Engage With the Powerful Now

Imagine if you will that you are walking along a narrow path through a very dark night. Ahead, behind, and to your left or right, all is dense, inky blackness. Fortunately, you have a small but bright pocket flashlight to shine on the path at your feet. In its crisp circle, every detail of the stones, leaves, moss, and gravel under foot is clear. But beyond is only shadowy enigma. You might remember where you’ve been but you cannot see it. And, though you may have some notion of where you are going, you cannot actually perceive it.

That tiny circle of light is like the present moment. The blackness behind you is your past. The darkness ahead of you is your future. Outside of the flashlight’s beam you are blind and powerless, but within its stark confines you have tremendous power to choose what you will do.

This describes the present moment—the powerful “now”—the temporal bubble we each occupy every living second. Within this space we can decide to do anything we aspire to. Outside of it we are powerless to make any changes.

So what will you do with your power—right now?

Will you continue to stumble along the path you have been on?

Will you blunder off in some other direction in the hope that it will be better?

Will you try to go backward and retrace your steps?

Or will you use this all-mighty moment to shine some light on your path so far, to illuminate your needs and desires right now, and make some conscious decisions about how the future should be different?

Covid-19 has upended the executive market, roiled it by curtailing some industries while stimulating others. How will your future be affected? [Read our All-Industry Report for 2021]

In our business, waiting is seldom a good strategy. Some unfortunate executives speak with our advisors and then decide to do nothing… to stay with their painful present, to accept lower pay, to live with being passed over for promotion, to get by on their sub-par compensation, to return to their boring day to day grind… because they refuse to recognize the enormous power they have right now to change their lives, to consciously select a better future, and then to head for it unerringly.

Others grab the opportunity, invest in their careers, take stock of their wants, needs, and aspirations, and then with some help from our Clarity Coaches and Career Consultants, imagine a better future, shining their metaphoric flashlights on the stepping stones that lead to it, and embark on their career change program immediately.

They engage with the powerful now.

And they get results: more than 1,000 executive level interviews in the past year; almost 400 offers; hundreds of signed employment contracts; higher compensation; better quality of life; and more professional fulfillment…. Those are the fruits of their investment.

For example:

Hugo Vereeken – ultimately received three job offers and opted for a position as regional sales manager for a private manufacturer of industrial connectors and power distributors that seemed made for him. Here’s what Hugo has to say:

“Before I began working with The Barrett Group, I had been out of a job for ten months with nothing to show for it except frustrating experiences and a feeling that I was too old. I learned a lot from Greg and Anne. Thanks to them, I felt better able to handle recruiters, and I developed the confidence that, even at my age, I can expect great opportunities.” [Read More]

Chris Burger – his “final gig” before retirement is at a diverse startup with intelligent, young people who value the experience he brings. What does Chris have to say?

“What you don’t do often, you don’t do well. For me, that was job seeking,” said Chris. “I’d made only three or four career changes in entire life, but The Barrett Group does this for a living. They know all the tricks in the book.” [Read More]

You will find many more satisfied clients on our website, of course, but the main point is that NOW is the time for you to take that step, to stop putting up with constraints, and to finally grasp your professional aspiration with both hands.

We can help. We do it every day. What are you waiting for?

Engage with the powerful NOW.

Peter Irish
The Barrett Group

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