Jo Ann Moser

Executive Career Consultant and Program Manager

Jo Ann Moser is a Masters-degreed career coaching professional, trainer/educator, and organizational development expert with nearly 20 years of progressive experience working with individual at all organizational levels, assessing their career desires and direction, planning paths to enable those in career search to meet desired career goals, and assisting them to happily place in diverse industries and at every career step.

Jo Ann excels in needs assessment, expertly guiding individuals as they plan for career success and deal with career transition.  Exhibiting strengths in resume writing, talent management, and workforce development, Jo Ann very much enjoys working with all organizational levels from line staff to executives to managers and clinicians in varied environments.  Jo Ann possesses a strong work ethic gained from a Pennsylvania farm upbringing and prides herself on treating each client as an individual and providing unparalleled customer service.  Jo Ann provides individual consulting on resumes, cover letters, on-line career presentation, LinkedIn, networking, interviewing, channels of career marketing, search strategies, and negotiation of compensation packages.

In her years as a career consultant, Jo Ann has mentored thousands of professionals at all career levels and in all industries including Aerospace, Banking/Finance, Business/Professional Services, Construction, Consumer Products and

Packaging, Defense, Education, Energy/Utilities, Engineering, Healthcare, Human Resources, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Operations, Program and Project Management, Retail, and Sales/Marketing.

Prior to role as an executive career consultant, Jo Ann worked in Training and Development for Fortune 500 companies including American Express and GAP, Dignity Healthcare, SkillPath Seminar Corporation, as faculty at Susquehanna University and Program Director at Collins College, and as a Program Auditor with the Office of Inspector General for the United States Department of Agriculture.

Client Recommendations

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your wisdom, expertise, and most of all, your encouragement.  So much of career search is a mental battle and in addition to your wisdom, your attitude and encouragement have been a real blessing to me in ways you may not be aware of.”

–M.F., SVP of Sales

“Terrific approach to executive coaching and career search. Jo Ann worked diligently to find a placement for me- from our first call to document writing to placement as a Hospital CEO- in just under six months.  And achieved a huge step up from my last position. Would absolutely recommend.”

–J.M., Hospital CEO

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