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The modern-day interview has evolved tremendously from what it used to be. Gone are the days of sitting on the other side of an imposing interviewer sitting behind a huge desk with a significantly-raised chair. Nowadays, candidates are interviewing companies just as much as they themselves are being interviewed. And why not? There are many things to consider when preparing for your interview. 

“Nowadays, candidates are interviewing the companies just as much as they themselves are being interviewed.”

Greg Emslie, Business Coach

The hiring process is a two-way street. Both sides need to be engaged in the process and be equally excited to work with the other. Next time you find yourself interviewing for a new position, be sure you make it a two-way interview.

Here are some questions to help you figure out if the company will be right for you.


You want to understand exactly what will be expected of you and whether or not this aligns with your skills and ambitions. Be sure to have a full understanding of the position and your role in it before leaving your interview.

  1. Why is this position open?
  2. Is this an existing or newly created position?
  3. If someone was in this job before me, why did he or she leave?
  4. Beyond what I see in the job description, what will make someone successful in this role?
  5. When coming into this role, what are the top 3 things the new employee must do?
  6. How will you measure the success of someone in this role?
  7. What keeps you awake at night? How can filling this position help you to sleep better?

When you work with the Barrett Group, we help you prepare for your next position. The interview process is daunting. You don’t have to do it alone. 

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