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Career Change with The Barrett Group

Are you where you want to be professionally? If not, you may benefit from having a dedicated team of job search specialists by your side throughout your journey. Are you changing careers, or looking for a new career? We’re here to help!

The Barrett Group method succeeds because we’re determined to help you reach your unique objective, leveraging a vast network of professional and business resources to accomplish that goal. We care deeply about your current needs and ultimate dreams and act as a career guide and counselor for you. This caring attitude and professionalism is demonstrated from your first contact with us.

The Executive Career Management Process

This is how our executive career management process works when you’re choosing your career and you need to learn how to change careers effectively:

Step 1

We assess your skills and ambitions and deliver a focused, actionable real-world plan designed to fully realize your career change goals. We call this the Clarity Program. You work directly with a private career change consultant throughout your executive job search.

Step 2

Personal Branding and Campaign Development prepares you to present your value proposition so strongly, so succinctly, that the interview team will wonder why they should even consider interviewing anyone else.

Step 3

Step 3 provides you with access to the hiring executives in the company and the location you desire, as well as a social capital strategy to approach them with warm referrals rather than cold calling. Our research team has access to thousands of contacts, intelligently segmented based on the role of decision maker, desired company and location.

Step 4

In preparation for Interviews and Offer Negotiation, we help anticipate tough interview questions and develop fluid, authentic responses.  We also help identify critical gaps and potential pitfalls, such as how to demostrate without a doubt how your experience is directly relevant and transferrable.  In addition, our offer negotiation coaching routinely succeeds in adding tens of thousands of dollars to candidates’ compensation packages.

Submit Your Resume

Now more than ever is the right time to define your career goals and lay out a clear career path. Get started by sending us your resume!

Step 5

Once you have landed, our job has just begun. During our Onboarding step, we take you beyond the short term and help you look at the bigger picture in terms of furthering your career, increasing your value, building your portfolio, and realizing your full professional and personal potential.

Barrett Speaks

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