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Doctoring your Career

Today I want to return to telling you about real people who have overcome their challenges and landed great jobs through their own efforts. (With excellent advice and support from the Barrett Group.) Doctoring your career. Edgar is an Orthopedic Surgeon with a double masters, MBA and MSHA. After running...

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Meeting our Clients’ Great Expectations

As I’ve mentioned before, literally thousands of executives come to us each year. They have expectations of how we can help them in their career development.  Some of them have very specific needs and expectations (such as demonstrating transferability of skills across industries). While others simply...

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onward and upward

Onward and Upward

Thousands of professionals come to us each year looking for better career opportunities.  So many, in fact, that we can actually identify collections of symptoms of people who particularly benefit from our services.  I think it’s helpful for executives to see themselves in these “personas.” And thereby...

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discover the new you

Discover the New You

It is our pleasure to speak with hundreds of prospective career changers every month.  Through them we gain a direct understanding of what is going on in the market place.  These calls run the emotional gamut from desperate to philosophical, depending on the candidate’s situation.  Through this blog,...

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fight flight or delight

Fight, Flight, or Delight?

Fight or flee… That’s how many people feel about their jobs.  But there is at least one other common emotion in this context. And that is somewhere between boredom and a need for adventure.  Let’s call it “delight.”  In this series, we have been highlighting the many reasons that executives come to...

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post-government success

Post-Government Success

As I’ve mentioned before, we help hundreds of professionals each year to clarify their career objectives. They then go out and find the job of their dreams – and post-government success.  Whether they are executives, lawyers, people transitioning out of the military, or other professionals seeking...

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writing on the wall

Read the Writing on the Wall

In this series of articles, we attempt to portray the circumstances that motivate career changers today.  So far we have addressed perceived ageism, required transitioning, and victims of technology.  Merger and acquisition, of course, is another great motivator. Read the writing on the wall. Let’s...

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grin and bear it

Don’t Just Grin and Bear It

Julia was a successful HR VP for more than a decade before she decided it was now or never as far as reproduction was concerned.  Her spouse was supportive, so they decided  ultimately to have two children.  She stayed home, raised them diligently until she could conscionably put them into daycare....

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algorithm took my job

An Algorithm Took My Job

That’s exactly what Joe told me the other day on the phone: “An algorithm took my job!” Joe had been a successful stock analyst for more than 20 years on Wall Street, usually working from home, often trading late into the early morning hours and generating excellent returns.  He is an introvert by...

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