Frontline Report for 07-20-22

The Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 13
Offers Received: 2
Interviews Advanced: 18
1st Interviews: 44!
1st Interviews with Recruiters: 8

Offers Accepted:

1. Jerry Fronczak had two clients land, S. and U.
-S. accepted a position at a software company in just over two months. He left his Director role at a different software company and for a similar title in the Information Technology & Services sector. His salary has gone from $210k to $225k.
-U. was placed at a filtration manufacturer as Process Manager in the Automotive trade by an executive recruiter. Offer started at $105k, and negotiation took it up to $112k.

2. Julie Mathern has two clients who recently landed: J. and B.
-J. made the jump to an information technology company from a solar energy company.
-B. landed an Art Consultant at a contemporary art gallery in her target location.

3. Barbara Limmer has three clients who were recently successful: C., V., and A.

-C. accepted the offer from a truck rental agency, taking on the role of President. Initial offer came in at $250k base, $375k total. Barbara helped him to negotiate a 1% sweat equity stake to sweeten the pot. This one came from a third-party recruiter.
-V. landed in under two months at a software company as Director of Process Excellence! He had been Global IT Business Excellence Director in the Hospitals, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals industry. Now he’s in Information Technology & Services. Original range was $130-140k. Initial offer was $155k. After negotiating they increased it to $160k, with a 15% bonus and unlimited PTO.
-A. is now the brand-new Senior Director of Revenue Operations at an information technology company. She interviewed for the COO position and came in second. A position was created for her as they knew she would be a great asset.

4. Larry DiBoni’s client I. accepted an offer from a government agency. I. tells the tale: “They made me an offer and we countered. They raised the initial offer $15k to $150k a year. Moved me one pay band up putting me just below the top band. Also provided a $10k signing bonus, $20k to clear student loans and 10 additional vacation days (total 30 vacation days). … [They will] process my civilian government contractor time to advance my seniority as if it was government employment. [This] gives me access to other seniority perks including faster vertical advancement. They also have some of the best quality of life reviews of all the agencies.”

5. Lori Chevalier’s client E. accepted the offer from a company in the public sector. She had been Senior Director, Contracts & Compliance in the Manufacturing arena. Now, she’s a Management Consultant at $80k/hour. Lori reported: “This role presents an opportunity to be independent of corporate. She was recommended by a former colleague who also works there – along with others from her previous company.”

6. Jayson Searle’s client R. accepted a position with a data company. Offer came in at €160k + €20k car allowance + €250k stock options (the stock options had been negotiated upward from €200k). Jayson fills us in: “R. is joining a Pre-IPO Tech startup who provide a data platform that can scale human intelligence for discovering and analyzing information on the Internet.” The opportunity was sourced through a third-party recruiter.

7. Asli Bilgin was working with client G. on the offer from an international security company. This is for the VP Sales & Marketing role. He was previously CEO in the Airlines sector. Now he has moved into Information Technology & Services, as many of our other clients have done this year. He landed through networking.

8. Anne Lipsitz’s client K. landed at a nonprofit organization as Development Director. His previous role was Executive Pastor, Director of Operations and Administration at a church organization. He jumped in pay from $100k to $142k.

9. Paula Nordhoff’s client H. landed at a medical company where she will be Vice President, Market Access in a remote position. Final offer was $219k salary, 15% annual bonus, equity, plus additional bonuses totaling up to $50k, plus benefits. This one came from an executive recruiter.

Offers Received:

1. Lori Chevalier’s client M. received an offer from a consulting firm. The role is as Partner in charge of Leadership Advisory practice, where all the employees are paid in commissions only. This came through a recruiter.

Interviews Advance:

1. Julie Mathern’s client T. advanced in three companies recently:

-A financial services company for Senior Manager, Organization Strategy and Governance from a job posting. He is on his third interview.
-An advanced technology company for Engineering Process Improvement Lead. His third interview is up next.
-A cloud computing company for Program & Process Improvement Manager from job posting. He has completed three rounds of interviews, now awaiting his next steps.

2. Greg Emslie’s client D. moved along in the interview process at an analytics company for Director/VP from a third-party recruiter.

3. Paula Nordhoff has three clients who recently advanced: W., O., and X.:

-W. at a chemical company for Senior Scientist from Job Posting.
-O. at a testing laboratories company for Director/VP from job posting: O. has advanced in her interviews with this company and has another one scheduled. Paula reports: “Meeting with the CEO went very well. O. interviews this week with the Head of R&D.”
-X. at a data analytics and business intelligence solution provider for the Financial Officer position. This came from a job posting. His next step is a face-to-face meeting with the co-founder.

4. Lori Chevalier has four clients who moved along in the interview process: F., N., P., and Q.:

-F. progressed in two companies. One at a global talent acquisition and advisory firm for Marketing Lead from third-party recruiter. The interviews continue. The other is a hospital with the Marketing Director position from UNP1-Social Capital.
-N. advanced in the interviews for an online travel company for Counsel from a third-party recruiter.
-P. continues forward in a ophthalmologist’s office for Chief Operations Officer from UNP1-Social Capital.
-Q. advanced in a corporate investment banking company. The position is for Managed Accounts Platform Strategy & Client Success Team from UNP1-Social Capital. He has been scheduled for three rounds of interviews.

5. Barbara Limmer has five clients who recently advanced with interviews: U., Y., Z., J., and G.:

-U. moved forward in an investment company for Chief Compliance Officer from a third-party recruiter. U. reports: “I had two interviews with [the senior level developer]. He advanced me through the process and recommended me for an interview with the Founder and CEO.
-Y. takes steps forward in his interview process. The position is with a meal-kit company for Assistant General Manager and came from UNP1-Social Capital. Y. interviewed in June for a different position (Learning Field Operations Manager), and for this position he met with Talent Acquisition twice. Next steps to come.
-Z. advanced with a biotechnology company for Staff Customer Experience Manager – Healthcare. The position is from a job posting.
-J. moves on at a software company from UNP1-Social Capital.
-G. continues at an insurance company. The position is for COO and came from a third-party recruiter. G. reports: “I seem to have very good rapport with the CEO and love her vision and leadership style.”

6. Jerry Fronczak’s client R. advanced at a global food corporation for Executive Product Line Manager from a job posting. Interviews continue.

7. Larry Diboni’s client S. takes steps forward at an e-commerce company for Senior Manager, Business Development from UNP1-Social Capital. He is in the final interview process, interviewing senior leaders.


1. Isabelita Castilho shares news of interviews for clients M., A., W., and D.
-First, M. interviews at a government agency for Senior Sales Executive from UNP3-Direct Introductions. M. landed an interview by reaching out to the company.
-Second, A. interviews at a multinational medical technologies corporation. This is for an Executive Role – Diabetes and Nutrition Department from UNP1-Social Capital.
-Third, W. interviews at a computer consultant company. This came from UNP3-Direct Introductions. Isabelita made an introduction to them both.
-Fourth, D. interviews at a computer software company. The role is for Sales Manager from UNP3-Direct Introductions.

2. Barbara Limmer has multiple clients who recently gained interviews: O., C., B., Z., N., and R.

-To begin, O. recently landed two interviews. The first is a semiconductor company from UNP2-LinkedIn. O. reports: “I [will] speak to 3 senior people at [the company] as a result of a LI connection who is one of those 3. These are initial meetings but there seems to be some interest in me.” The other company is in advanced technology research and development for the Embedded Entrepreneur, Networking position. He was introduced through social capital.
-Next, C. interviews with a medical treatment company for Physician Liaison.
-Also, B. interviews with a global professional services firm. The role is for Director, Sales & Marketing Effectiveness, Private Equity Performance Improvement (PEPI) and came from a job posting.
-Meanwhile, Z. interviews with a company that came from UNP2-LinkedIn. The company’s internal Senior Researcher found Z. via LI and reached out to interview her for this position.
-Next, N. interviews at a weight loss company for COO from UNP1-Social Capital. N. is interviewing with founder who has previous knowledge of N. Waffles Natusch is helping on this preparation as well.
-And finally, R. interviews at three different universities for professor positions.

3. Lori Chevalier shares interview news for clients K., E., T., P., L., I., N., X.

-First, K. is interviewing at a software company for the position of Chief of Staff for Global Branding & Communications. The position came through a job posting.
-Second, E. landed interviews with four companies: an online travel company for Counsel from a third-party recruiter; a financial enablement platform for Counsel from a third-party recruiter; a finance company for Chief Operating Officer from UNP1-Social Capital; and another company from a third-party recruiter.
-Third, T. interviews with many businesses: a bank from UNP1-Social Capital. T. had a call with the EVP of the bank’s SMB financing division. He is an old friend and colleague. This is a brand new division that he’s been charged with standing up. The next business is a manufacturing company. The role is an Exploratory Interview / TBD and came from UNP1-Social Capital. He met with the VP of Engineering. T. has a follow up meeting with a higher education system. This is also an exploratory meeting. And finally, T. is interviewing at a software company. This too is an exploratory meeting with an old colleague who now manages ISV partner relations at the company.

-Fourth, P. interviews at a high-performance oils, lubricants, and greases company. The role is for Head of US Sales from a third-party recruiter.

-Fifth, L. steps forward with two interviews. The first is a hospital for the Marketing Director position. It came from UNP1-Social Capital. Laura is connected to the COO, when she interviewed in 2020, and reached out since she saw a role posted there. She immediately had a phone call to discuss the opportunity. L. also interviews for Client Liaison position. A colleague shared Laura’s resume with this company, and they reached out to her for an interview.
-Sixth, I. interviews at a health company for VP, corporate controller.
-Seventh, N. interviews at a country club for General Manager.
-Eighth, X. interviews at a subscription management company for Digital Director.

4. Julie Mathern’s clients U., V., and K. land interviews.

-U. is at a government agency for Manager, Project Management.
-And, V. interviews at a marketing firm for Chief Talent Officer from Job Postings.
-Also, K. interviews at a manufacturing company.

5. Larry Diboni is working with clients S., A., and D. who have scheduled interviews.
-First, S. interviewed at a software company for Head of Operations from Job Posting. This was the first step in the process. The interview went very well, and S. expects to move on to next steps.
-Second, A. interviewed at a department store chain for Store Director from UNP2-LinkedIn. This was A.’s first interview, and he expects to move on in the process.
-Third, D. interviewed at a chemical manufacturer for CEO from a third-party recruiter. Their objective is to replace their CEO early next year. They will start interviewing for a replacement soon. D. is one of the leading candidates they plan to bring in for an interviews.

6. Paula Nordhoff is working with client R. This is for an EVP role from a job posting. The first interview session is with CEO, Head of HR and an EVP.

7. Anne Lipsitz’s client W. is working on three opportunities. The first opportunity is with a consulting firm for a Chief Human Resources Officer. It came from a job posting. Another is with a construction company for CHRO that came from a third party recruiter. It was a lead through an executive search. The third opportunity is at a healthcare company. The position is for Senior VP HR from UNP1-Social Capital and it came through a recruiter connection.

8. G. is interviewing at a chemical company for General Counsel from UNP2-LinkedIn. At the first interview, G. spoke to the current general counsel.

9. George Schulz’s client E. is interviewing with an investment company for Managing Director. It came from UNP2-LinkedIn. E. is also interviewing with another investment company for Business Development Director. This role also came from UNP1-Social Capital. A good friend of his is a partner there and the interview went well.

10. Jerry Fronczak’s clients J. and N. have interviews lined up.
-J. is interviewing at a medical testing company for Cybersecurity Director from UNP3-Direct Introductions.
-Meanwhile, N. is interviewing at an adult beverage company. The role is for Chief Operating Officer from UNP3-Direct Introductions.

Interviews with Recruiters

1. Julie’s clients Y. and H. are preparing for recruiter interviews.
-Y. is preparing to interview for an Executive Director Role that came through UNP1-Social Capital. Y. is currently on the board of the company. Y. has had informal conversations with the current interim ED and Board President regarding the role. They asked him to apply and will interview with their recruiter first.
-Also H. is pursuing a President role with a biotech company that came from a job posting. H. applied to the job posting directly. She’s interviewing with the lead consultant from a recruiting company. They indicated in their message that the committee had confirmed they would like to continue discussions with H. regarding the position.

2. Lori is working with clients T., I., B., and Q. on recruiter interviews.
-First, T. at a chemicals company for VP of Procurement from a third-party recruiter.
-Second, I. at a technology company for Counsel from UNP1-Social Capital, referral from a friend.
-Third, B. at a software company for Digital Marketing Director.
-Fourth, Q. at a multinational conglomerate for Chief Data Officer.

3. O. is working with Isabelita Castilho to prepare for a technical consultant role.

4. Paula Nordhoff is helping A. prepare for a President & CEO role with a non-profit organization.


1. Lori Chevalier shares a snippet from U., who recently started his first day at a major retailer. “Hi Lori, hope you had a great weekend!! It’s my first day! And as it turns out, I’m the only one on the team in the East Coast, everyone else is [on the West Coast]. However, the challenge looks good and so far had a good conversation with my manager. He even talked about that once I’m onboard, his plan is to flex me into leading a few people. I’ll be updating my LinkedIn work history to reflect me as part of the team this week. Just wanted to share and thanks again! -U.”

2. Paula Nordhoff reports that her client R. has decided to quit her job as she was undervalued, underpaid, and felt her new CEO was micromanaging her. She met with him to announce her resignation and ended up having a direct and productive conversation. He was very surprised and apologized to her and they navigated how things would work, if she decided to stay. In less than 24 hours, he met with the Exec Committee and R. was offered a $30K salary increase (independent from any annual salary increase), an immediate promotion to Director (from Manager) and a path to a C-Suite role (which is where she should be). Paula met with her two days later and reviewed the opportunity. She has decided to accept the internal offer, and still intends to keep her campaign moving in parallel.

3. M. had this to say to Barbara Limmer, “Many thanks for an informative and useful session yesterday. You’re a gem and big help.”

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