Happy Landing: On-Boarding and Career-Pathing

Service description: You receive three in-depth sessions that will help you optimize your performance in the new job and consider more clearly your continuing career path.

You will work with an experienced career coach who has helped scores of managers improve their performance in the critical first months of any new assignment.

Specific deliverables include:

Three sessions with the Senior Career Consultant, scheduled at any time during the first year of new employment, at client’s discretion, as needed, to strategize and optimize the your effectiveness and positioning.

Happy Landing

  • Internal Career Path Enhancement – Situation/Opportunity Analysis & Strategy Support
  • Reference Nurturing – Building your Support Network, being prepared for unexpected changes
  • Expanding your Circle of Influence: Internal & External Networking
  • Evaluation Preparation – Receiving the best possible evaluation and raise
  • Internal Opportunity Positioning & Management – Expertly steering company politics in your direction, instead of hitting a career iceberg
  • Portfolio Enhancement – One resume update to highlight new accomplishments


My TBG team provided excellent support, preparation, guidance and assuredness as and when required, with an outstanding humanistic approach. Your services were invaluable to me and helped me to land my ideal position! The investment to work with you was worth every penny!

— James Henderson, District Manager, Thomas Pink

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