Frontline Report for 12-08-21

The Hiring Line Stats

Offers Accepted: 2
Offers Received: 3
Interviews Advanced: 11
1st Interviews: 21

The Hiring Line

1. “Hi Julie Mathern, Thanks for checking in. I’m working at the [energy company] new construction project. Project started at $7 billion, now at $30 billion. My job is to improve production and get the units running!! I love it!!

2. And B. accepted his offer! This is what he told Paula Nordhoff: “Hi Paula! I got my formal offer from [the footwear company] today. The role is Chief of Staff, sitting #2 to the CFO. Super happy about this! It was a hell of a process.” Paula added, “B. achieved his goal of arriving in a C-Suite role. It was a challenging process to get them to yes; B. played it brilliantly. He is very excited to be starting his new role.”

Offers Received

1. Paula was delighted to hear from M. “Hi Paula, I got my first job offer from [the health research network] for a Director of Health Care Partnerships role. Base salary $165k, +15% bonus, +equity. Written offer to be coming in next 24 hours!”

2. Lori Chevalier told us the latest: “R. has been in the food and beverage space for 10+ years. He is ready to move on. He has had his eye on the tech space and has interviewed well and received an offer from a software company. We are still in the negotiation stages – stay tuned! :)”

3. Client A. floored the Client Concierge as he recanted the results of his latest recruiter emailing Jessica Brousseau did for him: no less than 40 calls with recruiters showing great interest in this biotech CEO! Five of the recruiters have active job orders and have already presented him to their respective clients, the coaching has paid off! Independent of all this, a company reached out to him to launch the clinical trials for a startup division for a health supplement manufacturing company.

Also, Waffles Natusch prepped Client A. for the interview, and they have now made two offers! A. is currently earning $550K and came to TBG because his own startup had to close because the funding had been diverted because of COVID-19. He had never negotiated an offer; he didn’t know you could! The Client Concierge changed that right away! The negotiated offer came in with four ways for A. to earn the equity shares, and the company is scheduled to sell in three years at a substantial price!

Interviews Advance

1. Lori Chevalier steps up with updates about L., J., and O.
-“Interviews moving forward for L. due to Vivek Agarwal and Pattie Vargas’ excellent interview prep for 1st and 2nd interviews! The hospitality company wants to fly L. out for an interview! Woo hoo! Thank you, Vivek and Pattie, for your excellent service! Congratulations L.!”

-And J. has applied for Director role at a food service company and has been active in interviews with four people there, including the EVP and CHRO.

-Meanwhile O. is interviewing for Head of ESG. “Throughout his career, O. has been referred to and advocated for opportunities by friends and colleagues. He told me he has ‘never spoken with HR’ because he is directly in interviews with the senior leaders. This position is no different. He has been in conversations with this company since the summer and is hopeful for an offer soon. The type of company is a consulting company that provides climate data, analytics, and advisory services to clients.”

2. Isabelita Castilho had to sprint to keep up with her client S. this week, with two opportunities taking shape rapidly! The first one is in Europe, at a software company. S. reports, “Their current business is 80% U.S. and 20% international. Their average deal size is $18K. Through my network, I am now scheduled to speak with their CEO based in the U.S. to start European activities. The role is VP Sales but includes all the other things required to establish a presence such as hiring, office, and the like.”

The second opportunity is with a professional services firm, for a Global Accounts Management role, which S. applied through LinkedIn. During the conversation, the interviewer was so impressed that she will talk to HQ to design a bespoke role! Will receive an update soon.

3. Isabelita’s client P. scored big with his PowerPoint presentation for a sipping company, thanks to her excellent and detailed guidance.

4. Anne Lipsitz joins with news from D.: “D. is interviewing at a banking company for an Executive Director role this week, his second interview for this role.”

5. George Schulz adds with an update from F., “F. has been having a time at the financial institution! The opening is for a VP of Branch Operations (head of retail). So far, he has interviewed with CEO, COO, SVP Operations, and 10 other SVP/VP staff! They are having a really hard time finding someone and really care about liking people that they hire.” He believes he may get an offer this week.

6. Paula’s client B. has passed the 3rd party screening process and is having her first meeting with the company CEO today. Good luck, B.! The position will be VP of Ops or higher for a bioscience company.

7. G., Julie Mathern’s client, has passed the 2nd interview stage for a Director, Data Science Engineering at a staffing company.

8. This just in from Barbara Limmer’s client U., about his initial HR screening interview today: “[Digital marketing company] interview went great! Set a call up for already with the hiring manager here.”


1. Barbara shares the highlights of her exciting week with clients!
-D. passed along this update, “Barbara just had a sync-up with a friend and he came across this job at [an online platform]- Enterprise Executive Events Manager…we are both friends with my contact at [the company]. Reached out to my contact, and guess he already saw it and put in a request for me… I will let you know once I hear more!”

-Also C. had some great news about an opportunity with a family trust! “My conversation with that second recruiter went quite well. It’s a very unique/interesting recruiter – very different to most – which was refreshing. They designed their own AI to help screen candidates both on function and fit – he had me submit answers to a few questions to assess cultural fit for the next step – and I’m scheduled to chat with him again to go over results of that. But must have been quite good as the VP of the company also wants to arrange to speak with me tomorrow…so setting that up now. After talking with the recruiter, sounds like it will be a true high level CFO role, where they need someone well versed in real estate transactions to advise. Basically, it’s a family trust that made a ton of money – now want to spend it.”

-While J. is having quite the deal at a commercial construction product company. He says: “These are the people who I applied with over 2 months ago. Went well but then they ghosted me. Last week they reached out and said the job was active again. I had an interview with peer and GM. Went well and they are scheduling the second round. It is for an account manager position but after speaking with them it truly is more of an entry-level GM. Could fit for the immediate need.” J. also has an interview with a construction company, home services company, staffing company, and multi-national conglomerate.

-And Z. is interfacing with a logistics company regarding a potential CFO opportunity. He met with the CEO and COO (who is also acting CFO); CEO is a former work contact.

-Finally K. provides us with his latest update: “Got email from [the business management firm] about not moving forward with me at this time after presenting my case study, which went really well. They said there will be another role they would like to consider me for after the new year. Also, for whatever it is worth, the CEO of the company asked to connect on LinkedIn.” K. has a second round of interviews planned with the hiring manager at a sports-related company. He also has first-round interviews with a delivery service company, medical device corporation, defense company, and also with a third party recruiter with a new opportunity. “Will keep you updated. Best, K.”

2. Paula’s client E. had a first interview with the CEO of a medical supply company regarding the General Counsel opportunity.

3. Asli Bilgin updates us on clients R. and L.
-Client R. is interviewing at food manufacturer for a Head of Manufacturing role. He was referred by his social capital!
-Also L. is interviewing at an engineering company for the Global Digital Marketing Director opening. L. applied a mix of methodologies, approaching the Hiring Manager, CMO and then using her referral to contact HR Director and securing an interview!

4. Vivek Agarwal’s client S. is chatting with a credit card company about a Director of Software Engineering role. He has 1st phone screening interview and is excited about the opportunity.

5. Isabelita’s client H. offers up two updates about interviews, one at an AI company for a role as Chief Business Officer and another at a pharmaceutical company for a GM opportunity in Europe.

6. Jerry Fronczak’s client B. is interviewing at a landscaping firm for an Operations Director role, which has the potential of becoming owner/operator!


Isabelita received this message from client V. “Hope all is well. I am pleased to share the Certificate of completion as a Certified Professional Coach (the program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation – ICF)… And, I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support, encouragement, and multifunctional knowledge in diverse areas. I appreciate your efforts in directing me to these accredited Coaching Programs, which have been a great value addition to excel in my pursuit of the Coaching journey. Sincerely, V.”

The Writing Team Report from Ramsey Penegar

The Resume Writing team has been busy this past week training for the release of the latest LinkedIn Employment Section Stories & Narratives! In the last week, this team has completed 26 total writing tasks and we have 27 currently in queue for completion over the next week! The team continues to excel and amaze with their writing prowess. The entire team is phenomenal, and we’re honored to have their talents to serve the TBG clients!

Thanks to all the writers for all your hard work over the last few months as we’ve taken on new writing tasks, continued to hone our resume writing skills, and navigating the technologies! Keep up the excellence!

Clients of The Barrett Group are reaching new heights in their careers. Catch up on their progress in our Frontline Report (12-08-21). Are you ready to take the escalator to the top of your career search? Contact the Barrett Group today.

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