Career Change Frontline Report for the week of 12-11-2019

Frontline report for the week of 12-11-2019


  1. D. is now Assistant Professor at a renowned university’s medical center
  2. B. landed her dream job


  1. H. has a second interview with an international automotive and clean energy company.
  2. M. has had two interviews and one offer, which he turned down
  3. H.’s first two interviews: The first is with an E-commerce company. The second is with a global workforce solutions company. 
  4. M. interviewed with CEO of a non-profit organization.
  5. J. has had several very promising interviews for CEO, nonprofit, received an offer from a non-profit organization. He also met with another one of our clients, D., about his Habitat project and will be attending their next board meeting.
  6. L. has a second interview at a multinational technology conglomerate.
  7. B. has an interview with the president of a government defence company.
  8. J. has a first interview with a medical non-profit organization.
  9. C. has a second interview with a business applications company.
  10. D. has a second interview with the president of a multinational technology company.

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