Clarity Client Testimonials

Greg E. did a great job explaining the “why” in everything. Really made me think about goal more strategically. Setting small steps and mapping how to get there was a different way of thinking.

-Corey C., February 2019

Julie M. was outstanding! I truly enjoyed working with her and she brought clarity and function to each exercise.

-Sammy M., February 2019

George was OUTSTANDING in all regards. He consistently went above and beyond with his coaching and guidance.

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-Kristina B., January 2019

You should clone Scott H. He was awesome!!! If there was a better word than “excellent” to describe him, I would use it 1,000,000 times over. I almost didn’t do the Clarity Program.

I signed up for it because I received incredibly helpful career advice from Donna M. before I enrolled in Clarity.

Scott was the perfect fit for me as my coach and really, really, really helped me. I will be forever grateful for him and for Donna and the program. THANK YOU!!

-Karen H., February 2019

Julie M. was tremendous. She has a clear understanding of each phase and was able to coach me on exactly how I should consider each exercise. She really got a great understand of me and the type of work I enjoy doing. She’s a great motivator and so very easy to work with.

I feel I got off to a really good start thanks to her motivation, and I’m really looking forward to the next steps. This part of the program was excellent….I’m excited to move to the next steps.

-Anonymous, January 2019

Scott has an incredible personality and works professionally and personally that allows you to feel comfortable through the entire process of working with him. If things would be confused in anyway he would reword or make things seem more natural for you to relate to the question or subject being discussed.

I had an extremely awesome experience working through the clarity coaching part of this process. Thank you Scott, it was a pleasure working with you.

-Evan S., January 2019

Clarity coaching was very informative and time well spent.

-Lynne G., January 2019

This was a great service and provided the tools I needed to push my career forward. Thank you!

-Jennifer E., December 2018

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Our View from the Front Lines of the Job Market

Emotional Intelligence May Be More Valuable Than Skills In The Job Search

Emotional Intelligence May Be More Valuable Than Skills In The Job Search

Knowing how to read clients and colleagues, and understanding what underlying thoughts and emotions are influencing their actions and decisions, have long been useful skills in business.

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When Hiring Managers Go Silent… Getting Ghosted!

When Hiring Managers Go Silent… Getting Ghosted!

You wrap up an engaging interview at a company and come away feeling that this position would be a great fit for you. You have the impression that the hiring manager feels the same way about you. He walks you to the door, you shake hands, say goodbye…and you never hear from him again. Ever.

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Trends in Employee Benefits and Perks: How Important Are They to Your Overall Compensation Package?

Trends in Employee Benefits and Perks: How Important Are They to Your Overall Compensation Package?

Employee benefits and perks have come a long way since the advent of company cars and casual Fridays. A review of emerging benefits and perks in today’s business world yields such novelties as “pet leave” for new pet owners, nap pods for sleeping breaks, and beer on tap. These kinds of offerings are certainly a testament to what appeals to millennial workers, who comprise an increasingly large share of the labor force. But it’s not just millennials who are driving this demand.

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