The Manager Program

Are you under-paid, under-appreciated, under-employed, or under-valued?

If that’s how you feel you may well be part of that generally underestimated class of (middle) management that actually does most of the work in our country.

The Barrett Group has helped more than 2,000 career changers find better jobs over the last several decades.  We have achieved this through excellence in key skills such as targeting, packaging, creating access, preparing, and helping job seekers land successfully in a better position.

Until recently, we reserved these methods for the executive community—those earning more than $100,000 per year.  But now, we realize that managers earning much less can still benefit from the same techniques if they are willing to do some of the work themselves.

Think of it as “do-it-yourself” career management—with a lot of support, tools, and guidance from the most experienced player in the US career management market.

Interested in moving forward?

Targeting: The Clarity Program

Even the fastest arrow misses the mark if it’s not properly targeted, so we always focus on making sure our clients are aiming at the right opportunity.  People come with numerous behavioral, educational, and other pluses and minuses.  The key is to accurately understand them and target accordingly.  Call it enhanced self-knowledge, or, as we do, call it the Clarity Program.

Three steps in four sessions help managers avoid making mistakes.

Packaging: The Resume Reboot and LinkedIn Refresh

Now that you are clear on where you really want to go professionally, we will help you repackage yourself so the market sees your sterling qualities.

In general, this begins with your resume.  Ask yourself honestly, does your resume reflect your most recent achievements with quantified results?  Have your adjusted your resume to your target market?  Is it even up to date?  Will your resume stand out when you get your five minutes of fame?

If your answer to any of these questions is “no,” then we can help you.

But LinkedIn is also key.

Market Access: The Published, Unpublished, and Recruiter Markets

It used to be that just responding to want ads in the newspaper or perhaps on-line was enough.  But today, just 15% of clients actually find jobs that way.  And that’s only if they are very diligent and active in pursuing every job opening the can find.

That’s what we call The Published Market.  If you plan to use this market, then you really have to understand it.

For example, have you been using job boards or markets to search for career opportunities?

What are the major job boards and markets that you have been using so far in your search?

Preparation: Interview Preparation and Negotiation

Many career changers reach the final stages of the process only to discover that they are ill-prepared to answer interview questions, ill-at-ease in interview situations, and really could use some expert practice and preparation in advance.

Our career consultants help you research the people you will meet, prepare for the questions they are likely to ask with the best answers based on your particular skills and experience, and otherwise prevail in difficult interview situations.

We will even role-play interviews in advance with you if needed so that you feel that much more confident when you have to face the music.

Happy Landing: On-boarding and Career Pathing

Some clients think it’s all done and dusted when they land a job only to find out that they didn’t do their homework before entering a new culture, a new organization, and new set of challenges, and sometimes the magic fades all too quickly.

Depending on the size of the role, in-coming managers may want to invest the time in developing a more or less formal instrument such as a 100-Day Plan that can be used as a semi-public roadmap, to share with new colleagues while building rapport and obtaining their explicit buy-in for the new manager’s plans.

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