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Clarity Testimonials: What our clients are saying about their Clarity Program © experience

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    October 2021

    "I found the Clarity program to be useful and insightful in discovering the perception business associates and outsiders may have of me versus how I anticipated I was being perceived. I was prompted to carefully consider my approach to a variety of business settings to make certain i was actually delivering the message that I intended too!"

    - Stephen Weiss

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    October 2021

    "Working with Lisa through The Clarity Program has really been the beginning of the professional missing piece I have been trying to uncover and connect with for so long. The sessions with Lisa were so on point, I left every time feeling a little closer to my my professional needs and values. I also had "aha" moments every session. The best professional time and effort I have given myself, I am so pleased!"

    - Amy Gleeson

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    October 2021

    "The Clarity Program brought to light not only reasons why I am so unfulfilled and frustrated with my current career path, but also helpful insights into my personality and management style. I will now utilize these insights to focus on specific roles and also best fit work environments/cultures in my ideal career."

    - Michael De Pietro

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    September 2021

    "The Clarity Program is playing a crucial role in my career progression. It has forced me to sit back and reflect on what's most important to me; not only professionally but personally. It's not just taking the time to think about things, it is putting them down on paper and giving you the tools to hold yourself accountable. This process is helping me gain the confidence to say "I'm worth it" and not simply latch on to the first thing that comes my way. Having conversations with people who are important in your life is another key so a complete picture can be painted. Overall the Clarity Program gives you the opportunity to learn a little about yourself, know what's important, and give you the ability to make informed decisions about your future!"

    - Jason Parton

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    October 2021

    "The Clarity Program really allowed me to think hard about what exactly I want from my career from both a professional and personal standpoint. Some areas of making a career shift you don't always think about enough before you make a decision. This forced me the look into these areas and think long and hard about them and really consider the implications. Very thought provoking exercise. I would recommend to anyone that is at a pivot point in your career."

    - Michael Linacre

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    September 2021

    "The Clarity Program gave me a better sense of how I am perceived, what things I do that limit my effectiveness, and what positive qualities I could bring to an organization. Integrating the Disk Assessment and the Whole Life Survey was so valuable when creating a career plan. My coach was candid, grounded, and very good at communicating. I left the Clarity Program with a better sense of what values matter to me, what I want, and a plan that is an actual guide and tool, not just a mere exercise. At the end of the program, I had excellent substantive resources to work with going forward."

    - Mark Yacano


    September 2021

    "The clarity program allowed me to dare to imagine myself in a higher level position and to picture it to an extent that I can see how it can become real now."

    - Stephanie Gamelin

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