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Since 1990, we have assisted lawyers in identifying their best career targets, helping them transition to exciting legal, business and executive positions in industry, trade, non-profits, academia and a myriad of other private-sector organizations.

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    The vast majority of the attorneys who contact us do not know what their career options are. The Barrett Group Legal pinpoints your transferable skills and identifies your best functional and industry career options – we know the job market.

    The Barrett Group Legal works with attorneys securing career positions in the fastest, most efficient manner. Our senior staff targets and positions you for maximum marketplace exposure to secure better in-house positions with superior compensation packages.

    Better than a Recruiter

    Recruiters are not equipped to help you change industries, move in-house, identify new functional titles or discover alternative attorney careers. You are pigeonholed into what you have been doing – not what you could or should do for your career satisfaction. We consider ourselves out of the box thinkers and never limit your available options.

    Increasingly, lawyers are seeking out professional services to help them make the transition to an in-house legal environment or to leave the law entirely.”

    Attorneys represent one of the highest percentages of The Barrett Group clients.

    An entire division of The Barrett Group has been created specifically to assist lawyers seeking a career change. Attorneys need someone who is qualified to spend time with them weighing options, discussing alternatives, and reaching an understanding of what is right specifically for his or her circumstances.

    If it’s time for you to seek career counsel, submit your resume for a professional evaluation with no obligation.

    Success Story:

    Margaret D., Lansdale, PA was employed, but in a tough environment. Our program had a dual approach. 1) Assist Margaret with the politics at her current employer and while at the same time 2) find a new opportunity, preferably as a General Counsel. Margaret had numerous interviews during her campaign and could afford to be picky about the correct position. We assisted her with many interview preps. Seven months later, she received a response to a management introduction that we sent notifying the CEO of her application for a GC position. She negotiated and accepted an offer with our assistance two months later. She found the strategizing to be of most value to her. Continuing with our career management program after being hired, we were able to help her to negotiate a salary increase in six months and a bonus increase as well. She went from $102K the previous year to $155K. Read more>

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