Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 3
Offers Received: 3
Interviews Advanced: 7
1st Interviews: 10
Interviews with Recruiters: 4


Offers Accepted:

Congratulations to Amanda Stockton and his client S.!

Within three months, S. accepts an offer from a Business Consulting company to serve as their Vice President of Strategic Growth and Innovation. Also, this opportunity was found through the Unpublished Market.

Congratulations to David Black and his client C.!

C. accepts an offer from a manufacturing company to serve as their Inside Sales Manager. After negotiations, C.’s final offer increased by $10K from the initial offer. This opportunity was found through a job posting.

Congratulations to Paula Nordhoff and her client J.!

J. accepts an offer from a multinational engineering and consulting business company to serve as their Vice President of Finance and Administration. J.’s final offer was a base salary of $255K, with long term incentives (LTI) , a guaranteed 25% bonus, and full benefits. This opportunity was found through the Unpublished Market.


Offers Received:

Congratulations to Isabelita Castilho and her client B.!

B. received an offer from a Retail Chain to serve as their Group Chief Executive Officer. B. refused the offer as B. had already landed and started a new position.  This opportunity was found through a third party recruiter.

Congratulations to Debbie Brupbacher and her client E.! 

E. received two offers from the following companies:

  1. From a Finance & Financial Services company to serve as their Head of Digital Products. This opportunity was found through a job posting.
  2. From a Finance & Financial Services company to serve as their Head of Digital Experience. This opportunity was found through a job posting.



We are grateful to hear feedback from our clients. 

Here is what The Barrett Group (TBG) client R. shared with TBG’s Executive Career Consultant and Program Manager, Ramesh Shivakumaran after a successful landing:

“I would like to mention that working alongside Ramesh and participating in the Barrett Group program has been an exceptional experience for me. The personalized approach and deep understanding of career development have been instrumental in helping me identify my strengths and goals. The program’s structured framework and tailored support have helped me pursue opportunities confidently. I highly recommend both Ramesh and the program to anyone seeking expert guidance and tangible results in their career development.”


TBG clients K., and A. shared these accolades with TBG’s Executive Career Consultant, Program Manager and Staff Writer, Lori Chevalier:

You’re a great coach!” –  Client K.


“Hi Lori-

I wanted to just drop you a line and say Hi and let you know that I am doing very well in my new role at [my company. And the] company and position have both turned out to be perfect for my lifestyle and everyone is very supportive and good to work with. It took a longer time than I wanted to find this role but the patience paid off.  

I was reflecting about my journey the other day and I am so thankful that you were part of it.  You were exactly the type of coach I needed at that point in my search. You are so optimistic and positive and gave me a boost of confidence and motivation to get to this point. [And I] just wanted you to know that you make a big difference in your client’s lives and I am very blessed to have gotten to work with you.

Hope your summer is going well and you are finding some time to relax.  

Best Wishes.”Client A.


These 5-star Google reviews came from satisfied The Barrett Group (TBG) clients, Sherry Tolbert and Asad Asad:

The Barrett Group strongly meets their service commitments. If you do the assignments, they respond with enthusiasm and achieve the goal. It depends on you – but if you’re ready for a change they will get you in the appropriate position to make that change! – Sherry Tolbert


I have just completed my Clarity program step and the experience was amazing with the clarity coach “Beata Piskorz”. She is very competent , great listener and she has the skill to ask you the question you should have asked your self long ago .
Thanks Beata and great experience so far with the Barrett Group. – Asad Asad




The Unpublished Market actively operates as a vast, open market where executive positions remain unlisted. Learn more about it here.  About 75% of our clients land jobs through the Unpublished Market. 

It’s time to fulfill your career potential and follow those career aspirations. Standing out in the field of executives will be vital to your success. Work with the professional career consultants at The Barrett Group. Contact us today.

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