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Marketing Package

The Marketing Package consists of the Resume Reboot and LinkedIn Refresh

When responding to a job posting, it is a challenge to get your resume past junior HR people or algorithms who assess most resumes. They are unable to properly evaluate your skills, so your resume loses value.

With the Marketing Package, we help you to define and align your value proposition. This better quantifies your value to the specific audience and/or employer. Therefore, we eliminate the generic and broad-based resume and ensure the reader views you as a perfect fit.

We understand how to tailor your value proposition to each opportunity via resumes and cover letters; in addition, we show you how to upgrade your LinkedIn profile. We use clear milestones for each stage of expanding your social capital and enhancing your brand’s influence.

The Marketing Package consists of three Coaching & Content Authoring Meetings

Meeting #1 – Complete our Resume and LinkedIn Content Assessment, and you will understand exactly how you are perceived in today’s marketplace.

Meeting #2 – Your LinkedIn profile needs to be complimentary to your career goals. We will author enhanced content for LinkedIn to target the social networking community. We will gladly assist you in publishing your new content.

Meeting #3 – We will provide you with expert coaching on the proper methodologies for determining which job opportunities are within reach, and then tweak your resume to align perfectly. You will also learn how to replicate the process moving forward, so that you will be able to modify your new package for each specific opportunity when you apply to a wide variety of job postings.

The Marketing Package is available for $2,500. 

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