Career Change Frontline Report for the week of 12-11-2019


  1. D. is now Assistant Professor at a renowned university’s medical center
  2. B. landed her dream job


  1. H. has a second interview with Tesla, this one with Elon Musk himself!
  2. M. has had two interviews and one offer, which he turned down
  3. H.’s first two interviews: Amazon and Manpower Group
  4. M. interviewed with CEO of Southwest Key
  5. J. has had several very promising interviews for CEO, nonprofit, received an offer from Project Equity. He also met with our client D. about his Habitat project and will be attending their next board meeting.
  6. L. has a second interview at Facebook
  7. B. has an interview with the president of Lapeer Industries
  8. J. has a first interview with Emily’s Entourage
  9. C. has a second interview with Asana
  10. D. has a second interview with the president of Konica Minolta

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