Hiring Line Stats

Offers Accepted: 4
Offer Received: 1
Interviews Advanced: 10
1st Interviews: 25
Interviews with Recruiters: 2

Offers Accepted:

1. Julie Mathern: Client P. is now Construction Business Lead at a Timber company. She made the transition from real estate to the construction sector. Compensation went from $58K to $70K. The big payoff is in the 10% commission on net profits for all construction projects.
2. Larry DiBoni: Client B. lands at a university as Executive Director of Workforce and Economic Development. The salary came in at $195K.
3. Vivek Agarwal: Client T. accepts the offer from the drilling and wells company for the role of Business Development Manager. Skilled negotiation raised the offer from $148K to $220K.
4. Anne Lipsitz and Waffles Natusch: Client G. lands using his strategy and negotiations. He starts with a beverage company as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).

Offer Received

1. Ramesh Shivakumaran: Client J. receives offer from a bank as VP of Finance. Ramesh reports: “J. received the initial offer at $275K and, after coaching and collaborating on negotiation J. received an enhanced offer. He now received an upgraded offer at $300K plus benefits. The hiring company is completing the visa formalities, and J. will accept the final offer and join the new employer soon upon receiving the employment visa.” This was from UNP1.

Interviews Advance

1. George Schulz: Client R. at a construction company for COO. This is his 2nd interview with the hiring manager.
2. Rob Wicker: Client M. at a retail company for Director Aviation. It came from UNP2-LinkedIn.
3. Lori Chevalier: Client G. at a clothing and apparel company for Senior Transportation Manager.
-Next, Lori Chevalier: Client E. at a digital cable company for Director from UNP2-LinkedIn.
5. Julie Mathern: Client S. at an education center for Senior Program Officer.
6. Barbara Limmer: Client O. at a wholesale manufacturing company for VP People & Culture.
7. Debbie Brupbacher: Client A. at an industrial production company for General Manager.
8. Larry DiBoni: Client F. had two interviews.
-First at an engineering company for Senior Project Manager.
-Next at a construction company for Construction Project Manager.
9. Isabelita Castilho: Client B. at a concrete company for GM from UNP1-Social Capital.


1. Isabelita Castilho: Client D., K., G., and A.
-First, client D. at Tourism Development center for Director.
-Next, client K. at a sales company for Sales Director.
-Then, client G. at a business advising company for COO from UNP3-Direct Introductions.
-Lastly, Client A. at an agricultural business for CFO from UNP1-Social Capital.
2. Asli Bilgin: Client V. at an airline company for Senior VP from a 3rd Party Recruiter.
-Then Asli Bilgin: Client D. at an airline company for VP Digital from UNP2-LinkedIn.
4. George Schulz: Client R.
-First at a manufacturer for COO from a 3rd Party Recruiter.
-Second at a real estate company for COO from a Job Posting.
5. Anne Lipsitz: Client C.
-First at an IT company for COO for CIO from UNP1-Social Capital.
-Second at an insurance company for VP
6. Anne Lipsitz: Client W. at a pharmacy for HR.
7. Ramesh Shivakumaran: Client T. at a food production company for Chief Marketing Officer from a 3rd Party Recruiter.
-Next Ramesh Shivakumaran: Client O. at a technology company for VP Sales from a Job Posting.

9. Julie Mathern: Client U. at an employee managing platform for Head of Infrastructure Platform Engineering.

10. Debbie Brupbacher: Client P. at health company for Senior Product Manager from UNP2-LinkedIn.
11. Debbie Brupbacher: Client H. at a beauty company for Supply Chain from UNP1-Social Capital.
12. Lori Chevalier: Client J. had a phone interview with a lumber company about a possible position.
-And Lori Chevalier: Client F. at a cybersecurity company for product operations.
-Then Lori Chevalier: Client B.
-First at an AI company for Customer Success role.
-Second at a customer care company for Payroll & Benefits.
-Lastly at a manufacturer for Director of Customer Success.
15. Barbara Limmer: Client H. at an online office company for Director.
Next, Barbara Limmer: Client Y. at a technology company for General Manager from a 3rd Party Recruiter.


Interviews with Recruiters

1. Julie Mathern: Client F. at a healthcare company for Senior Vice President of HR.
2. Ramesh Shivakumaran: Client G. at a government organization for head of strategy.



From Client V. to Lori Chevalier:
“I am truly grateful for all the support received from you and other excellent coaches!”


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