Frontline Report for 12-01-21

The Hiring Line:

Short Stack Stats:
Offer Received: 1
Interviews Advanced: 9
1st Interviews: 8

Offer Received

Client L. got in touch with Anne Lipsitz and Waffles Natusch:

“Hi, Waffles,
Hope the tree is coming along 😉 I just talked to the hiring manager [at the digital marketing business]. Very good conversation! He said he is working on the offer; he needs to work through some of the specifics with the CFO and Chief Rev Officer who was out this week. [Plans are] to get me something while I am out on vacation, so there will not be anything today, but he said he will get me something very soon and is looking for an early Jan start. I’ll keep you posted as I hear.
thanks, L.”

Interviews Advance

1. Isabelita Castilho’s client P. is moving to the second round at a transport company!

2. Anne also hears from R. and K.:
-“Anne!!!! I got invited to the next step 🙂 I have been asked to give a vision talk. It is less than two weeks from now and I definitely need the Barrett team to help me with that. What SR would that be? Thanks, R.”

-From K.: “Just got a LinkedIn Request from an executive recruiter at [a multinational conglomerate company]. They have a confidential CTO position that they’re searching for and came across my LinkedIn profile. She has asked me for a time to talk if I’m interested. I have responded and thanked her for the message and gave her some available times to speak this week.”

2. B. fills in Barbara Limmer and Waffles on his latest interview:
“Hi Both Barbara Limmer and Waffles Pi Natusch, Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Had a decent first round with [the business management firm]. They now have asked me to put together a 15-minute presentation on a case study they have provided.”

We’re excited with K.’s barrage of high-level interviews of late, it’s only a matter of time before he lands with this level of activity!

3. Lori Chevalier’s client C. continues his “Interviews Across America” parade. Lori’s updates for the week:
A tech company in Clearwater, FL has already interviewed him once for a Director of IT opening. He’s been called back for a 2nd interview! He also has a telephone interview scheduled with a business technology company.
C. also sent Lori this note: “I applied [for VP of an IT company] and have a phone interview scheduled. They are looking for someone with lots of M&A expertise as they are acquiring lots of companies. Salary is $240k.”

4. Lori: “Interview advance with M.! SME experts Vivek Agarwal and Pattie Vargas have met and are meeting with her to prep for her continued interview process for the Director, Information Technology opportunity!” The company is in the Information Technology & Services industry.


1. Lori also has updates on clients Q. and E.:
-Q. has passed a first screening with a 3rd party executive recruiter for a General Counsel opportunity. Stay tuned for further developments!

-E. interviewed for a Director of Talent Development at an innovation solution company!

2. Anne’s client P. tells us, “I had an interview today with [an education software company] for a Customer Success Manager role. I really enjoyed the hiring manager; we had an awesome conversation. I should hear about the next steps later this week or early next.”

3. Isabelita’s client Y. interviewed at a cosmetics company for a Media Director role.

4. George Schulz’s client N. interviewed with a recruiter for a Senior Marketing Director role.

5. Dan Resendes, Barbara, and Waffles received the debrief from their client K. Two hours before the interview with a sales recruiter at a software company in Chicago, Dan put him through the paces with interview coaching for Director, Business Development.

“The interview went relatively well. He liked that I have experience selling both automated services and managed services. Also liked that I had experience ‘hunting for new business.’ He said I had the right skills for the job but aren’t a 10/10 fit because of a lack of relationships at holding companies. He said he would pass me on to [other] hiring managers and if they wanted to proceed with me. -K.”

6. Barbara’s client S. is getting double duty service from our Chief Consulting Officer. Barbara brings us up to date with news: “This week, she is interviewing with a Third-Party Recruiter for a role that could end up being a good fit (it’s based in North America but would allow her to work remotely so she could move to Europe). She made it past the first interview at the search firm and was scheduled for the next round (also with the recruiting firm). And… surprise, surprise, she got this through one of her social capital meetings!”

The Writing Team’s Wednesday Report

1. Ramsey Penegar shares that the Resume Team has continued to stay busy serving clients by delivering 100% on-time documents! In the last seven days (which, of course, included the Thanksgiving holidays), the writers have completed 14 projects, with Jo Ann Moser and Marissa Lessman sharing the “heavyweight title” with four tasks completed in that timeframe. At press, there were 15 tasks in the queue for completion this week.

Welcome back to Jack Harms who took a little time away but is back and geared up for developing Resume Tweaks and Career Docs!

2. Clients show appreciation to several Writing Team members:
-“Ralph J. Libsohn, fantastic, wonderful job on these docs!! Your summary was award-winning!” – For client L.

-“Aerielle Ludwig, Great work on this – I love the summary and cover letter!” – For client P.

-“Anicia Hogan, great work on this resume!!” – For client R.

Clients of The Barrett Group are preparing themselves for their next career. We share this week’s stories in our Frontline Report (12-01-21). The Barrett Group is an expert in career change and we can help you too. Contact us today.

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