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Whole Industries will Die

As in nature, so in business. Companies come and go. Industries are born, mature, and die out. But what is stunning is the pace of these changes. Will your industry or job even exist in five years? Will it die? Let’s reflect. Being an engineer at, say, General Motors specializing in transmissions...

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Exploit the Power of a Personal Inventory

It is normal for manufacturers and retailers to conduct a year-end inventory so that their balance sheets accurately reflect the value of goods in their warehouses. In fact, given the sophistication of warehouse management systems these days, probably most such businesses know their inventory every...

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Big tech has a heart after all!

We have probably all wrestled with automated phone prompts. Or maybe a recalcitrant app that did not want to take the information we were trying to input… Or what about your Siri, Alexa, navigation, or other virtual human interface? No frustration there, right? We all benefit greatly from the efficiencies...

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You think you have stress?

Every time you feel stressed you may want to pause and think about the millions of people who have it worse than you: homeless, jobless, under a ventilator…. it may help. Nevertheless, normal workplace stress is also debilitating, affecting your performance, your outlook, and ultimately your health. So,...

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Don’t let the virus derail your career

The executive job market is changing as industries reshuffle their priorities due to the Covid-19 virus. We hope you benefitted from the burst in economic activity in Q3 that also saw a substantial jump in employment (though we still have a huge employment deficit (versus the pre-Covid virus era). Here...

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Thank you for your service

When I was very young, I was always fascinated by a small box that my father kept on his dresser.  There were numerous odd coins in curious shapes and sizes with names and languages that I could not understand.  There were also two or three medals on ribbons, solemn and beautiful, testifying to something...

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