Frontline Report for 10-26-22

The Hiring Line Stats

Offers Accepted: 2
Offers Received: 4
Interviews Advanced: 7
1st Interviews: 12
Interview with Recruiter: 1

Offers Accepted:

1. Asli Bilgin’s client M. has accepted the offer from an online shopping company. He will be their new tailoring manager. He followed TBG’s methodology and used his social capital to begin the process and the position was custom designed for him. The comp will be €104K.

2. Anne Lipsitz’s client C. was formerly the director of sales in the manufacturing sector. He made the jump to utilities and energy with his new company. The negotiation was extensive: his former comp was $240K, the initial offer came in at $270K, the final offer after the President’s welcome letter:

“Hi C., I am very excited to extend this offer to you to join our company. The entire team has been extremely impressed with your experience, breadth of knowledge, and passion. I personally believe you will be an invaluable member of the executive committee and leader of our company. These are very important roles within the company, and I am confident you will thrive.” $280K base; $399K stock, eligible $100K bonus equity in 4 years, unlimited PTO. This opportunity came from the Unpublished Market 2: LinkedIn.

Offers Received:

1. Ramesh Shivakumaran’s client A. received his first offer in under two months in the program! The company is in the restaurants, food & beverage business, and he would be a chief officer. He is currently in the manufacturing sector. Ramesh notes, “A. obtained a referral for this opportunity from one of his social capital contacts, and he was then introduced to the CEO/Owner of this family-owned business. The owner / hiring company made an offer within two days of the interview; however, the client has decided not to accept the offer due to significant gap in his expectations and the hiring company’s work culture not being aligned with his requirements.

The owner of the hiring company has again reached out to A. to reconsider to work as an external consultant/advisor instead of joining as a full-time employee. The client is expected to decide on the consulting opportunity as an interim arrangement until he lands his desired opportunity without relocation. Overall, client A. is very pleased with the outcome of the various leads and nominations obtained through social capital conversations.”

2. Julie Mathern’s client B. received his offer from an automotive dealership company in under three months. The title would be COO. He discussed comp with them and they met his needs.

3. Anne Lipsitz’ client K. is in final discussions with a sports organization. His former employer was a textile machine manufacturer and he was the CTO. He was consulting for them at $300 an hour. Client says, “Got a call from [company representative] on Friday when I was still in [city]. He has approval for the CTO role and asked if I was ready to come to work. Going to talk to him this week when I am at [sports organization] and see if we can come to an agreement. THIS has been such a long time coming, one year as a consultant and many iterations of offer from parent company!” Found from Unpublished Market 1: Social Capital.

4. Lori Chevalier’s client N. received an offer from a financial company. He was formerly VP for client operations at a financial advisory company. An executive recruiter is placing him, and the comp is going to be $55/hour = $99K annually part time.

Interviews Progress:

6. Asli Bilgin’s client Y. used UNP1: Social Capital to move forward at a pharmaceutical company. May be a board member/advisor on  an international expansion.

7. Vivek Agarwal’s client R. at a banking technology company for regional VP.

8. Barbara Limmer had 3 clients that progressed in interviews: 
-Client D. at a global software company for a data scientist position.
-Client S. at a paper corporation for HR Manager. Interviewed with internal recruiter last week, interviewing with hiring manager later. “Spent the bulk of our Orientation call going over interview prep!”
-Client W. at a healthcare company for SVP Data from 3rd party Recruiter.

9. Debbie Brupbacher’s client C. at an executive management company for consultant – Share Partner from UNP1: Social Capital

10. Lori Chevalier’s client G. at a company for CIO from a 3rd party Recruiter. “G. was presented by a long-standing recruiter he’s known for a role with the company. He will be meeting with 1) CEO, 2) CFO/CIO and 3) CMO/CNO for a 3.5 hour long consecutive interview process.”


1. Isabelita Castilho’s client M. has two interviews. Client H. has an interview as well. 
-First, at a communications branch for head of communications from UNP1: Social Capital.
-Second, at a foreign affairs agency for head of communications from UNP1: Social Capital.

-Client H. at a molecular technology company for open positions from UNP1: Social Capital. “One of our clients introduced H. to his social capital/ founder of this company. I introduced them both some time ago. Interesting note: H. is in life-sciences whilst the other client is in the banking/ financial services.”

3. Larry DiBoni’s client A. at a software company for security engineer from UNP1: Social Capital.

4. George Schulz’s client V. at a contact lenses supplier for CIO from a 3rd party Recruiter. Next steps in 7 to 10 days.

5. Julie Mathern had several clients with interviews this week:
-To begin, client B. at a banking company for a management position from a job posting. Employee referral for a job posting- now has an interview!
-Next, client N. at an insurance company for a senior claim representative from a job posting. She did say there was bonus, pension, 401(k) matching, life insurance.

“She thinks I’m a perfect fit. There are two other sets of interviews, one with two-unit managers and, if that goes well, another interview with the Director and AVP.”
-Finally, client G. at a sports company for director of development from UNP1: Social Capital. This was a referral from another TBG client that shared the role with his consultant.

6. Barbara Limmer’s client D. at a financial service company for VP / Chief Accounting Officer from a 3rd party Recruiter.

7. Debbie Brupbacher’s client C. has two interviews
-First, at a motor service company for managing director from a 3rd party Recruiter.
-Second, at a cosmetics company for CMO from UNP1: Social Capital.

8. Pattie Vargas’ client P. at a global financing and risk management company.

Recruiter Interview

1. Barbara Limmer’s client D. at a staffing company for CFO from a 3rd party Recruiter. Client got the interview with this recruiter after having our team tweaked his resume and applying for it online.


-From Barbara Limmer for Ramsey Penegar:
“Ramsey Penegar always recognizes her team in your Wed report, and I wanted to recognize her for being so helpful and flat out amazing in supporting the Consultants and our clients. Here is one example of her “amazingness” that occurred earlier this week:

“My client S. was concerned when she ran her tweaked resumes through a website that will compare a resume to a job posting and give it a score based on keyword relevancy (but what they really want is to sell you their services).

Ramsey did an in-depth comparison of her writer’s tweaked resume, on both this website and a tool she and her team use, and then gave me a comprehensive write up, including images from her comparison tool, that I could send to my client to put her mind at ease.

I just wanted to give a shout out to Ramsey, because she is truly an amazing resource for all of us!”


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