How would you like a job offer every day?

That’s what we delivered for our clients in 2021—more than 365 executives were offered jobs… and the year is not even over. These were not just any offers. They were attractive ones, interesting positions, with excellent compensation, benefits, and perks.

Here is a sampling of the offers received just in the last month:

  • $165k + 15% bonus
  • $170k +$34k bonus
  • $200k +$30% bonus + benefits
  • $220k
  • $300k +30% bonus, 2.5% profit sharing, $35k relocation package
  • $550k plus equity
  • Improved offer by $75k and a $500k partnership bonus

And here is a sampling of some of the titles contained in those offers:

  • CEO
  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Vice President
  • General Manager
  • Operations & Strategy Lead
  • Business Development Manager

Of course, ultimately our clients deserve the credit for these achievements because they went to the interviews and performed, but our client teams prepared them and supported their offer negotiation with our more than 30 years of experience, and we helped them obtain more than 1,000 interviews so far this year.

So naturally, we feel a subtle pride at our clients’ accomplishments.

Fortunately, they readily acknowledge how we added value through our five-step career change system. Here’s what several recently landed clients had to say about their Barrett Group experience:

“The program really works. It quickly got me from no responses to many responses – and all in the unpublished market. This job was published nowhere. Once I started with The Barrett Group it was a smooth process. I’m very happy in my new role.” [Hans Wessel, 2021, Read More].

“I am quite happy! This has been a very smooth process for what has been a very significant life event. I foresee growth on so many levels – and it’s all thanks to TBG for preparing me for it. As for my new role – it will truly transform my career. Whether I spend four or six years doing it, my career now goes on a different road from where it was headed before.” [Ray Cleary, 2021, Read More].

“The Clarity program was a real eyeopener for me, especially the DISC profile exercise,” said Peter. “It was the scariest experience in my life to answer 24 questions and have it yield a 20-page analytical report about my skills and personality that was spot on! The report included what other people say about me. It wasn’t all positive, but it also made me better understand why my last job failed.” [Peter Witke, 2021, Read More].

“The TBG program doesn’t just target job postings, it shows clients how to leverage a resume and LinkedIn profile to create a brand and market themselves, it teaches them to create new contacts and develop relationships so that hiring managers know what they bring to the table.” [Elizabeth, 2021, Read More].

Whether you are out of work and down on your luck or at the top of your game, we can help you get to the next level.

Our tried and true career change system has helped literally thousands of executives over the last 30 years to clarify their career objectives (often changing industries, roles, and even continents in the process), to create a persuasive personal brand, to access the recruiter, published, and unpublished executive job markets, to excel in interviews and top up the ultimate offers, and lastly to on-board smoothly so as to maximize advancement potential and long-term compensation (not to mention satisfaction).

If you are still on the sidelines or already struggling to achieve meaningful traction in the executive job market, you need a boost. That’s what we do here at the Barrett Group. Give us a call.

Peter Irish
The Barrett Group

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