James Henderson – Success Study

Design Consultant

Industry: Construction

Challenge: James had not been in the job market for over 20 years.

Process: The Barrett Group helped him prepare to successfully leverage relationships and provided interview coaching.

Landing: James secured a position as Design Consultant at a home improvement company.

Study: Firstly, I recall being incredibly apprehensive initially, as this was obviously a significant investment that required a lot of trust.

It had been over 20 years since I had to put myself out into the market again as I had always been recruited for roles throughout my career.

I also understood that I was ultimately the one who would secure my new role. That The Barrett Group would not just get me a new job, but support, direct and guide me through a very thorough process that would prepare and enable me to be successful through leveraging relationships in my portfolio whom I trusted as mentors throughout my career to date.

Waffles Natusch, Dan Resendes and several support team members were all instrumental in not just support with weekly calls, but available at incredibly short notice if an interview came up. Even on weekends. Everything from refreshing a relevant resume/CV, training for interviewing techniques, depending on either agency or direct company members and their backgrounds, LinkedIn data mining, company databases etc. and a journey of homework and groundwork in preparation.

I think it would also be relevant to add that obviously as of late, the world has changed massively. Major retailing/business trends that are coming out of COVID19 are focusing on collaboration, partnership, community & transparency.

The need to be agile, flexible and must have the ability to pivot their business and to pivot digitally.

Balancing technology with humanity is now vital and how we navigate the physical environment and digital environment become more relevant.

The rise of sustainability and the rise of the mindful consumer and mindful consumption increases.

Today’s consumer is much more thoughtful, that cares, is focused on health & safety, security, and trust.

When searching for the right fit with future roles, candidates should focus on challenging to understand how brands/companies nurture the consumer, focusing on empathy, inclusivity and feeling safe.

The future will quickly become PEOPLE FIRST, SAFETY FIRST as opposed to product first.

ALL of this is completely how The Barrett Group focuses their support and I full endorse them 100%!
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