The September Surge is Starting

It is illogical to expect, but happens nonetheless. Every September for decades, companies increase their executive hiring activity. And this creates what we call a “September Surge.” Why?

  • While the unpublished market continues to seethe throughout the summer, undoubtedly some hiring managers come back from vacation and suddenly roll up their sleeves.
  • Recruiters who have live search contracts are looking at the calendar and abruptly realize they have limited time to complete their assignments.
  • Budgets for hiring will expire in the next several months until the new year, so it’s now or never.
  • People in the northern hemisphere are also affected by a certain irrational enthusiasm in September when the weather is generally still good and it is still summer (at least until the third week).

Just At The Moment, And Particularly In The US, There Is Also Some Good News To Celebrate:

  • The most recent strong jobs report indicates the underlying strength of the economy.
  • Inflation steadied in the latest month and the Federal Reserve may be tempering its plans for rapid rate increases.
  • Stock markets have generally rebounded from their summer lows.
  • Consumer confidence has ticked up.
  • Gas prices have fallen.
  • Retail sales as a short-term indicator of consumer sentiment have risen.
  • And the US has passed its largest ever investment in mitigating climate change,  not to mention moderating drug prices, and reducing the fiscal deficit.

So You Are Allowed To Feel Good About Your Prospects, Especially After A Long, Hard First Half Of The Year.

CB134_Client Interviews and Landings 2022

Our clients are also benefitting as interviews rose to an unprecedented level ahead of the September Surge in hiring. As you can see from the chart, typically an uptick in interviews eventually leads to an increase in hirings, and that suggests September is going to be a strong month for our clients landing executive assignments. By the way, you can read all about our clients’ successes on our Frontline Report

This year more than 200 of our clients have landed executive jobs already. So we are confident that our tried and true five-step career change process will continue to deliver its superlative results for those willing to put in the work. But you need not take our word for it. Forbes has again cited the Barrett Group as one of the best in the business of helping executives find their next career step.

If you are not feeling the September Surge approaching or are still sitting on the sidelines and biting your nails, perhaps it is time you take steps to progress your career. After all, staying put is not necessarily a strategy for success. Give us a call.

Peter Irish, CEO
The Barrett Group

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