Seventy-Five Careers that Thrive

Seventy-Five Careers that Thrive

Each of us has probably had the experience of being at the top of our game. And then we discover a few weeks or months later that after the peak there often comes a valley. The answer is to recognize where you are on the so-called sigmoid curve. And make your move when you are approaching the top (whether in income, influence, and/or satisfaction). The key is to maintain your upward momentum. Now it seems that the entire executive market is approaching one of those moments. So perhaps you better get going.

How can we say that?

Look at the facts. By the middle of March fully seventy-five of our clients have landed executive positions so far this year.

And not just any position but fantastic titles such as:

  • CFO
  • Chairman of the Board
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Co-Founder
  • Director of Design and Construction
  • Director, Private Bank Lending
  • Financial Fund Advisor/Tech Investment Consultant
  • General Counsel
  • General Manager
  • Global CFO
  • Head of Customer Engagement
  • Head of Europe
  • Investor Relations, Head
  • Head of Product
  • Head of Sales
  • Interm GM
  • Managing Director
  • Managing Partner & Shareholder
  • Middle East Africa Regional CFO
  • Operating Partner
  • Partnerships Managing Director
  • President North America
  • Vice President
  • Vice President Business Development
  • VP of Operations
  • Vice President of Sales
  • VP Solutions Research

You see locations such as North America and Europe or Middle East Africa show up in these titles. Why? Because we help clients find opportunities. And that’s regardless of where they are. Our tried and true process actually turns the process of looking for a job on its head! How? Our clients find themselves offering solutions to companies rather than simply seeking a job. That is possible because most of our clients land through the powerful unpublished market—opportunities so new that they have never been formalized into a position profile and, more importantly, often no specific compensation has yet been defined. That means our clients have tremendous latitude to influence the specific scope of the role and therefore its compensation.

Sure, we also work in the published market and the recruiter markets.

These are where our three decades of experience help our clients sort through the dross to find the gold. Our clients actually meet decision-makers instead of getting the brush-off from algorithms or gatekeepers.

The secret is that our process begins with a unique understanding of each client via the Targeting step (the Clarity Program©) that allows each client to really reexamine and redefine his or her career and whole-life targets right from the get-go. All of our clients want a change. Some want a new location. Others, a new title. Still others, more money or a new industry. That is why our process takes nothing for granted. We do not simply apply a cookie-cutter approach, but carefully custom-tailor each campaign to our clients’ unique aspirations.

As a consequence, clients see their incomes go up (along with their satisfaction). The average salary-only compensation for clients landing so far this year was more than $200,000 while some successful souls pulled in $500,000-$700,000—excluding perks and benefits. Three decades of supporting client compensation negotiations has made us THE experts in discovering additional salary, bonus, benefits, and/or equity so that we regularly add $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 (or more) to the offer during the negotiation.

Here’s what one recent client had to say about his negotiation:

“We had some aggressive negotiations over the compensation package. Dan Resendes [The Barrett Group’s SVP Client Services] coached me on these and came up with some unique and very helpful questions to ask about the offer letter. I ended up having a very successful negotiation. Dan did a phenomenal job. My benefits at this company are awesome.” (Sven Leverson 2021, Read More)

Are we specialists in one industry vertical or another? Not at all. Our secret sauce is that our proven methodology works worldwide and in all industries. Here is a sample of the business segments where our clients have recently landed:

  • Accounting
  • Airlines & Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Hospitals, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
  • Industrial Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing
  • Information Technology & Services
  • Insurance
  • Management Consulting
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurants, Food & Beverage
  • Transportation & Delivery
  • Travel, Hospitality & Leisure
  • Utilities, Energy, & Extraction

Even distressed industries such as Restaurants and Travel are hiring executives. But that’s if you know where to look! That is the power of the unpublished market.

Here’s Sven again:

“The number of offerings and the training provided by The Barrett Group [were] so helpful. I’m a process type of guy, and I really enjoyed this process. [I wanted to] know what I was doing wrong in my search and, lo and behold, I found out that coming in through the back door to land a job is the recipe for success. I had never done that in the past. I was just sending out resumes and hoping!” (Sven Leverson 2021, Read More)

Are you ready to make it seventy-five, plus one?

So if you have that creeping feeling that you are down in the valley professionally or that others succeed while you’re just standing still? Perhaps it is time for you to get a leg up, to grasp that helping hand, to take on a guide who can show you the way back to your deserved peak success. We helped seventy-five clients so far this year. And we would be happy to make you seventy-six! Give us a call.

Peter Irish, CEO
The Barrett Group

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