Preparation: Interview Preparation and Negotiation

Service description: You receive up to seven sessions that will help you prepare for your interviews and optimally manage your offer negotiation.

You will work with experienced career coaches who have helped dozens of managers improve their performance at both of these major career steps.

Specific deliverables include:

Interview Prep:

Two sessions with Senior Interview Coach

  • The first sets the tone and gives the strategy, explaining how to take and hold control of the meeting and steer the interviewer in your direction
  • The second is a full role playing interview rehearsal, followed with a deep dive debrief and analysis

One session in advance of the actual interview

Negotiation Prep:

Four sessions with Senior Interview Coach/Negotiation Specialist:

  • One session with the Negotiation Specialist to prepare you generally
  • One session in advance of the interview, to specifically strategize for a real life opportunity
  • Two sessions with Senior Interview Coach to review the 107 line Compensation Benchmark Worksheet and prepare you for your offer negotiation


Working with the Barrett Group was a game changer for me. It had been years since I looked for a new position and my consultant really educated me with regard to changes in the recruiting industry along with the use of social media like LinkedIn. She kept me on track and I really learned how to market myself. Anyone looking for a job or career change owes it to themselves to work with TBG!

— Carol Knouse, IT Consultant

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