Letting Go and Taking Control

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Your job search sometimes appears to be a highly technical series of complex activities and programs, having a life of its own that is somehow out of your sphere of influence. You might feel you live in a world of reaction, where each day blindsides you with a new, unexpected frustration. There is a cure.

In Eastern philosophies such as Buddhism and Taoism , we are told that the world, seen and unseen, can be divided into two groups: those things we can influence and those that we cannot.

How is this mystical enlightenment useful in the job search?

As you get yourself organized for your day, take a few minutes to visualize the events and people that may impact you, through planned meetings or serendipity/the pipeline/LinkedIn connections…

Now deliberately plan the positive, active steps you are going to take to improve your positioning through each of these interactions. As human nature begins to erode your newfound purposefulness and you allow fear of rejection and faith in all things Murphy to bring in the clouds, stop a minute, take a deep, cleansing breath and…

Let it wash over you like the cleansing waters of the…okay, right, so just let it wash over you, we’ll hope for the best on that one.

Let it go, all of it.

There are those things in life, and the job search, that you cannot possibly predict, control or personally directly influence. Observe, witness, and watch it go by, really, all of it.

Then after it does, take a sober, critical look at what you can do, now and moving forward, that will be good for you, the ones you love, and the world. Then do it.

I would be interested in hearing from you if you’re having problems with this technique, or if you believe it will never work, or if you could use some help.

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