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Since 1990, we have assisted lawyers in identifying their best career targets, helping them transition to exciting legal, business and executive positions in industry, trade, non-profits, academia and a myriad of other private-sector organizations.

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    Our team members are experts in hiring processes; with the proficiency to navigate their clients through the often confusing landscape of career potential. They are also dedicated and caring professionals who will go the extra mile for their clients.

    The foundation of our business is in offering a solid, expert approach through a personalized, hands-on method.

      Our approach to career consulting has earned us a superior reputation in our industry.

    Our techniques help our clients to identify their short and long-term goals, define those attributes that give them the competitive edge, find the opportunities that are in keeping with their overall objectives, and achieve success.

    Clients come to us because they know that we will work with them with honesty, integrity, and intense focus to assist them achieve their goals.

    Our unwavering commitment to the legal profession over the years has positioned our firm to be regarded as the best resource for attorneys who want to optimize their careers. The Barrett Group Legal is dedicated to navigating the complicated legal market and achieving the distinctive career needs and desires for our attorney clients.

    If it’s time for you to seek career counsel, complete the form below and submit your resume for a professional evaluation with no obligation. Our senior level programs are designed exclusively for attorneys who have a minimum of seven years of professional experience and have consistently earned over $100K in total compensation.

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