Why Suffer in Silence?

There is no need to suffer when you are in the midst of a career change.

At the Barrett Group, we talk to literally thousands of executives every month. They are almost always in pain of one sort or another. Some feel trapped by their employers, or perhaps undervalued. Others want to break through a glass ceiling. Some are reentering the executive market and unsure about how to find appropriate positions. Some want to relocate. Many are bored or burned out and want to do something completely different. Still, others are frustrated and cannot understand why they are being ignored by hiring managers.

We help all kinds… as long as they are willing to put in the necessary effort to succeed.

The process begins when you are honest with yourself.

Ask yourself a few questions:

1. Do I enjoy my work?
2. Do I feel comfortable with my coworkers and the company culture?
3. Am I appreciated for all that I do?
4. Do I receive appropriate rewards for what I do?
5. Am I sufficiently challenged to continue to grow professionally?
6. Do I see a future for myself at this company or is there something else I would prefer to be doing?

If you answered “no” to most or all of these questions, then you are probably suffering in silence.

The question is, why?

There are many reasons people choose to suffer in silence: economics, stability, lethargy, loyalty… but as in all things, a certain degree of self-interest is important for your health and feelings of self-worth. So close your eyes for a few quiet moments and see if you can picture a role in which you would feel more comfortable. What would you be doing? What would you be earning? Who would you work with? How would you feel?

If you can imagine a role that actually fits you better, then we should talk.

Our Clarity Program© is the first step in our career change system. It helps executives answer exactly these questions, beginning with their actual personality and behaviors, taking into account their current life circumstances, and ending up with a specifically targeted role—a personal strategic plan.

Here’s how one satisfied client described his Clarity Program© experience:

“My Clarity coach was great. I had never done anything like it before. He had me thinking of all the various areas that I should focus on to achieve success, like health, family, and career, and then he pointed me in the right direction […] He also had a way of presenting all the material in an engaging way. I really enjoyed working with him.” [Mark “Sven” Leverson, 2021, Read More]

Some executives, however, think they have all the answers and their resumes already say it all though they are often puzzled as to why the market seems to be completely ignoring them. That’s where the second step in our career change system comes in: Packaging and Personal Branding.

Here’s how another satisfied client described the effect of the packaging stage:

“At every interview, I was told that my resume looks great. The metrics just popped from the page! […] I was impressed with the results even before the revision was complete. I used a draft resume to apply for a job in Philadelphia and landed an interview. Wow! And when the final draft was finished, the interviews started rolling in.

“Rebranding myself made my expertise with patient experiences much more visible. It was a real self-esteem booster to see employer interest in me grow after that.” [Elizabeth, 2021, Read More]

Next, we open up the market for our clients. Some are stuck on the online ads to which they endlessly apply with little or no results. Others think the answer is to bombard recruiters with hopeful-sounding emails or phone calls. However, these two approaches comprise just 25% of the market. Barrett Group clients learn how to tap the motherlode—the 75% of executive positions available through the unpublished market (as well as how to navigate the first two channels more effectively).

Each Barrett Group client is supported by a six-member client team of tried and true career change professionals, so once the interviews start, we coach and prepare our clients to excel. Then we support them in their compensation negotiations using our 30 years of experience to virtually always add a few tens of thousands in total compensation.

Lastly, we help clients on-board in their new roles so as to avoid pitfalls and achieve rapid promotion as quickly as possible.

If you are suffering in silence because you did not know we exist, now you know what to do. Our clients often express a sense of relief when they sign on saying, “I wish I had known about you folks earlier. I wouldn’t have wasted so much time banging my head against a market I clearly do not understand.”

There is an antidote to your suffering: The Barrett Group. Give us a call.

Peter Irish
The Barrett Group

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