Frontline Report for 11-09-22

Hiring Line Statistics:

Offers Accepted: 7
Interviews Advanced: 5
1st Interviews: 21
Interviews with Recruiters: 2

Offers Accepted:

    1. Asli Bilgin’s client V. accepted the offer from an IT consultant company as a program leader. Comp came in at $750 per day. V. accepted this freelance assignment for 3-6 months with the possibility to go into permanent employment.

    2. Rob Wicker’s client J. landed his job in under four months. He will be a senior manager in the utilities and energy sector. Rob notes: “J. was an interesting and fun client to work with. He reluctantly worked on [through TBG processes] but got enough traction to hit his goal. J. is grateful to TBG team.” He was placed by an executive recruiter.

    3. Larry DiBoni’s client S. landed in under two months. The new position is as a customer advisor. He had been making $190K doing consulting. Employing his social capital, he was able to attract an initial offer of $270K, the final offer up to $278K + $5K signing bonus.

    4. Lori Chevalier’s client P. accepted an offer as an operations specialist at a multinational investment bank. This is a one-year contract, compensation is $55/hour = $99k annual cap.

    5. Jerry Fronczak clients A., C., and R. land offers.

    -First, client A. accepted an offer from a healthcare company for an engineering and data strategy position. Client A. moved from the restaurants sector where he worked in the IT department.

    -Next, client C. accepted the offer from a national bank as VP in the finances sector.

    -And client R.’s offer landed at the director level with an industrial and agricultural company. The offer is at $200K plus 30% bonus and discretionary long-term stock.

    Interviews Advance:

    1. Lori Chevalier’s client M., H., and S. have interviews advanced.
    -First, client M. at an automotive part company, where he would be VP of operations. Lori notes “J. interviewed for the role and, almost upon completion, was requested for a 2nd interview with the hiring manager this week! Thank you, Paula Nordhoff for your expertise in preparing J. for the interview by prepping her!! Much appreciated!!”

    -Next, client H. advanced at an offroad vehicle manufacturer for a management position. “H. wowed the initial individual in her first interview (scheduled for 1 hour which went into 2 hours) and is meeting with the CFO next!”

    -And client S. at a data analytics company for a director position. This is his 3rd interview with the company.

    2. Asli Bilgin’s client D. at a technology and data company as a director.

    3. Barbara Limmer’s client P. at a university for a director position in the public safety sector.


    1. Barbara Limmer’s client W., E., L., and K. had interviews.
    -To begin, client W. at a software company for a data scientist role. It came from UNP3-Direct Introductions.

    -Next, client E. at a digital development company for an executive position. The opportunity came from UNP3-Direct Introductions.

    -And client L. had two interviews.
    -First, at a legacy company for a strategical position.
    -Second, at a real estate company for a financial officer position from UNP3-Direct Introductions.

    -Finally, client K. had an interview that came from UNP1-Social Capital. The position is not yet open but plans to grow the company are underway.

    2. Jerry Fronczak’s client T., G., and H. had interviews.

    -First, client T. at a processing company for network engineer and at a mobile technology company for IT Manager.

    -Second, client G., with Waffles Natusch’s assistance, at a technologies company to be a client partner.

    -And finally, client H. at a healthcare company for director of performance.

    3. Lori Chevalier has several clients with interviews: A., U., N., and J.
    -To start, client A. at a justice center for a financial position. It came from a job posting. A. applied to this position and is on the short list of “best qualified” candidates. She already had one interview and has been scheduled for interview 2 with two panelist teams to discuss: 1) technical skills and 2) soft skills.

    -Next, client U. at an operating company for COO. The opportunity came from UNP1-Social Capital.

    -Continuing, client N. at multinational investment management company in operations.

    -And finally, client J., with Waffles Natusch assistance, at a wealth advisement company.

    4. Debbie Brupbacher’s client F. has two interviews.

    -First at a clothing company for corporate affairs. It came from UNP2-LinkedIn. Company reached out to her directly, she previously applied for a different role. Interview with HR lead.
    -Second at a government agency with a nondisclosed role.

    5. Larry DiBoni’s client R. at a sales company for an executive position.

    6. Julie Mathern and Waffles Natusch’s client C. at a school corporation for a project director position. C. made it past the video screening and has her first in-person interview next week. She’s got multiple internal advocates.

    7. Ramesh Shivakumaran’s client Y. at a finance company for CFO from UNP1-Social Capital.

    8. Isabelita Castilho’s client B. had two interviews.
    -First, at a startup company for a board advisor company.
    -Second, at a digital wallet company for a management position.

    9. Joan Sebring’s client S. at a medical company for VP and financial planning. The opportunity came from UNP2-LinkedIn.

    Recruiter Interviews:

    1. Debbie Brupbacher’s client M. at a multinational consumer company for a public relations position.

    2. Asli Bilgin’s client V. at a digital services company for an officer position.


    1. Paula Nordhoff and Lori Chevalier from Client S. – “Thank you both for your help with my interview last Friday – I believe it went well. The only concern I have is that they may have an internal candidate. This has happened to me in the past, and they had hinted that this could be the case. Nonetheless, your help with the interview prep, answers to challenging questions, and practice was very helpful – thank you! If they want me to move to the next set of interviews, it will likely be in person. They should have some direction later this week. Thanks again!”

    2. Barbara Limmer from client N.– “Thank you so much for your time and help today. I am very grateful for your perspective.”

    3. For Ramsey Penegar from Julie Mathern: “Thanks, Ramsey for your expertise and willingness to always give clients our best!”

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