Packaging: The Resume Reboot and LinkedIn Refresh

Service description: You will work with a professional writer and career coach who will help create or bolster your resume, distilling the essential, “summary at a glance” description, explain and quantify your achievements, convey your personality, show how you add value, and, of course, provide an impact overview of your employment history.

Your Career Coach will then also help you create or boost the visibility of your LinkedIn profile, visually, with respect to content, and share with you the tactics for searching and reaching out through this powerful medium to potential referral partners and employers.

Specific deliverables include:

  • Assessment Survey to capture your achievements
  • Resume and LinkedIn development and/or revamping
  • Resume written from scratch, with as many revisions and changes the client requests until there is an approved master version


My team at the Barrett Group was an outstanding consulting force in assisting me with securing a career position that exceeded my expectations. Always highly professional and responsive, they delivered on their promises. I was particularly impressed with the quality of my consultant’s personal advice, guidance and coaching and the group’s career document preparation. Partnering with the Barrett Group was the most important investment that I have made in my career. I strongly recommend their services to anyone interested in advancing their career.

— Kevin Baker, Regional Director, Metamark Genetics

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