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    Many lawyers are shocked to discover, early on in their careers, that the realities of practice are very unlike the attorney portrayed in television and movies. Recent studies indicate that the number of attorneys expressing career dissatisfaction has sharply escalated. The reasons are:

    • Lack of growth potential or security
    • Severe, negative impacts on marriage, parenting and quality of life
    • Long work hours filled with repetitive drudgery of motions and depositions
    • Seven day work weeks
    • Little or no sense of fulfillment from their work
    • Stress related to creating billable hours
    • Fierce competition in the courtroom, as well as in the office

    “Job dissatisfaction among lawyers is widespread, profound and growing worse.” – Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

    Lawyers believe that being dissatisfied with the practice is just the nature of being a lawyer and that nothing can be done to change it. There is a level of hopelessness expressed in any possibility of meaningful change. Revealingly, however, the highest compensated attorneys, typically big-firm lawyers, are the most dissatisfied with their careers. Thus, while increased compensation may paper-over the root causes of dissatisfaction, money alone is unlikely to be the antidote.

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    Most lawyers do not have any idea as to where they are most marketable and why, and what career options are available. Fortunately, at The Barrett Group Legal, we are very aware of the opportunities available to you. We offer comprehensive executive career management that will allow you to take control of your future and create options to make your legal career financially and personally rewarding. Submit your résumé to get started, or call for a confidential consultation regarding your career opportunities.

    Success Story:

    Andres T., Mexico, had been downsized from his $175K Senior Legal Counsel position. He most valued Dan’s help in interviewing and negotiations. Dan Resendes headed up the team, guiding and managing Andres through a convoluted and highly sophisticated hiring process at a major corporation. He is now at the partner level and increased his comp package over $45K, to $225K, signifying an excellent and rapid return on his Barrett investment, most remarkable in this economy. Time from Orientation to Offer: three months. Andres received about 1/2 a dozen interviews from our processes and continues to receive interviews and calls since his landing. Read more>

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