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Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 8
Offer Received: 2
Interviews Advanced: 8
1st Interviews: 14 

Offers Accepted:

Congratulations to Joan Sebring and her clients, E. and S.!

Client E. accepted an offer from a Nonprofit & Philanthropy company. E. will serve as the Vice President of Information Technology. 

Client S. accepted an offer from an Entertainment company. S. will serve as Corporate Counsel with a final offer of over EUR 180K. 


Congratulations to Waffles Natusch and his clients, J. and M.!

Client J. has embarked on an exciting new journey with a new business as a Coach. 

Client M. accepted an offer from an Education company to serve as a Director of Asset Management. M.’s final offer was $275K. M.’s opportunity was discovered through the Unpublished Market.


Congratulations to Larry DiBoni and his client, E.! 

Client E. accepted an offer from a consulting company to serve as a Senior Project Manager, securing a compensation of $130K. This opportunity was confidentially found through a third-party recruiter.


Congratulations to Rob Wicker and his client, R..! 

Client R. accepted an offer from an Insurance company to serve as a Human Resource Director. R.’s final offer was $165K plus bonus. This opportunity was uncovered through the Unpublished Market.


Congratulations to Amanda Stockton and her client, M.! 

Within two months, Client M. accepted an offer from a Healthcare company to serve as a Workforce Development Regional Director. M.’s final offer was $90K. M. discovered this role through a job posting.


Congratulations to Anne Lipsitz and her client, S.! 

Client S. accepted an offer from a Healthcare platform to serve as a Fractional Chief Medical Officer. S. will provide 15 hours per week for compensation of $240K per year in company stock. This opportunity was found through the Unpublished Market.


Offers Received:

Congratulations to Rob Wicker and his client, J.! 

Rob Wicker’s client, Client J. received an offer from an Information Technology & Services company to serve as Regional Vice President. J.’s offer includes a base salary of $200K, a $200K bonus, and a four-year $355K retention bonus. J. found this opportunity through the Unpublished Market.



We are grateful to hear feedback from our clients. 

The Barrett Group (TBG) client, S., shared this with TBG Executive Career Consultant, Program Manager, and Staff Writer, Lori Chevalier:

“Hello Lori Chevalier!  I just completed week 1 and I am in earthy heaven ECSTATIC about my new role. As it relates to all the work ahead on me – I am not sure about heaven, but I love a challenge.  I just wanted to reach back to say, I’m so grateful for you and the team.  And I could not have done this without you. There were so many days I did not share your optimism about what was possible but I thank you for holding me accountable and speaking positively into every session we had.  You were so AMAZING, I had no choice but to believe this would happen. {And you] have such a soft but confident way about you and your coaching was instrumental in helping me actualize what WAS/IS POSSIBLE. You are such a blessing. Thank you! The real work has begun but I’m stoked about it. You are awesome!!!”

TBG client, M., shared the following with TBG Chief Executive Officer, Marion Engelke:

“Hello Marion, I’m so impressed with the caliber of your TBG program and team (so far, I’ve met Rebecca Otey, Lisa Levesque and Rob Wicker – FANTASTIC!) Right now, I’m working with Rob to expand my network and am hoping we can directly connect through LinkedIn!”


These 5-star Google reviews are from satisfied clients, Angela O’Dorisio and HM.

TBG client, Angela O’Dorisio left this Google review about TBG Executive Career Consultant, Program Manager and Staff Writer, Lori Chevalier and TBG:

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with the Barrett Group. I had been searching for a new role for about six months before contracting with Barrett without a lot of success; landing interviews but not offers. And I knew I had to do something different and chose Barrett as my partner. Immediately, I gained value in Phase 1 better articulating what I was looking for in my search and next role. This focused opportunity definition helped me as I moved into Phase 2 of the program, where I learned how to truly search for the right role. My big takeaway in Phase 2 was learning how to network authentically and how to get over my hesitation in building my social capital. I also learned how to better interview and truly qualify myself for roles with recruiters, hiring managers, and decision-makers.

My coach, Lori Chevalier, was fantastic. She was so positive and supportive while still challenging me to go further outside of my comfort zone. I had a whole team of expertise in my corner, from resume writing, interview preparation, and negotiation coaching. Job searching is lonely and challenging but I never felt that way with the Barrett team in my corner.

I landed two offers within 3.5 months of working with the Barrett Group (both opportunities came through my own network). The key to getting the most out of this program is to do the work, follow the program, and be accountable to yourself around building your social capital. This was the best investment that I have made in myself in a long time and I would highly recommend the executive career program for anyone looking to grow their career.


TBG client, HM left this Google review about TBG Clarity Coach, Tatiana Miaskiewicz and the TBG Clarity Program©:

“Have just completed my Clarity program and it has been exceptional. I must admit that I had doubts in terms of what I will learn, but it’s been a great experience, and something I really needed at this point in my career. It provides one with a clear structure of how to view one’s own operating model, it ventures deep into the motivators and what influences the decision-making process, and it has helped me a lot with clarifying where I want to take my career. The coach, Tatiana, has been outstanding honestly. Motivational, truly caring, deep knowledge…simply great.”


Unpublished Market – The Unpublished Market is a vast, open market where executive positions are not listed. Learn more about it here.  About 75% of our clients land jobs through the Unpublished Market. 

It’s time to fulfill your career potential and follow those career aspirations. Standing out in the field of executives will be vital to your success. Work with the professional career consultants at The Barrett Group. Contact us today.

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