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Are you looking to find a new career? Are you in a career transition?

The Barrett Group method succeeds because we’re determined to help you reach your unique objective, leveraging a vast network of professional and business resources to accomplish that goal. We care deeply about your current needs and ultimate dreams and act as a career finder for you. This caring attitude and professionalism is demonstrated from your first contact with us.

This is how our executive career management process works when you’re choosing your career and you need to learn how to change careers effectively:

We assess your skills and ambitions and deliver a focused, actionable real-world plan designed to fully realize your career change goals. You work directly with a private career change consultant throughout your executive job search.

This is a hands-on, individual approach catered to your personal needs that is unique in the industry.

We provide you with direct introductions to our alumni, executive recruiters and business partners. Upon your approval, we perform ongoing and extensive targeted mailings in concert with the research needed to promote your career change campaign. We help you prepare to present your value proposition so strongly, so succinctly, that the interview team will wonder why they should even consider interviewing anyone else.

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A key component of what we do is offer negotiation coaching – optimizing your new compensation package. We will walk you through a line-by-line review of the offer in a round table review with our consulting team, then provide direct coaching to help you maximize the final offer. We contact your references and previous employers directly to ensure compliance to separation agreements and optimize the picture that prospective employers will have of you.

Our process reflects more than just an executive job search and is far different from outplacement services. What we offer is a comprehensive approach to change – whether you are looking to take another step in your career, looking for a complete change in direction, or simply investigating what executive jobs are out there in the market today. Whether we’re providing career transition assistance or helping someone plan their next step in the interview process, we bring our professionalism and expertise to the table each and every time. We partner with our clients to provide them with customized solutions that work.

Once you have landed, our job has just begun. Career management is what most professionals invest the least amount of time and effort in during their business day, yet it is the central component to their potential success. We take you beyond the short term and help you look at the bigger picture in terms of furthering your career, increasing you value, building your portfolio, and realizing your full professional and personal potential.

You would never think to set out on any other journey without an idea of your destination and at least some idea of how you’re going to get there. How you express yourself professionally and the passion you bring to realizing your own personal idea of success – this is the journey of your life. The Barrett Group assembles your career team who works with you to map out that journey so that you can proceed with confidence.

The Barrett Total Career Management Solution takes you beyond the job search – beyond the bureaucracy of the typical executive headhunter – and into a place where you are building a deliberate and rewarding new career plan.

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