Gary Albitz

Executive Career Coach

  Gary Albitz is an expert in global Sales, Marketing, Business development, and IT having led Hardware, Software, Services and IT at companies like EY, AT&T, Hyperion/Oracle, McAfee, Unisys, DEC/HP, Octel, and Tibco to achieve unprecedented revenue, profit and market share. He has led major global Data Center, Sales/Customer Service and Billing projects at AT&T, VodaPhone, HP, and NTT; Wireless infrastructure projects at every major provider around the world; and managed global analytics projects at ConocoPhillips, Boeing, Johnson&Johnson, BristolMyersSquib, MGM, , Microsoft and Anheuser-Busch. He has also contributed extensively to the Information Technology field as the Architect of “Run IT as a Business”, using ITIL and good business/financial practices.  As an entrepreneur he has led/advised multiple startups through IPO to breaking $500MM sales. A native of Southern California, Gary has lived throughout the United States and Kenya, traveled around the world multiple times, and has a BS, MS, MBA and Teacher’s Credential.  He recently retired from Silicon Valley and moved to Maui. As a world champion gymnast, he has held world records and was a guest on the Guinness Book of World Records, television show. He is currently a Certified Business Coach/Trainer for FocalPoint International for Hawaii and Northern California.

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