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Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 7
Interviews Advanced: 7
1st Interviews: 11

Offers Accepted:

Congratulations to Isabelita Castilho and her clients, A. and S.!

Client A. accepted an offer from a Government based company. A. will serve as a Strategy & Transformation Consultant. A. found this position from a third party recruiter.

Client S. accepted a confidential offer for a Group Independent Transformation Consultant position.

Congratulations to Ramesh Shivakumaran and his clients, I. and R.!

Within five months, Client I. accepted an offer from a Fintech company. I. will serve as Executive Director/Strategic Advisor and found this opportunity through the Unpublished Market.

Within one month, Client R. accepted an offer from a Retail & Consumer Durables company. R. will serve as Deputy Chief Executive Officer and found this position through the Unpublished Market.

Congratulations to Lori Chevalier and her clients, S., and B.!

Within four months, Client S. accepted an offer from a Nonprofit & Philanthropy company. S. will serve as Chief Executive Officer. S.’s offer of $185K includes a $5K signing bonus, over $10K relocation bonus, and future bonuses. This was an increase of $10K from S.’s original offer. S. found this opportunity through the Unpublished Market.

Client B. accepted an offer from a Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals company. B. will serve as a Strategic Supplier Director.

Congratulations to George Schulz and his client, C.!

Client C. opened an Human Resources company, advising small businesses.


We are grateful to hear feedback from our clients.

Here is what The Barrett Group (TBG) client Jocelyne Moussavou shared with Senior Writer & Content Producer, Julie Norwell after reading her Success Study which Julie wrote:

“Thank you for your email and amazing work on this article! I really enjoyed reading it and am so grateful for how you presented the information. I look forward to sharing my testimonial with those that need to hear it and will benefit.


Unpublished Market – The Unpublished Market is a vast, open market where executive positions are not listed. Learn more about it here. About 75% of our clients land jobs through the Unpublished Market.

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