Marketability Assessment

How Marketable Are You, Really?

Find out with our Marketability Assessment!

Three steps to set you up for success.

Marketability Assessment

Marketability Scorecard

Career Consultant Debrief

The Marketability Assessment

The Marketability Assessment is comprised of five defined topics, the Job Search Strategy Assessment, Resume Analysis, LinkedIn Profile Review, Mock Phone Interview and Mock Video Interview. All results are detailed on your Marketability Scorecard, which you will Debrief with one of our experienced Career Consultants.

Job Search Strategy Assessment

What are you currently doing in your job search? How long have you been on your job search? What road blocks do you encounter?

Resume Analysis

We take a look at your resume and provide you with suggestions for improvement.

LinkedIn Profile Review

Your LinkedIn profile is an important tool to connect and expand your professional network.

Mock Phone Interview

How do you currently handle phone interviews? What perception does the interviewer have of you?

Mock Video Interview

See how others see you in an interview setting.

Ask Yourself (and us, too) These Questions

How likely am I to find a job with my current approach?

How likely am I to get a positive ROI from The Barrett Group’s services?

How likely am I to get a job within the next X months?

The Marketability Scorecard

The Marketability Scorecard is summarizing the results of the five topics that we evaluate during the Marketability Assessment. It will provide you with your current status, details about each area of evaluation, and recommendations to alleviate any areas of concern.

The Career Consultant Debrief

The results of your Marketability Scorecard will form the basis of the debrief with one of our experienced career consultants.

Barrett Speaks

Our View from the Front Lines of the Job Market

Do You Deserve More Money?

Do You Deserve More Money?

Compensation is a fundamental component of employment, but it’s one of the most difficult topics for workers to discuss with their employers.

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Leveraging The “It” Factor

Leveraging The “It” Factor

You’ve revamped your LinkedIn profile, added new skills and credentials to your value proposition, and practiced interviewing. You’ve re-written your resume for every job opportunity, crafted your cover letters with the care of someone wooing a new love interest, and sent follow-up messages to every hiring manager you’ve met. You’ve even lost weight and refreshed your wardrobe.

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Emotional Intelligence May Be More Valuable Than Skills In The Job Search

Emotional Intelligence May Be More Valuable Than Skills In The Job Search

Knowing how to read clients and colleagues, and understanding what underlying thoughts and emotions are influencing their actions and decisions, have long been useful skills in business.

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