How to use Job Search Sites

To the casual observer, the modern job search appears more convenient than ever: A few clicks, a flurry of typing, and the hopeful job searcher is whisked away into the magical world of online job postings. And it appears to be the land of plenty; there are bushels of job postings. Applicants submit resumes and wait. And wait. And wait. And never hear back. What did they do wrong?

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They were qualified for every position they applied for, their resume was immaculate, but the hiring companies never made contact. Why? For one, online job postings are inundated with potentially thousands of virtually identical resumes daily. Relying on the published job market is narrow-focused and, when used as described above, largely ineffective. There is no “Easy Fix” button, but there is a better way to conduct your job search.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Applying to the published job market is one step – but it is not enough. You would never think to set out on any other journey without an idea of your destination and at least some idea of how you’re going to get there. How you express yourself professionally and the passion you bring to realizing your own personal idea of success – this is the journey of your life. Your job search in today’s market needs a more intentional, strategic approach. The Barrett Group assembles your career team who works with you to map out that journey so that you can proceed with confidence. Start by submitting your resume above.

To effectively make use of job search sites, why not narrow down the field to less than one hundred with little effort? Instead of searching for open positions, search for specific industries, company sizes, and desired location. Once you’ve created a list of attractive companies, search for the executive that might be in charge of hiring the position that you would be seeking. Mail them your resume directly. There might not be a job opening, but if there is then you’ve managed to cut out the applicants that would only apply if the job availability was posted online. This so-called “unpublished introductions” approach requires more personal investment and some may need to step out of their comfort zone, but it supplements every job search and possibly offers greater rewards in a shorter time span.

Hiring a professional career management team, like The Barrett Group, is your best bet to learn about the “unpublished market” to advance your career. Submit your resume today!

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