Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 7
Offers Received: 1
Interviews Advanced: 9
1st Interviews: 14


Offers Accepted:

1. Julie Mathern: Client W. accepts an offer from a consulting company for the position of Head of Transformation. The offer came in at $222K.
2. Julie Mathern: Client I. returns (he holds a TBG record for longest “on hold” for three years). After his three-year hiatus, he lands in less than a month! He is now Sr. Director, Sales Development at a software management site in the IT sector. The offer came in at $185K.
3. Larry DiBoni: Client P. lands as Manager of Transportation and Logistics for an international company. His previous compensation was $90K. The new deal came in at $120K plus benefits.
4. Barbara Limmer: Client O. lands at a manufacturer as VP of HR. She moves from Energy to Manufacturing. Her new comp will be $250K + $62K in benefits.
5. Debbie Brupbacher: Client L. runs to the finish line and lands as CEO at an undisclosed company in the Healthcare sector. He had been a Senior Vice President in his previous position.
6. Lori Chevalier: Client V. lands as VP with a food and beverage company. They sat down at the table with $235K + 20% bonus (he had been at $172K), after negotiations they were at $235K + $47K / 20% bonus. Lori cuts the cake: “V. has been at his company for a long time. He is a global individual. He liked the company and looked internally for roles.”
7. Pattie Vargas: Client R. accepts as Director in the Information Technology & Services industry. He had been in the Transportation & Delivery sector. He went from $175K to 200K + 20% bonus with the help of Vivek Agarwal.


Offer Received:

1. Barbara Limmer: Client B. receives an offer from an Energy Resource company. The position is for VP of Renewable Operations Support Services. B.’s previous company was in the Transportation & Delivery sector. Former compensation: $287K + bonus and equity (total $437K). Amount of initial offer: $335 Base, 125K sign on bonus.

Interviews Advance:

1. Barbara Limmer: Client J. at an instrument company for a possible position from UNP1-social capital.
2. Penny Marion: Client M. at a chemical manufacturing company for Director of HR from UNP3-direct introductions.
3. Asli Bilgin: Client D. at a construction company for Global BD Manager Energy.
4. Asli Bilgin: Client A. at a med-tech company for CEO.
5. Lori Chevalier: Client O. at CCS Fundraising for Director.
6. Barbara Limmer: Client S. at an administrative company for Sr. Product Manager.
7. Julie Mathern: Client T. had two interviews.
-First at an insurance company for Delivery Director.
-Second at a product company for Sr. Program Manager.
8. Rob Wicker: T. interviews at a global electronics company for Head of Finance and M&A. This came from the UNP1-social capital.



1. Lori Chevalier: Client B. at an online classroom company for Sr. Manager.
2. Asli Bilgin: Client D. at an energy company for an exploratory interview for business development role from UNP1-Social Capital.
3. Isabelita Castilho: Client K. at a recycling company for Country Lead – Managing Director from UNP1-Social Capital through previous boss.
4. Isabelita Castilho: Client H. at an aviation company for SVP from a 3rd Party Recruiter.
5. Ramesh Shivakumaran: Client S. at a business consulting company for CFO from UNP1-Social Capital.
6. Larry DiBoni: Client K.
-First at a technology company for VP of Financial Line Claims from UNP2-LinkedIn.
-Next at an Insurance Company for VP of Financial Institutions from UNP2-LinkedIn.

7. Debbie Brupbacher: Client M. at an insurance company for Head of Operational Resilience & Excellence.
8. Lori Chevalier: Client J. at a weather forecasting company for trend forecaster.
9. Julie Mathern: Client U. at a financial company for CTO. This came from a 3rd Party Recruiter.
10. Penny Marion: Client R. has two interviews.
-First at a software company for VP of Sales from a 3rd Party Recruiter.
-Second at an audio-visual consultant for director.
11. Anne Lipsitz and Waffles Natusch: Client F. at a tire company for Director of Business Transformation from UNP1-Social Capital.
12. Asli Bilgin: Client S. at a gas and electric company for Expert Leadership Development.



-Client G. who recently landed and will meet with Vivek for phase 3/onboarding.  She had these nice things to say to her coach, Julie Mathern:
“I, too, am excited to meet with Vivek! It’s been such a long time since I’ve started a new job, I thought it would be best to meet with him prior to Day 1. And thank you for all your help throughout this process! You really changed the way I thought about the interview process and how I answered questions in interviews, etc. Your guidance helped immeasurably, and you were always so kind and patient. I truly enjoyed working with you and cannot thank you enough!’

-Client A. to Penny Marion and Christina Taylor:
“Christina Taylor and Penny Marion thank you both for your help with the 3rd party recruiters! Some great connections and interesting conversations are taking place!”


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