Frontline Report for 04-27-22

The Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 5
Offers Received: 2
Interviews Advanced: 10
1st Interviews: 29

The Hiring Line:

1. Larry DiBoni had three clients who landed this week!
-To start, M. landed in under two months! Her former title was Director of Nursing. She is now Hospital Administrator. M. has resigned from her former position at a surgery center.

-And also, R. is staying in the agriculture C suite, changing hats from CEO of one seed company to Chief Revenue Officer for a new seed company. He used to have to regularly commute and now he can work right from home! Larry helped him negotiate his offer up $25K to $325K. Not too shabby! This offer came about because of an industry consolidation by a private equity firm that needed this role filled to complete the deal.

-Not to be outdone, P. now serves as the Chief Financial Officer for a healthcare company, and he is able to work fully remotely. He leaves his post as a Regional Medicaid CFO. The initial offer came in at $230,000, plus a 30% Bonus; Larry coached him to have them sweeten the deal to the tune of $245,000, plus a 35% Bonus! Larry elaborates: “In nurturing his social capital, P. was told of an opening. He had five interviews and, if it wasn’t for his social capital contact, he wouldn’t have gone this far. He thought that TBG brought added value, especially in creating his value proposition in his resume and the prep work that was done for interviews. P. always felt very prepared, which provided a plan of attack. He thanks us very much.”

2. Barbara Limmer and Waffles Natusch were impressed with S.! He shares, “Crushed the CEO interview. I was offered job on the spot and was told by the hiring manager that I was the first candidate to ever have that happen!” Special thanks to SME George Schulz for jumping in on a one-hour notice to prep S. for this one, his favorite from his current activities, where he continues to interview and receive competing offers this week. The international metals company is likely the winner, and he has accepted the modified offer after S. took the advice from Team Limmer/Natusch. The initial offer included $15K in relo, but after negotiation, they are offering full relo + 500 shares of stock. This is yet another deal with a 3-year IPO on the table, with S. likely to cash out at over a million dollars!

4. Lori Chevalier was beaming when she gave us the news: her client C. has landed! He likes multiple roles, and the new one has him juggling CFO & COO, where before he was Head of Finance & Controlling. He’s left manufacturing behind and is now in the Transportation & Delivery sector. Using Barrett Group techniques in the Published Market, he ended up walking away from a $160K base and stepping into $170k + $12k expenses + $30k+ bonus. Lori told us: “C. is bright and wanted to wait for the right opportunity. He attained his goals and landed a perfect role! Way to go C.!”

Offers received:

1. Rob Wicker is working out the offer negotiation strategy with his client J. The initial offer is in from an electronics company.

2. Anne Lipsitz’s client A. received his offer from an insurance company just moments ago! “I have an offer at 40% salary raise and next-level role. Pretty excited! The role is Senior Investment Manager – my boss’s role.”

Interviews Progress:

1. Debbie Brupbacher’s client Y. has been interviewing at an advertising software company. The targeted role is Head of Internal Audit and Risk and Compliance. He told us: “The interview with the Head of Controlling went very well. She is temporarily doing the work of this role and she was extremely happy to know that I understand the issues and have experience in how to solve them. She recommended me for an interview with the Group CFO and VP of Finance together.”

2. Meanwhile, Isabelita Castilho’s client L. is killing it at a transportation technology company, zeroing in on the Europe Supply Chain & Procurement Consultant role. Isabelita shares: “L. is thrilled…He followed the process and reached out to key decision-makers on LinkedIn. We identified decision-makers in his company of target, no common social capital was found so we followed the total stranger approach with the best possible pitch. L. got a response in the same day! Had the first interview with the CEO (big boss) the following week had the second interview with the COO (his direct line manager) and has been guaranteed they want to make him an offer which will be discussed with the HR Business partner, interview date coming soon.”

3. And, K. told Julie Mathern that he first applied online for the Director, Regulatory & Government Affairs at a technology company and completed his first interview with the hiring manager. He’s having his 2nd interview later this week.

4. Lori Chevalier’s clients H. and O. had updates.

-To begin, H. is continuing in the interview process with a food service company for the General Manager opportunity. H.’s 1st interview went well, he is now progressing into the 2nd interview and is meeting with the Chief Sales Officer!
-Meanwhile, O. is shooting for a director position in charge of institutional advancements and partnerships at a university and had 6 interviews last week!

5. And, Barbara Limmer shares the progression of G. with a hotel company for the Director of IT opening: “Had phone screens last week with counterpart and HR, next is on-site interview with Head of Finance (hiring manager) and head of HR.”

6. Paula Nordhoff’s and Waffles Natusch’s client E. is advancing toward the Head of Legal role in the Technology–Cloud Services and Infrastructure as a Service industry.

7. Asli Bilgin is pleased to see her clients I. and V. moving forward.
-I. is moving towards the Compliance Director opening at a maritime tech company.
-And, V. moves forward in the hiring process for the Operations Controller opening with a safety products company.


1. Asli Bilgin shares interview updates for A., F., Z., U., D., T., and M.

-First, A. is pursing a role with a corporate research firm for R&D Controlling.
-Second, F. is interviewing for a Plant Manager position with a mechanical engineering company.
-Third, Z. is interviewing with a 3rd party recruiter for a Head of Government Affairs role with a networking hardware company.
-Fourth, U. is working toward a Head of Product position with an analytics company.
-Fifth, D. had an informational meeting that turned into an interview at a laboratory automation company.
-Sixth, T. is pursing a GPO job with a production company.
-Seventh, M. is interviewing at a sports tech company for a Head of Strategic Financial Planning & Analysis role.

2. Isabelita Castilho fills us in on C., N., S., and P.

-To start, C. has successfully connected with a pharmaceutical company, aiming for Head of Commercial. “C. reached out to recruiters through social capital introduction. Later got approached for the position which seems to be a great fit.”
-Next, N. is interviewing with a global healthcare company for Vice President, Global Head of BD&L and Alliances. “N. was approached on LinkedIn directly after optimizing his keywords under the ‘talks about’ section!”
-And, S. is interviewing with 3rd party recruiter for a CEO role. “We identified the job poster, sent him an invite & message via LI.”
-Finally, P. was initially approached by a management consulting firm and spoke first to the Senior Partner about an opportunity for the Managing Director opening. Next Step – online assessment and then interview with the Chairman.

3. Julie Mathern’s clients H. and O. have interviews scheduled.

-H. is interviewing at a healthcare company for a Director, Energy and Climate Change opportunity.
-And, O. completed her interview prep meeting with Vivek Agarwal for the Vice President of Programming opportunity at a career prep organization. We’re so grateful for our team of subject matter experts, they are always eager to jump in and provide their talents to our clients!

4. Paula Nordhoff shared interview news from clients X. and R.
-X. reached out to the Research Team to prepare for her upcoming interview at a nonprofit organization for the role of Executive Director/CEO!
-And, R. interviewed at a healthcare company for Director of Patient Safety.

5. Anne Lipsitz’s client H. had multiple interviews in her area, including a Field Marketing Manager opportunity with a software company, and several other manager roles at education-based companies.

6. Larry DiBoni provides updates from A. and E.
-A. is interviewing for a Manager of Network Security at a healthcare company. Larry shares, “A. has a social capital contact that works in the company. He nurtured his social capital and received an interview.”

-Meanwhile, E. is in play for a Head of Marketing at a North American technology company. David had a great interview, connected well with the hiring manager and was told he is on the shortlist of candidates.

7. Larry DiBoni and Waffles Natusch were excited for their client J., whose job is ending this week. He’s only in the third week of the program. “Waffles Pi Natusch and Larry DiBoni, I have a meeting with [a] senior recruiter. They reached out to me regarding a specific Head of Research Data Platforms role at a global healthcare they are looking to fill and I had an introductory call with a junior associate today!”

8. Lori Chevalier shared news from T., L., and M. also.
-First, T. is pursuing a General Manager role with an engineering company.
-And, L. is interviewing with a healthcare technology company for the Director, Marketing Health Systems & Hospitals role. L. said, “I’m excited and glad that I’ll have your assistance throughout this process.”
-Finally, M. is interviewing for a project manager opportunity with a recycling company. Lori added: “Apparently, M. made an impression after interviewing with 4 execs. They’re inviting him back and looking to create a position for him as they felt he was overqualified for the PM role.”

9. Barbara Limmer notes that O. is interviewing for an Operations Director role with a fashion company. “Gained thru social capital, who referred her to VP, who then had her interview with the Senior Director for this position.”


1. S. passes this appreciation to Barbara Limmer and Waffles: “Thanks again to both of you for taking time to work through the details. Best, S.”

2. D. shared this review: “The Barrett Group helped me understand and navigate the published and unpublished job market. It was a comprehensive approach, self-reflection, market approach for applying and executing social growth and networking possibilities. The process increased my confidence when applying, particularly outside my industry. It was professional, educational and all in a worthwhile and enjoyable experience talking and learning with all the career executives involved.”

3. H. noted this to Isabelita Castilho: “Thanks for the nice meeting this morning, clear and efficient, but also the personal touch. Best regards, H.”

4. R. passed along this review: “TBG provides a wholesome journey to your next executive job landing. They do a fantastic job in providing you with all the tools to do a ‘clarity’ brainstorming about yourself, to perform better in interviews and during negotiations, and eventually to smoothly onboard in the new company. Highly recommended for professionals who want to change or transition careers!”

5. Ramsey Penegar shared the following appreciation for the writing team: “The team completed 43 writing tasks with Anicia Hogan as the week’s heavyweight champ with over 21% of those completed assignments.”

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