The Express Manager Series

Get Your Career in Gear Webinars

Explore how the Barrett Group, a career management firm, has helped thousands of executives find their dream job over the last several decades – and how you could find your dream job, too!

The Barrett Group employs a tried and true process that comprises five stages. These stages can be highly customized based on the needs of each individual. The Express Manager Series presents a set of complimentary “Get Your Career in Gear” webinars, with each session highlighting one of the five stages in this process.

One lucky attendee will win a $5,000 value career management program!

Five Stages to Success

Step #1

Targeting: The Clarity Program

Several different personas embrace our Clarity Program for different reasons.  Do one or more of the below apply to you?

  • Uncomfortable with the roles or results held so far and feel there may be some fundamental misalignment between skills or personal preferences and roles. 
  • Priorities and preferences are changing (for example as you approach retirement, reenter the job market after a pause, or want to correct a work/life imbalance) but unsure how best to navigate that change.
  • Skills are so broadly applicable that it is difficult to really identify career targets clearly, and as a result you are completely at the whim of the market.
  • Define ideal role too narrowly, without thinking more broadly about how skills and personalities might better fit in other industries or roles. 

While all clients benefit from the Packaging stage of the Barrett Group career change program, several different types of client benefit even more. How would you benefit from our services offered in the Packaging stage – do one or more of the below apply to you?

  • List all roles in sequence with a great deal of detail but little or no quantitative evidence of performance.
  • Struggle to demonstrate the applicability and/or transferability of their experience as they seek to change industries, roles, or perhaps geography. 
  • Suffers from being seen as overqualified and perhaps also from a form of age bias. 

Step #2

Packaging: The Resume Reboot

and LinkedIn Refresh

Step #3

Market Access: The Published,

Unpublished, and Recruiter


Most clients focus on either the Published Market or Recruiters.  Some focus on their own Network.  Few understand a balanced market approach that also leverages the large and effective Unpublished Market (through which fully 50% of our clients land). How could our services in the Market Access stage assist you?

  • Focusing on the Published Market: Tend to be frustrated that superior skills and track records are not producing more or better results. 
  • Relying on recruiters: Tend to suffer from a feeling that the market is not paying attention to their great credentials.
  • Strong network: Well served by that mechanism until they want or need to change parameters (role, industry, or geography), and then their Network may well be a limited factor.

Step #4

Preparation: Interview Preparation

and Negotiation

Everyone benefits from being better prepared, of course, but clients who particularly benefit from the Preparation stage fall into three camps – which one would apply to you?

  • Introverted or otherwise find it difficult to promote themselves and extol their virtues appropriately or make a strong case for the transferability of their skills and experience in an interview setting. 
  • Talk too much and ask too few qualifying questions, relying on rapport building rather than making a strong case for their skills and achievements.
  • Accept any offer a prospective employer may tender without due consideration for what the market will bear or alternative compensation elements they may not have realized are available.

Step #5

Happy Landing: On-Boarding and


Most clients underestimate the challenges of entering a new company, a new role, and a new culture.

Each company has a unique organizational landscape, a specific set of interdependencies between functions or individuals, and cultural norms for addressing challenges, opportunities and conflicts.

  • Some clients take these challenges too lightly, rushing in where angels fear to tread and possibly damaging their images and long-term potential in the new workplace. 
  • Another group of clients may be too hesitant and expect someone at the new company to explain to them exactly what is required, whereas the new employer may be expecting a more proactive approach from the new hire.

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