Frontline Report for 11-16-22

Hiring Line Statistics:

Offers Accepted: 6
Interviews Advanced: 15
1st Interviews: 13

Offers Accepted:

1. Lori Chevalier and Waffles Natusch’s client E. accepted an offer from a digital entertainment company. Her previous company went through bankruptcy and has been sold.

2. Lori Chevaliers client’s P. and J. accepted offers:

-P. accepted the offer from The Barrett Group and will be joining our team as an Executive Career Consultant. Her new job is 100% remote. 

-J. accepted a position as a director of engineering at a transportation corporation. He had been in the research and development field with a healthcare company. Previous salary: $125k base + $7k bonus. The new offer came in at $200K base + 25% bonus $55k. After negotiations, J. signed at $220k base + 25% $55k bonus + unlimited PTO.

3. Julie Mathern’s client C. accepted an offer for program director at an electrical corporation. She had previously been an engineer in the manufacturing industry.

C. has made the jump to a nonprofit industry and is earning a $155K annual salary.

4. George Schulz’s client T. accepted the role of sales manager in the advertising and marketing sector. He’s projected to earn $150K in uncapped commissions.

5. Ramesh Shivakumaran’s client A. accepted a role at the CEO level, transitioning from a health manufacturing company to a fashion retail company. $400K is the starting salary. Ramesh notes: “A. was referred to this opportunity by his neighbor during one of his social capital conversations. He got access to the hiring managers, went through four rounds of various interviews and was very excited to inform that he is very pleased with the outcome and has joined the new job last week. A. confirmed in the call that he is very happy that he has achieved his desired objective. A. was very pleased with TBG’s services, and he informed that he has also referred TBG to some of his social capital contacts for seeking our services.” It should be noted that client A. landed in under a month.

Interviews Advance:

1. Lori Chevalier’s client G. had two interviews while clients M. and S. had one interview each.
-Client G. first interviewed at a digital financial company for management consulting. The second was at a food association for management consulting.
-Next client M. at an auto parts company for VP of operations.
-Also, client S. at a healthcare company for CIO.

2. Lori and Waffles’ client E. had interviews with five separate companies in a varied mix of industries. All were for a general counsel position.

3. Isabelita Castilho’s client R. had an interview at a financial company for healthcare as a senior manager.

4. Barbara Limmer’s clients P., D., and C. had interviews.
-Client P. as a director in the public sector.
-Client D. had two interviews.
First at a pharmaceutical company. Second at a healthcare company for a data scientist position.
-Client C. at a technologies company for VP of data.

5. Larry DiBoni’s client K. at a consulting firm for a lead sales position.


6. Julie Mathern’s clients T., and G., had interviews.
-Client T. at a telehealth company for sales transformation from UNP1-Social Capital.
-Client G. at a property management company for an officer position.

7. Barbara and Waffles’ client B. had three interviews.
-First at a religious camp organization for an administrative position from UNP1-Social Capital.
-Second at a production company for control manager from a 3rd party Recruiter.
-Lastly, at a home health organization for VP of finance from a 3rd party Recruiter.

8. Barbara Limmer’s client J. at a metal production company for operations manager from a 3rd party Recruiter.

9. Vivek Agarwal’s client D. at a technologies company for a development manager position from a 3rd party Recruiter.

10. Isabelita Castilho’s clients H., N., C., had several interviews
-Client H. at an international company for Chief Legal Counsel from ongoing social capital activity. And at a legal firm for Chief Legal Consultant from a 3rd party Recruiter.
-Client N. at an automotive company for a business manager from UNP1-Social Capital.
-Client C. at a digital technology company as a project manager from UNP1-Social Capital.

11. Paula Nordhoff’s client L. at a repair service industry for director of engineering from a job posting.

12. Lori Chevalier’s F. at a financial institution for general operations from a 3rd party Recruiter.


1. Appreciation is shared for Barbara Limmer from military client D., (who will be actively seeking a new position late next year.)
“Barbara, I just wanted to say thank you again for all assistance and information. I believe if I employ only a small part of this, I will be successful in finding a new career. I certainly will be in touch in the future. Have a good day and talk to you soon.”

2. Paula Nordhoff received appreciation from former client M.:

“I hope all is well.  I recently passed my one-year anniversary at [my new employer]. It has been a good experience thus far.  It is certainly not boring, and we have begun implementing a new ERP system. Thank you again for all your guidance and support with my search last year. I see how busy you and your colleagues are on LinkedIn. Best regards, M.”

3. Barbara and Paula also received this note from client D.:

“Update on [a global software and data analytics provider]: I spoke with [my contact] yesterday to ensure our expectations alignment. I think it went well. She talked about the next step in the process being a meeting with the HR leader after my assessment results come in. And then she mentioned working on an offer with the CEO’s approval.

“Fingers crossed! Such a cool company, terrific people. And I can work remotely much of the time! Let’s hope I get a good offer. I am also excited about [another company], waiting to hear on next set of interviews. 

“Thanks again for all of your help!”

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