greg was delighted to read the email S. shared:

“Thank you for your career interest at [a public school system] and for your engagement in our rigorous application process. We have reviewed your application for VP of Facilities and Construction and invite you to complete a one-way video interview to enable us to get to know you better.”

Waffles assisted with the coaching on this one. S. is another career change client wanting to jump the fence to the nonprofit sector.

  1. Lori stopped by:

“I just spoke with C., she’s a natural! She saw a position she was interested in, and through her social network, reached out to a friend who connected her to the Founder of the company. They scheduled a call, which turned into a full-blown interview for a Finance Director position at [a nonprofit organization]! Yay! 🙂

Additionally, she was speaking with a connection who offered her a job on the spot for a Mortgage & Loan Originator role, however, she was not interested.  But still – offer made! She is targeting C-suite positions in the nonprofit space. The contact who offered her the position, is also highly connected to executive nonprofit organizations, and is going to “shop her around” and introduce her to connections for potential opportunities! Win Win! “

  1. Lori is excited: C. has been contacted by a provider of healthcare revenue cycle management for a C-Suite role. She has a “lunch interview” scheduled for Thursday! 
  2. A. scored an interview for Brand Head/Franchise Lead with a Swiss pharmaceutical company. She also has an interview with an innovator of gaming technologies and gear, for Global Marketing Manager – Creativity & Productivity. Anne’s providing the interview coaching on both of these. Rack ‘em and stack ‘em, Anne!
  3. J. wrote to Anne:

“Hi Anne,

Just FYI – some of the strategies you’ve taught me have been working out. Here’s another interview: Senior Risk Analyst at a provider of Insurance, Banking and Investing Products!




  1. H. to Anne:


The emails we’re sending out in this batch seem to be much better received than previous campaigns, so it appears the messaging is more on point. I am getting several folks asking for conversations.

Good work!”

  1. From J. to The Barrett Group:

“The Barrett Group and my career coach Greg were instrumental in helping me along during this difficult time in my career search. He listened, provided advice and guidance, and really showed me the importance of my network.

Greg gave me great support with interview skills, negotiating, and phone etiquette that was sorely needed. With his help I was able to find a great new role that provides a much-improved salary in an exciting and growing company in New York City that also gives me a better career path for my future. And this was during an economic downturn in a pandemic!

Thank you, Barrett Group, for all of your support and help in this time of need!”

  1. From C. to Greg:

“Hello Greg, I wanted to provide an update to you on the status of the two opportunities we discussed:

An infrastructure firm: VP & Program Manager-

I interviewed twice with [their search partners] and once yesterday with the hiring officials at the firm. [Their headhunters] received my information from your emailing on my behalf back in November. I think the interview went well. I should hear about the next steps by the end of the week.

An Episcopal parish: Chief Operating Officer-

I interviewed with the search firm today. I should hear something next week about the next steps. They said they expect to make an offer in April. Generally, good and positive discussion about my capabilities and strengths.“The guidance I reviewed from Barrett was very helpful in preparing me for these sessions. I hope all is well with you.


  1. From a conversation between A. and Anne:

Anne: “Hi there, what are your thoughts on this for a bio?”

A.: “[This makes me look really great!!!] xoxoxox

You are wonderful and AMAZING!!

Obviously, I LOVE IT!!!

I would hire me!!!  Thank you for being such a wonderful advocate!!!


Anne: “And you’re right: you are [really great] and they should act now!!”


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